By | December 7, 2019

Hi guys, we’ll come back you with AMIRA I’m just gonna do a very brief review about this book the astrological guide to self care, which was sent to me by Constance Stella’s who is a Greek American writer and she’s written quite a lot of books about astrology This is a really nice thing. It’s it’s actually goes into detail. It’s beautifully bound hardback Hardcover and Through the different signs About how to Do self care through your astrology sign or your rising sign So covering elements of what is self care self care and astrology essentials Essential elements fire earth air and water and then part three self care by sign So it goes into deep Deep Analysis of self care and and all of it’s quite a lot of fun as well So it’s really it’s really good fun things to do that. You wouldn’t have thought of doing before Constants tell us is an astrologer of Greek heritage with more than 25 years of experience She primarily practices in new New York City and councils a variety of clients, including CEOs artists and scholars she also writes for the Huff Post and She has been published before she’s published other books about astrology before this book is retailing at I Thought I saw the price here, but I can’t see it anymore Yeah, can’t remember anyway I had a really good look at it and It’s got some really nice Ideas about what you can do just those sort of things that kind of stimulate you that You feel like you know, yeah, I’d like to do that, etc so Yeah, just just sort of open up Open up your ideas about things. For example if you look at cancer just have a look at cancer self care for cancer and What it rules what parts the body affirm your abilities I promote emotional balance with pearls sip a blue moon cocktail ground yourself in the present Magnetized abundance with lucky bamboo Create an empowering can scan Syrian playlist get lost in a can Syrian book Make your own holiday cards snack on cucumber of watercress sandwiches Enjoy it cheesy indulgences treat yourself to an ice cream Enjoy a meal at a diner. Take a cruise all very Cancerian things and things that you forget about things that you kind of want to Maybe do like on the spur of the moment They give you inspiration to maybe take action to do something bake a loaf of loaf of bread Decorate your home with seashells Treat a friend cuddle buy a comfy chair Visit the past in style Decorate with matching sets boost confidence with nos narcissus flowers and Add a little heat visit the Galapagos Islands find balance with selenite so She really goes into all different types of things go scuba diving law. Adorn yourself with silver show yourself You know and it goes on and on explore your ancestry hire a cleaning service ask for help as can scan Syrians Spend a lot of time at home Sometimes it’s good to get help like a cleaning service, which I completely agree host a housewarming That’s really nice celebrate summer solstice by a poetry book get a worry doll Sort through your mementos catch frogs. Take a milk bath. Try hydrotherapy Up your omega-3s To some moon like meditation get add some anchovies Send a thank-you note to your mother. Isn’t that lovely? So there’s a lot of a lot of information There are a lot of things to really get into So if you’d like to buy this book, I put the link below. It’s just been released on the market. So it’s a new release New launch for the end of the December 17th 2019. Oh, it’s a Canadian $26.99 or US Dollars 1999 for the hardcover. Lots of blessings everybody ciao for now

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