Texting a REAL Psychic about my Boyfriend!! It was so scary! (Mystery Gaming)

By | September 11, 2019

(laughing) – How does she know this? Oh my gosh! Hey guys, it’s Gabriella. Welcome back to another Mystery Gaming where a game gets picked
out for me to play, and I have no idea how to play it. Today’s game is The Zodiac Touch. Psychics? No, I don’t like psychics! No! No, what is this? “Congratulations, free psychic reading. “Select any advisor and
start chatting or call. “First three minutes are completely free.” Oh my gosh, no! Guys, okay, I don’t, like, you wouldn’t really know this about me, but I do not like messing
with psychics and stuff. I think that the spirit
world and the unknown should not be messed with! No! No, I don’t like it! No, I don’t wanna call a psychic. What? What? So I get three minutes free
and then I have to call. $5.99 a minute? Oh my gosh! What is this? So this is Seph. What does Seph do? He says, “I offer tarot card
readings that will inspire you “and help you figure out
how to solve your problems. “I also use an angel
card that will tell you “exactly what you need
to change in your life “for better relationships
and outcome in your life. “I have learned from the best. “My own mother has guided
me through the years “since she is psychic herself.” (laughing) “She has constantly trained me “to keep in touch with my intuition “so that I can tell when something is off “and needs to be investigated further.” What is this? “Steph was very good at the conversation “and letting the readers continue. “I highly recommend.” He’s gonna flip it and be like,
“The seven cards of death!” oh my gosh. Oh, this guy is, “I am a
natural born 10th generation “God gifted and universal intuitive “clairvoyant psychic reader
and tarot card expert “developed at a very young age.” What does clairvoyant mean? I don’t know what that means. “Clairvoyant, a person who claims,” emphasis on the claims, “to have supernatural ability “to perceive events in the future “or beyond normal sensory contact.” I don’t like this! I don’t like this at all, oh my gosh! I don’t wanna talk to a psychic! Guys, I don’t wanna do this. This isn’t even a game. How do I even pick someone? Like, do I have to
actually talk with them? – Okay, guys, I just wanted to record this to show you how dramatic Gabriella is. So, I picked out this game for her to play where all she has to do is text a psychic, and she will not do it. She’s literally texting me. I’m trying to convince
her to just play the game and she’s too scared. – Okay, so I talked with Tyler and he said I have to do this. So, we’ll just talk to this person ’cause she’s online and the first person. So, she says, “I have had
visions as a young girl. “I love using my abilities to help others “through my spiritual guides.” She has good reviews. Okay, what should I ask her? What do I ask her? Oh my gosh. I don’t know. What am I supposed to ask her? Okay, ’cause I only get
three minutes, guys. I’m not going above this three minutes. Okay, I feel like I should ask her what she sees in terms of my, or, how does she see the next couple months of my relationship going? ‘Cause I’m in a relationship. And then we’ll ask her, if we have time, how she sees my YouTube future going. I am so scared! (screaming) Oh my gosh, my heart is pounding! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Her name is Luna Star. Oh my gosh, “Please note
your three minutes.” “My angels can bring you the answers “you desperately need. “Hi.” Hello, I’ve never done this before. What’s she saying? Okay, I said “Hi, I’ve
never done this before. “I would like your guidance on “the next couple months
of my relationship.” Wait, what does that say? “Please note your first
three minutes are free “and only enough for a short introduction. “A meaningful psychic read
requires a longer time.” Yeah, sure she does. She wants my money. Wait, I’m gonna time this. Okay, so I’ve been recording
for 10 minutes right now, okay? Oh my gosh, okay. So my name is Gabriella,
January 13th, 1995. Is Max. Okay, so she has my
name and date of birth, and same for my partner. So it’s Gabriella, January 13th, 1995 and Max, January 20th, 1995. Oops, I meant six, I messed it up. Although, as a true psychic, she should’ve been able to sense that! That’s the real thing. I should’ve tested her. I should’ve given her fake names to see if she could really
tell the difference. What visions is she going to see? “Are you a couple?” Didn’t I literally just say this? “I see some distance
between the two of you?” Oh my gosh, we’re in a
long-distance relationship! Oh my God! “That’s why I asked you.” Oh my God, oh my gosh! (laughing) This is so scary, oh my gosh! How did she know that? Oh my gosh. “I see that.” Of course she does! Oh my gosh, we only have a minute. “It’s tough.” It is tough. Okay, guidance, quickly,
quickly, guidance please! Oh, she sent me three
minutes, that’s so nice! Okay, “How long have you
been going back and forth?” “I feel lots of pressure
between the two of you.” What kind of pressure? I don’t feel pressure, oh my gosh. And she sees tension? Oh my gosh, I didn’t
realize we had tension. Maybe there’s tension I didn’t see. Oh my gosh. Okay, it says that “We’ve
been dating for two years. “We visit each other every couple months.” “I saw the number two.” Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. How did she see this? How does she know? Get on with it! “Right now I see a lot of stress. “Be patient.” (laughing) Oh my gosh! “You love each other.” We do, oh my gosh! What is this? I am actually freaked out. “I see travel soon.” Oh my gosh, I’m going
back to Arizona in a week! “Is he going to visit?” No, okay. Okay, so I said “I’m
with him for the summer, “but I’m going back to
where I live for two weeks.” Oh my gosh, how does she know? I don’t like this. Oh my gosh. Luna Star, she has the vision. I wonder what her
near-death experience was that nearly killed her. Oh my gosh. And put her in touch
with the spirit world. “I see him traveling.” Where’s he going? Max, where are you going? Okay, we’ll be fine. Where is he going? “I see a move in a year.” Oh my gosh. Oh, she keeps giving me minutes. She is so nice. Wait, so he’s moving in a year? Wait, “I see a move in a year.” Am I moving in a year? Who’s moving in a year? Hello? “I see suitcases. “Are you planning a trip with him? “Not for work.” How does she know this? Oh my gosh. We’re going up north with a
bunch of friends next weekend. “I would not worry
about your relationship. “You’ll be fine.” Oh, thank goodness, I am so glad that the psychic assured me that my relationship is good. I can’t even handle this. “That’s the trip.” Oh, just the trip is going to be fine? Oh, no, that’s the trip that she saw was us up north. Oh my God, he’s gonna die
when I tell him about this. I’ll be like, “Okay, so a psychic told me “to be patient with you, to have fun.” Oh my gosh, this is so funny. “I don’t think I see anything bad here.” Oh thank goodness, praise the lord! “Keep me posted.” Okay, I am sorry honey, but I am only doing this for a video. You will not be hearing from me again. Okay, we’re gonna end this, ’cause I’m kind of done talking with her, and I’m afraid that it’s
gonna start charging money. ‘Cause oh my gosh, that
would be so bad if I ended up talking to her and it was like $10 a minute or something. It’s like in the TV shows where the parents get the
phone bill and they’re like, “Who’s been talking to the psychic!” Oh my gosh, but how she
knew the way she did was a little creepy. I know some of it was very generic, but at the same time, she knew! Oh my gosh. Okay, so I didn’t realize until I was looking back on the footage that the mic stopped working. I don’t know, I did not like it at all. But if you guys really liked this video and wanna see more of it, Tyler told me that we
could maybe do another one where you actually talk to a psychic, like Face Time with them? But I really don’t wanna do that. It’s so scary to actually
Face Time with one. But if you guys really wanna see that, leave that down below in the comments and give this video enough
thumbs up and we will see. I’m not making any promises, ’cause that seems so terrifying, but okay. Make sure you turn your notifications on and subscribe, guys, ’cause
we’re posting new videos every single day this summer, and you don’t wanna miss
a single one of them. All right, I’ll see you guys later, bye! Ugh, so scary!

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