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What your Zodiac Star Sign says about you (Astrology Explained) | Myth Stories & Explore Mode Collab

In this video you’re going to find out all about your star sign, its legendary origins and what signs you get on best or worst with. All of this and more coming up in: The 12 Zodiac Signs Explained: AN EXPLORE MODE + MYTH STORIES COLLAB. Today’s video is a collaboration on Astrology between Explore… Read More »

The 12 Zodiac Signs and their Meaning – Qabbalistic Astrology

What is the Zodiac, which signs of the Zodiac are there in a horoscope? What do the astrological signs in the radix mean? What are the Qabbalistic and occult teachings regarding the zodiac signs? What are the differences between the Tropical and the Sidereal Zodiacs and how are they used? What are the most important… Read More »

The typical traits of Cancer | Understanding your star sign

The Home loving water sign of cancer, the moon being the signs ruling planet, they really are Mother Earth. Sensitive and quiet, those born under this sign, will pick up on everyone else’s feelings and emotions, especially those who are close to them. Cancerians are the nurturers, but with their symbol being the crab they… Read More »


大家好! What’s up CantoMando squad! 今天我們要來玩《猜猜我的星座》 Today we’re going to play “Guess Our Horoscope Signs”. 我們邀請到我們的朋友 Linda(LeendaDProductions) We brought in our friend Linda from LeendaDProductions, 她自稱是個星座專家 and she is a self-proclaimed horoscope master. 你認為你很快就能看透其他人嗎? Do you think that you can read people well easily? 對 Yes. 遊戲玩法是 So the way the game works is 她最多可以問我們五道問題… Read More »

The Science of Astrology

Today, I’m looking to the sky, but before I do don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to learn more about that thing in your head, not that juicy rumor you heard about your best friend’s third-cousin’s-aunt’s-brother-in-law’s-best-friend’s-sister (you can tell me about that later), but the brain. With that said, today, on… Read More »

Who You SHOULD MARRY Based on Zodiac Signs

We all look to the stars when it comes to our fates and how we would want to know what’s in store for us most especially in finding the right partner for us. To many of us, zodiac signs eerily represent the broad-strokes of our personalities as well as the quirks that come with the… Read More »