Tarot Card Reading for Aries June ♈

By | September 22, 2019

Hey Aries! It’s Amanda and I’m here to do
your reading for June 2019 and I’m going to use the Goliath for the whole spread
this time so yeah I just want to know for pace Earth hey areas it’s Amanda with inner
ambiance intuitive Tarot and I’m here to do your reading for June 2019 I’m gonna
use for the whole spread the Goliath Tarot by Goliath and it’s one of my new
favorites and usually I will use it at the end or just pull a few but this time
I’m gonna use a fir the whole thing Ares son Aerys moon Aries rising or
Venus placement that’s who this will resonate with if it’s not going to
resonate with all areas and areas placements but who needs the information
the most and who’s already seeking it right whether it’s internally or
externally or whatever it is but yeah let’s see what lit the life and what
what does june have in store for Aries what energies are around four areas and
how will the canaries get through these in the best way I’m going to do a Celtic
Cross bread very this areas need to here for June
2019 and get to the spread hold here okay so let’s get started
bottom the deck we have the 10 of Wands so the 10 of Wands you can overall
energy for you Ares did come up in Reverse so maybe you feel like something
is coming to a cycle it’s the end of a cycle tens or ends but they’re also the
new beginning right around the corner of that so maybe there’s something that
you’re coming out of a state of overwhelm
maybe or just like just feeling or we’re extended or possibly you know like
wanting to give up maybe you’re coming out of a state of wanting to give up
energetically like motivation why is confidence that kind of deal so that’s
overall energy for the central topic we have the strength card so the main focus
main central focus here is strength okay let’s see what’s crossing strength for
Ares the queen of Wands rocky is so this is having that confidence cleans our
inner confidence more inner world type of passion motivation confidence
willpower so it’s like you found it inside through
strength or maybe that’s what’s crossing this strength so it could go vice versa
so there’s some sort of you know with the strength card it’s like the line in
the cobra or you know the in the original Tarot it’s like the lion and
the woman you know she doesn’t fight that
scary lion thinking of is dangerous and should be avoided she makes it a lie
right and the lion in the Cobra it’s like instead of being enemies you could
be really good partners and integrate instead of avoiding and resisting
something that’s conflicting just going about it in a wave that kind of wrestles
that kink out right and something internally so it’s like some internal
passion internal motivation was what was keeping you from doing that right and I
think that’s why you were overall energy was that Taiwan’s reversed like you’re
coming out of that now and now you’re you’ve moved on to strength right
crowning is the ten of cups so this is what you are looking at this light that
this is your intention perspective what your mindset is so ten of cups is
another ten the joyous sky so we’ve got these whales in the clouds and it’s like
you want look you it’s almost like you have your head in the clouds right like
you want emotional fulfillment you want to complete it you want to get to that
ten and you want to start another thing so it’s like you’re just wanting to wrap
this up right like it’s like now you got your confidence but like right now
you’re thinking about like how do I fill my cup like all the way want them for
all to the ten the route here we have the two swords in Reverse and the blind
seal so the truest horse is all about a choice that you don’t feel that you have
enough information about right or you just don’t see a good outcome like
there’s two bad choices but this is universe so you’re coming out of that or
you don’t feel like you have a choice so it’s like you’re you are coming out of
that state of feeling like you had two bad choices like there was no good way
no good road no nothing you could like decide on that would make you feel good
about like okay I made a goodness I can walk away and feel good about it
all right you’re coming out of that that’s the root of this okay
recent past the pages worked pages are dissolved how the pages are messengers
and this one is this sword bearing sister so you’re coming out of a stage
to come out upside down of not having communication feeling blacked when it
comes to getting a message or giving a message right like people won’t receive
it people won’t hear it they won’t hear your give you a time where you’re just
unable to reach them in some way or you feel like you realize that you’ve been
blocking a message out you’ve been shutting out at something um or you just
feel like you’ve been blocked with communication coming in okay near future
areas we have the star okay so in this deck it’s the cosmic guide and it’s this
trunk of this tree okay and it’s cut you can see it the star this is you like
being in tune and awake and realizing something right I think this is you know
it’s funny because trees you know you can tell by their trunk and their roots
and all that they store all of their information history it’s stored there
the cosmic guide right so it’s like you’re getting down to the root of
what’s really going on here and you’re feeling like you you’re seeing your way
by the Stars and by first finding out what you know you had in Colonel II like
those roots that information that’s been stored there it’s like memory right like
memory any whether it’s this lifetime old lifetimes that’s new future so that
that’s in the near future so maybe you’re really just trying to get down to
the not surface level like the real real stuff here cuz it was like the inner
confidence the inner stuff like feeling a blast but you’re coming out of this
and you’re doing this so this is good where you are right now the
transcendence judgment okay you are look at that card
doesn’t that need love it so this is judgment this is realizing waking up and
right after the start to like you’re transcending what has been bogging you
down you’re transcending the blindfold that’s been blocking you to see this
that’s where you are now and they kind of go together the star of judgment
they’re kind of like awakening like enlightening like like realizing
something like epiphanies in the environment we have the hidden inner
strength the Shadowcat and this is an interesting card it’s a cat by a tree
and his the shadow was a wolf so it’s almost like a wolf in sheep’s clothing it looks all sweet and cute but then his
shadow isn’t so it’s almost like you know it looks really sweet maybe there’s
a reason why it looks so sweet because they blocked out their shadow so much
and it’s become bigger you know any better and darker and I feel like that’s
what you’re feeling like is around you I feel like you’re I don’t feel like you
were thinking especially with this as the route that that decision like two
bad choices like which way do I go they were both bad you came out of that
though but I think it’s a lot to do with this environment I feel like maybe
you’re just yes why not tena Wong’s was in Reverse like that wanting to give up
wanting to you come out of it it’s overall energy but like you’re coming
out of that and I think it was a lot to do with this environment these people
around you that you don’t know who to trust because they look great and sweet
and awesome but then you’re seeing more now you’re seeing the shadow and it’s
maybe what overwhelmed you um maybe it’s what made you feel like you couldn’t
make a good decision cuz they both were bad
but you’re coming out of that and you know sometimes with this kind of stuff
it’s like almost like it feels horrible it feels like before you go through the
process of it and see everything it’s like those people those shadows that
stuff it’s like they they’re the ones that make it so that you burst through
that threshold and it doesn’t feel good when it’s happening right like you look
at the Barrett you know when you judgement is like clear judgment in
alignment realizing things that are right whether it feels good or not and
it’s like but after you see it you can see the way out right um waking up and maybe the shadows in your environment
there are there people around you maybe it’s just the energy you’ve cleared out
like that shadow like as bad as it is and how it might feel and what you might
see it affects like your environment it’s what pushed you to cycle out this
lesson like it’s what pushed you through that fresh hole to get that epiphany
that awakening that clear out that blockage of communication or clarity
like and not feeling like you could see the way out with that two of swords like
it’s it’s what means you burst through that rather than feeling like you want
to give up because you just don’t see a way out of it right well your hopes and
fears the magician alchemical master this is an awesome guy I love this thing
so this is like using what you know and what you got for resources and making it
happen like that’s what you want to do you just want your not scared to do the
work you just want to do it and you feel like maybe you have what it takes now
and maybe you thought you didn’t before that but he uses what he has knowledge
and resources already in his region to manifest and maybe you’re just fearing
that like you aren’t seeing that or you’re
just really hoping about you that you can move this along with this
manifestation right I get this going you know after like some of this
clarity’s bogged out and that energy is kind of like cleared out I think through
epiphany here or some sort of insight realization that you have is going to
really help you manifest in the way that you know that you want to go right and
what is that you might have passively looked up like look up before you have
looked over before and the most likely outcome if the energy persist is the Sun
so illumination clarity like being shed on a situation and because what does the
Sun do it sheds light on so that you can see so that you are clear envision it
lights the pathway up for you and the beams of life that’s what that’s what
the Sun is called here and the Sun flowers and it’s like weird that that’s
where you are here with this bear and then this is where that where it’s
heading clarity is going to lead to you being lifted up you seeing everything
the big picture the success the abundance and that path just lighting up
for you because you’re seeing it now feeling it now you busted through that
threshold and now it’s time to shine and I love that oh my gosh okay this is
great I want to pull one clarity here on inner shadow or the inner string the
hidden inner shadow the shadow cat card in the environment I wanna know is this
your just the energy around you that hasn’t been cleared out like not people
but like just the energy that is kind of hanging around or your shadow right or
is it the people around you and just seeing everything and it just building
up and you’re like feeling like overwhelmed and
want to give up in the past and not seeing a way out not feeling like any
decisions good so you just like don’t know what to do like what is that it’s
not even one or the other I feel to me like it might be both but I really felt
at first like like it’s just like you don’t feel like you can do anything
because either you aren’t being you don’t feel heard what that page of
swords in the reverse for the recent past or you just feel overwhelmed by all
of it like I’m never gonna be able to do anything about this like so what is the
deal here like what do I do with the more information for the hidden shadow
okay that’s like the head and inner strength the shadow cat was what more
can I learn about this for Ares hang on these are a really slippery
cards like very but they’re worth it so weird but what more can we learn for
Aries for the environment the hurt or his environment for hidden inner
strength I’m gonna shuffle through and cut cut it oh just kidding
ace of cups in Reverse I feel like there is something going on with you know to me this card can feel a lot
of different ways and it did pop out upside down coming out of a spilt cup
coming out of a loss coming out of emotional fulfillment like it’s like
whatever it was it’s the energy around you um sorry to feel into that one a
little bit more about it that answers my question I hope it does for you too I
don’t think it’s necessarily the other people around you I think that maybe
they trigger you if that is also the case like it like I said could be a
little bit of both but I think that only because you have such an inner shadow
that you didn’t know was there um or didn’t know how to deal with right like
because of that you’re able to see it in others and it triggers you so it
overwhelms you there’s something maybe you aren’t seeing enough to know to deal
with it and I think that it is happening right now because the reason I say that
is because it just could be the energy around you that you don’t know is
lingering because it hasn’t been dealt with yet right like once you like see it
you can plan to deal with it or dig deeper and figure it out
sorry integrate that right and I think that because it’s there in your
environment whether it’s your shadow or that as well as others sticking out to
you more like you’re going through this judgment you’re seeing it like something
happens after that star in the near future that star card and it’s like
something guys use intuition aliy and you see something because of it clearer
and you’re seeing maybe what is causing all of this and your into your
transcending that like you’re transcending your shadow and this was in
Reverse so some sort of emotional you know something that you have a lot
of emotion for that you were either not able to make happen or you lost or that
was delayed it’s like you weren’t able to fill your cup for so long and it’s
because whatever you know process you’re on and whatever path you’re on the layer
that your layer or cycle that you’re currently in that you’re so close to
that threshold of cuz like your intention was this this 10 of cups so
remember it is the end of this cycle but it’s also talking about like it still
hasn’t gone to that next step quite yet great it’s about you and you know it’s
coming to an end and I feel like you were stuck there because you lacked the
clarity you act the communication or being heard by someone enough to help
you kind of move this along and I think that something definitely happened where
that you literally something happened somewhere where you don’t feel like you
can’t make a choice now or you don’t see a good option something happens and then
we have this queen of Wands the cosmic Huntress it’s like you dig deep like you
deep dive because you’re trying to integrate this right and get past this
last part of this cycle and you’re going in the cosmic guide the star like you’re
looking outward as well as inward right you’re doing both and you’re gonna see
something that you didn’t before because of it clearer and it’s gonna wake you up
to maybe that there is something you haven’t dealt with or that other people
shadows are sticking out much more and maybe you’re fearing other people
because of that like you don’t know who to trust you don’t know who’s really the
cat or is do they have that wolf like underneath like what is it and I feel
like maybe because you haven’t looked at it in yourself you’re seeing it in
everybody maybe and it’s about something that you know you weren’t able to fill
on your own before it’s because of this shadow like you’re not able to fill an
emotional cup or have any solid relationships love or just close for
their family because you aren’t able to fill that until the shadows dealt with
you felt like it hadn’t been filled and you couldn’t figure out how cuz you’re
ten of cups intention the crowning possession like what your mindset is
like that’s what you want you kind of want to just be done with the cycle and
get your cup already know how to fill your own cup and you what you know
that’s what that’s why the shadows here like whether it’s you were damned or
both or whatever it is like it’s a delayed new beginning that fills your
cup and it’s lurking in the shadow and if once you are seeing it once you see
that once you get that clarity once the veil is lifted for whatever the star in
the near future brings you that cosmic guide that insight you reach for it’s
going to show you where that is and it’s hiding that delay it’s delayed because
it’s in that shadow okay once you see it you can you don’t where to look right
it’s first that’s what the sun’s all about it illuminates the part that what
you’ve been searching for is hiding in right and it gets so tangled up that
sometimes it’s confusing and I feel like that’s where you’ve been um
overwhelm didn’t know which way to go both were bad now you’re gonna see it
you know you’ve been pushed areas you’re pushed you’ve been pushed into a spot
where you had to look in other places and you’re finding something you’re
finding breadcrumbs and it’s great and the Sun is coming and this star and the
Sun is coming and I really hope this helped you please give me a thumbs up if
you did and share your experience what decision did you – decisions did you
feel that both were bad and maybe like was there communication with somebody
being hard-headed like were they just not even considering what you to say or
hearing out or were you doing this when you found that clarity let me know if
you’re willing to share and I will see you soon and have a great June Aries

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