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Hi Taurus you are with a Amira Celon mediumship Academy. Welcome back. This is your 20/20 month-by-month reading by for 20/20 happy early New Year, Happy New Year everybody. I hope you’re gonna have an amazing 2020 moving forward I’m gonna be doing a spread from January through to December month by month if you want your own personal session You will get two different spreads one will be the Tarot and one will be the love oracle cards Amira’s love oracle, which Were channeled some spirit and to book a personal session for you. It’s only $49 a month by month For your 2020 personal reading the links are here below. So let’s have a look for general Taurus. I’m reading all the cards up, right? For 2020 instead of doing a wheel. I’m just going to do them in two lines because it’s easier for you to see them and We’ll see what overall energies there are for tourists for 2020 how exciting I’m excited about the new year I think it’s going to be an interesting year to say the least. I feel like there’s going to be a lot that will happen Time is always going so fast So let’s have a look at 2024 towards some moon rising and Venus. There we go Spirit just said to stop so there we go. Okay. So January we have the ace of swords So victory you’re getting a victory around a situation Victory around maybe a legal thing a legal matter victory with a relationship victory with a divorce victory with a Project you might have landed or something that you might have Captured. Okay. That’s what I feel with that February you might be refusing and offer somebody’s coming towards you or making you an offer to do with something and You’re not seeing that it is fit for you tours The second half of the year especially is looking really really good. Amazing amazing lineup Okay March we have new ideas and new launches and new enthusiasm Ace of rods feeling like you’ve got some sort of you’re relaunching something or launching something new starting off a new Verve it could be the change of seasons it could be to do with coming into a new phase a Feeling also that you have some sort of victory. So the Aces are there You’ve got the victory there with whatever it is that you’re thinking of doing putting into action There’s definitely action there for you Taurus April we have the death card so it could be that somebody does pass away around you an elderly relative or somebody Passing or sorry the cat is trying to get my attention is naughty naughty naughty Somebody around you who’s trying to get your attention is the death card, so there could be a transformation in a sense of somebody passing away who has been maybe an elderly relative or Somebody around you who you feel like might not have been well It could also be a big transformation in and around you Taurus with tourists Uranus the planet of change in Taurus for the next few years at least Six years or so, you know anything could happen with Taurus right now. It could be that you’re cutting off the deadwood changing something Shifting something up making something happen. It could be. Okay. I’ve had enough of something Let’s go could be a divorce for some of you as well around April We’re just a sudden shift in energy Cutting out something there is you know, it’s silver lining there with this beautiful white rose So whatever it is in the end, you will feel peace with it May you have the five of swords and I’m seeing the five of swords viewers being sort of like a Month where you’re sifting and sorting through things. So if somebody has passed away, you might be sifting and sorting through their belongings You might be coming to terms with things you could be grieving grieving period or if you’ve lost somebody or you’ve broken up with someone or there could be like a Loss of something in your life. It could be a job It could be a partner a spouse a friend leaving you or you know, going off somewhere else there could be moving away But there seems to be some sort of a feeling of loss around this april/may energy At the same time it it is a time for you to collect yourself To collect yourself and move move on from what it whatever it is that you have been thinking about Then we’ve got June which is the Hierophant could be another fellow tourists coming in around you could be a marriage offer marriage proposal contract of some description Can be a legally binding contract an offer of marriage June July you’ve got the knight of cups coming in could be a cancer Scorpio Pisces or somebody making you an offer Could be an offer of a legal Legality, okay something to do with a heroine It could be an offer of love an offer of marriage It could be a new contract of some description for you Taurus. It could be something to do with keys So whoever’s holding the keys Here it could be also the contract of a new home renting or purchasing something Then we have the August is strength. So we’ve got the strength card I’m feeling like you’re in your best form shape through relevee feeling like you are you know on fire? Feeling like you have a lot of energy you’re physically feeling. Well, there’s a lot of wellness. There are a lot of health and wellness September is sitting in your finery nine of Pentacles. So sitting in your finery feeling like you have Everything that you want to need so whatever it is that you’re going for in 2020 tours You will come out of this on you know, the second half of the year is looking amazing. You’ll come out of this on top Okay, there’s earnings there’s winning. There’s Rewards there’s victory there’s strength You’ve got the star and you’ve got the strength card the Hierophant the you’ve got four major arcana So you have you know something this is going to be an important year in a big year and a nice here It’s gonna wind out nicely, you know, the last six months is going to be are going to be the best after your birthday It’s going to wet is going to be when it will You know be more magical The king of Pentacles could be you if you are a male Taurus it could be a male coming in around you Who’s a Taurus Virgo Capricorn or symbolic of a lump sum of money coming in around you that the grapes he remind me of Italy There could be an Italian connection There could also be a French connection as well or somewhere where they grow wine But I’m getting drawn towards the Mediterranean and drawn towards Italy for you So you could be going on some sort of honeymoon vacation. You could have somebody coming into your life who’s Italian background as well? But this can very well be a lump sum of money coming into your life Over star being notice for your talents. This is November Being seen being adored being put on a pedestal being noticed for your talents Feeling like you have also everything that you want to need feeling in your element December finishing off in a really nice note the four of Wands which can be the purchase of a new home Feeling at ease in a relationship in a marriage Feeling like you’re building a nice rapport with your partner a nice rapport in a relationship Purchasing a new home. You’ve got the keys on top there and this to me often is a home. So purchasing a new home Decorating the home moving into a new home renting in your home, but you’ve you’ve definitely got the money there the money is coming in Taurus and The home and the stars there. You’ve got great health. You’ve got victory You’ve got great contracts. You’ve got some losses, but out of those losses. You’re going to get something else out of them It’ll turn itself around So overall tourists you’ve got a magical year moving forward Lots of prosperity reaping a lot of abundance here with all these beautiful grapes dangling in front of you Having everything that you want to need so I wish you all the very best for that think positive. Keep keep focused and everything will Align itself to how you want it. Lots of blessings. Take care. Ciao for now


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