The Astrology of December 2019

By | December 3, 2019

hi everyone this is adam elenbaas from
nightlight astrology it is Saturday November 30th and today I am presenting
my astrological overview for the month of December so this is December 2019
we’re gonna take a look at all the big transits of the month and there are a
bunch because we have a major eclipse at the end of the month conjoined with
Jupiter in Capricorn Jupiter is entering Capricorn in the first couple of days of
December and then you’ve got the usual suspects we got a bunch of planetary
transits like we do every month to talk about so January’s gonna be a really big
month as well with Saturn and Pluto conjoining people have been I mean I’ve
been writing about thinking about and talking about this transit for 10 years
so it’s um it’s gonna be a big one and I am going to be hosting a panel
discussion with a group of astrologers who are all going to be presenting their
views and thoughts about this major configuration between Saturn and Pluto
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for your own Sun and rising signs shortly the written version of today’s
talk will also be out soon on my website so if you want to go to night light
astrology com you’ll be able to find the written version of today’s overview
which is something you can check back on as the month is going on and just read a
summarized version of what we’re talking about for each of the transits in
December today all right that’s all the announcements in news let’s go ahead and
dive in so we’re gonna start on December 1st and the the beginning of the month
is all about Jupiter right so I’ve given three talks already on Jupiter’s
entrance into Capricorn so this is not going to be like your extensive talk on
Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn but we will see that where I live it in grasses
into Capricorn basically at the Midheaven in Baltimore so this East
Coast United States is where we’re seeing Jupiter enter Capricorn at high
noon and that’s significant from the perspective of mundane astrology when a
planet ingresses into a new sign and it happens to be clinging to the High Noon
marker in the sky that means that oftentimes you’ll see the archetypal
qualities of that planet that are going to be on display in the collective
really pronounced in the area in which the planet appears at the Midheaven so
here Baltimore and Washington DC enough said right political life is going to be
interesting in the next year I don’t think that that you don’t need
an astrologer to tell you that one anyway so here’s some of the things to
watch for though generally speaking and I’m gonna stop screen sharing in-between
because I like to be able to see you guys and I’ll just stare at a chart the
whole time so some of the things to watch for
sometimes with Jupiter in Saturn sine we expand Jupiter by virtue of saying no to
something Saturn by placing a new limit we stand to grow by committing to
something we expand by calling something into doubt or something into question an
old way of doing things were an old commitment we start a process of growth
we may become more contained committed focused discipline and all of this can
actually feel even if you’re someone who’s averse to like limitations and you
know the stricter Saturn I’m energy this can actually feel really expansive which
is you know that’s nice you can also look for waves of contraction and
expansion and alternation they can kind of go back and forth from now until the
year ahead but watch for that feeling of growth by constriction or constriction
and growth coming sort of cooperating with each other in an interesting manner
starting as early as December 2nd you can also take something very easily that
is not so great and try to make it into something Noble righteous or heroic
that’s Jupiter trying to ennoble something that’s Saturn I’m that may not
be so good that’s corrupt that represents decay depravity or that’s
something that that’s just a little dark or heavy in the ancient world like you
get the nice thing about the ancient astrology is that Saturn is just sort of
the placeholder for the negative it’s really that simple in a certain in a
certain way it’s also a lot more complex than that but a lot of the times you’ll
just see astrologers anytime Saturn comes up you’ll just be like okay so
poopy stuff and then you know whatever other planet is combining with it those
little I was just an easy way to be like okay Jupiter’s gonna try to make poopy
stuff really look like great stuff the expansion of the negative is one thing
that I wrote here which can also mean a lot of different things I don’t mean
negative in like negative things can kind of grow but I also mean for example
that you know like the negative space in a piece of art where in order to make
something else in something primary stand forth you have to work on cutting
away at other things so that the negative space around it helps that that
primary things stand forth more so sometimes it’s a chipping away a cutting
back or an eliminating that helps something positive or something primary
stand forth that’s a Jupiter and Capricorn situation the challenging of
an old system or the facing of an immediate or a new system facing an
immediate setback so in both of these you have the idea of an old system
Saturday enjoy something new Jupiter or you have the idea of a new system
Jupiter facing an immediate setback Saturn so watch for those kinds of
dynamics and know that they’re natural you don’t have to freak out if something
like that happens because you can take it as a sign that this is a part of that
how the destiny of my path is going to unfold right now the old order and the
new way we’re looking at things that are old and things that are new and
sometimes there’s a potential for a marriage of the new and the old the
conservative and the liberal and sometimes there’s going to be more of a
hard clash but either way the old and the new the conservative and the liberal
are the dialogue between them is greatly intensified during this time also you
can see Jupiter wanting to glorify the old the traditional this is the memorial
speech you give at your grandfather or grandmother’s funeral about how wise
that they were you can also see of a rise in authoritarian thinking where you
get the strength and bravado of Jupiter and the strictness of Saturn growth
through limitation focus and adherence to moral or spiritual authority the
tradition tradition in the past again that’s Jupiter amplifying the themes of
Saturn by virtue of being in its sign and in by virtue of being in the
superior position over Saturn right now really in pushing its influence on to
Saturn which is you know that’ll change once Jupiter passes Saturn
okay so let’s go ahead and bring the chart back up on the screen and we’ll
take a look at our next big transit for the month the next big transit for the
month is going to happen around December 7th now you know some people are gonna
look at all sorts of different things in a chart and let me plug in the outer
planets here no I try to keep things a little bit more simple because I feel
like you can kind of get transited to death so we’re being nickeled and dimed
by astrology all the time so Sun in Sagittarius around December 7th is going
to move into a square with Neptune in Pisces so here’s that dynamic unfolding
right around December 7th now you’re gonna be feel this as as soon as the
month begins but it’ll really intensify right around the 7th so let’s talk about
the Sun and Neptune and what you can expect from that transit so the Sun is
the traditional emblem of wisdom and knowledge and clarity and it is the
planet that was associated with the clear and correct perception of truth
and so when you pair that with Neptune who often represents the transcendental
otherworldly and mystical and even the miraculous you get this sense of wisdom
and miracles or of transcendental knowledge you get the idea of teachers
and transcendence inspiring gurus and so forth you also get the idea of the Sun
being so central to our sense of self and purpose and Neptune being a planet
of dissolution you can have this combination where the ego faces its own
death or dissolution or dismemberment so there’s a sense of questioning who we
are what we’re doing that can come up during this time and it can be kind of
inspiring but it can also be a little overwhelming for our sense of self and
Center you also think of the timeless wisdom of an inspiring leader like the
Dalai Lama or you know Martin Luther King jr. or someone who has a kind of
religious but maybe Civic voice that’s very inspiring sort of timeless and
somehow captures the the spirit of the times that these kinds of inspiring
moments be present with the Sun square Neptune I
also get the dissolution of solar figures like leaders heads of state CEOs
fathers and also the creative impulse the desire to create and the need to
transcend these can be really powerful themes with Sun square Neptune you can
also watch for the deception or delusion of the omnipotent ego that is to say
that the ego can think that you know like I really walk on water or whatever
the sense of being some kind of prophet or special chosen person and a little
sometimes false gurus or cult leaders and things like that will have strong
Sun Neptune contact it’s funny how you can have a real miraculous sort of
inspiring guru and you can have a totally false guru with Sun Neptune it’s
as though the line between the transcendental and the illusory is
always at play when Neptune’s involved ungrounded inspirations fantasies and
ideals come up with something is really fantastically inspiring but not really
rooted in reality the desire need to transcend to reinvent one sense of self
or purpose again we kind of went over that already and again the ailing or
weakened father or ego that’s that sense of Neptune that is sometimes the martyr
or the victim or the one who is weak or suffering etc so you know the feeling of
being a little bit of a leaky vessel that that’s that’s weakened or weakening
I have to watch for that around December 7th as well all right let’s go on to the
next transit the next transit of the month which is going to be ok December
9th mercury will enter Sagittarius um you know what we’re seeing around the
9th and this lasts all the way until December 29th is the idea that there is
a combination of mercury and well we’ll just highlight it first so that you can
see it here you go so there’s mercury entering Sagittarius
alright so obviously this is the place of Mercury’s exile whenever mercury is
put into one of Jupiter signs or Jupiter into one of mercury signs are said to be
in their detriment that’s because they are planetary opposites and so
they have they have to figure out how to get along with one another and it’s not
always easy so you get things like grandiose logic Jupiter influencing
mercury while Mercury’s in jupiter sign grandiose logic and communication the
idea of expansive knowledge or broadening your vocabulary broadening
your mind finding inspiring teachers and ideas but also ungrounded thoughts
thoughts that soar and go in all different directions you have the
potential for exaggerated speech exaggerated thinking pronouncements that
are maybe made or claims that are made without proper research or backing you
have inspiring personalities but also potentially fiery and dogmatic
individuals or ideas you have strong willful but upbeat and optimistic
orbiters or public speaking of speakers or talks you have sometimes benefits
remember Mercury’s in a Jupiter ruled side benefits that come through speech
technology written communication notes emails learning writing teaching those
are some things to watch for as the month unfolds with mercury moving into
the sign of Sagittarius alright let’s look at our next one so next after that
from the 11th into the 12th we’re gonna see the full moon in mercury sign this
is interesting here we go here’s the full moon oops
need a thicker marker there we go there’s the full moon in Gemini coming
through the opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius excuse my awful drawing
anyway what to watch for there well obviously the full moon is a
turning point in the in the cycle the cycle starts off with a lot of emphasis
on Jupiter the big vision the big idea the big belief positive postures are
positive expansive thinking then you have this really strong emphasis coming
through on the rational intellect on skepticism doubt questioning careful or
thoughtful analysis it also creates an environment that’s Restless
communicative looking for intellectual mental or social stimulation it’s an
intelligent atmosphere that’s being created around the full moon
and it made because the full moon is going to be in mercury sign but opposite
to mercury in Mercury’s detriment in Sagittarius you get more debate around
things that involve faith ideas beliefs best practices ethics politics so a
little bit more of a conflicted intellectual energy around the full moon
and going forward from that point on in the month that’s the 11th and the 12th
but you can also see that this is a full moon that may emphasize with the
opposition of mercury a kind of flirtatious playful but contentious
atmosphere like if you’ve ever been on a date with someone and you’ve been
debating something and you clearly have very different views but you’re also
really attracted to each other that could be what you’re seeing from full
moon onward as well you also have the potential for mixed messages or mixed
miscommunication with mercury and the opposite side of the Moon around the
full moon as well as the theme of being an alien or outsider based on your mind
your ideas thoughts or beliefs or maybe even working in an unusual environment
where communication is somehow a little bit difficult you’re gonna see that
pronounced around the full moon again because the full moon is in Gemini and
Mercury is opposing the full moon in its detriment in Sagittarius all right let’s
look at the next one so then we’re bouncing around a little bit here
because things start happening sort of rapid-fire on December 13th you’re gonna
see a Mars trine to Neptune right so Mars and Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces
that comes around again I’m right right about the same time as the full moon
what can you expect from this one well I always have the theme of heroism with
Mars courage war/battle contentiousness conflict muscle strength aggression will
force potentially explosive violent dynamics but also with Neptune then you
get this sense of the transcendental version of that which can sometimes be
like spiritual heroes people who die for a cause martyrs suffering Saints the
salvation of the sinners in the world that I once was lost but now I’m found
I’ve risen up like a conquering hero over death and
living or something like that right is this kind of you know Mars Neptune the
miracle of the down-and-out fighter who comes up and find salvation somehow also
you have the potential for sort of deceptive and potentially violent or
aggressive tactics or maneuvers you want to be careful of that especially on the
emotional level you also have the the desire body with Mars and the illusion
of strength and victory so getting high on oneself you could even see this being
related for example to something like steroids a false sense of being bigger
strong to exert one’s efforts or will in service of something higher for example
again a cause something that you’re fighting for or you can also see the
frustration of ones will Mars do to completely overwhelming circumstances
that feel sort of otherworldly like when you just get flooded with oh wow okay I
was I was on a roll I was going somewhere and then life just kind of
flooded in and and took over that frustration of the will can come through
an effort or attempt to do something which is aided by higher powers or
allies meaning Mars wants to do something and it receives some kind of
otherworldly support or aid which can come through real things in real people
but other times it comes in a vision in a dream or something that’s actually
sort of part of an alternate reality the desire to become stronger through
immoral methods or means got to be careful of that the deceptive quality of
Neptune and potentially again the need to align one sense of will or purpose
with something bigger than oneself so that’s Mars training Neptune around the
middle of the month and you can watch for that at about the same time the full
moon is coming through alright let’s go on to our next one so the next transit
is going to be the December 11th through the 14th Venus this is maybe one of the
biggest transits of the month in addition to Jupiter entering Capricorn
and the big huge solar eclipse happening at the end of the month right around the
same time right you’re gonna see Venus like the 10th 11th Venus goes through
conjunction with Saturn and then conjunction with Pluto by the 13th so I
put you know 11th through the 14th you could say 10th to the 14th but this is
veno in Capricorn conjunct Saturn and then
conjoined with Pluto back to back so this is a lot happening for Venusian
things but Venusian things are going through some kind of change or
transformation the death and transformation of relationships Venus
death and transformation being Plutonian but also the deepening and maturing or
deepening of a commitment in in romantic life that would be the Saturn Venus
quality the changing tides and friendships just we were in and now
we’re out or we were out and now we’re in older women and the wisdom of the
Crone this is a venus saturn dynamic where you pair Venus the goddess with
old age Saturn also pain loss and hardship and love in general with Saturn
and Pluto also diplomatic challenges where Venus wants to bring peace but
there’s some limit or block to peace or some kind of really difficult or heavy
work that has to be done and may not be easy in order to get there to the
agreement place the agreement place I like that I’m gonna make a room in the
house and just put a sign on the door that says the agreement place all right
so you have to watch for manipulation betrayal jealousy infidelity things like
that was Venus and Pluto also look for the shadow side of things related to
sisters women girls daughters the goddess in general the beauty I said I
wrote this the beauty that ages like a fine wine something that gets older and
more mature but more beautiful as a result attraction to that which is
mature and deep but also maybe provocative in some way um we also think
about hurt and healing and its relation to beauty sensuality sexuality
friendships and love and also potentially the death or ending of
relationships or agreements of any kind or the binding of a new agreement forged
in the midst of turmoil or difficulty and that goes back to the diplomatic
challenges of the moment this is a really big transit because it’s hitting
both Saturn and Pluto that’s right around the full moon as well so a pretty
intense kind of full moon energy alright let’s go back to
our transits and take a look at the next one this is going to be around December
20th and on December 20th up there we go okay on the 20th we’re going to see
mercury it’s a little before the 20mm the 19th and the 20th you’re gonna see
mercury squaring Neptune in Pisces mercury in sagittarius Square to Neptune
in Pisces now what can we watch for from from this transit well remember that the
full moon is so mercurial but it’s got kind of a conflicted relationship with
mercury I feel like this is really an
interesting month for mercury with the full moon and Mercury sign mercury
changing signs in to its detriment being squared in Neptune this month the idea
of you know like what’s what is legitimate logical intelligent use of
our mind and what is some unhealthy use of our mind
what’s fanaticism and what is commitment of beliefs and philosophy those the line
between those things maybe kind of blurry this month but here’s what to
watch for with mercury square and Neptune around December 20th muddled
communication right you have to be careful about things not coming through
clearly deception or illusion communication gossip you want to be
really careful of those things intoxication and mental fog twisting the
facts some way or even this is an interesting thing even like spying and
you know this is not the time not a great time to go and like look at your
boyfriend or girlfriend’s like you know image are not images that could be there
too what is it they’re like their inbox that’s what I’m trying to say because
what you find at this time may be some how it could be it’s the kind of thing
where you know you could find something that’s through covert action I also
really mess up your relationships obviously Trust is a huge thing in
mercury Neptune while it wants to discover something that sometimes hidden
or secretive can also be really deceptive and that can really hurt
people in the long run so let’s see the also
interesting how how different these significations can be you can also have
inspired or otherworldly dreams and synchronicities when mercury is squared
in Neptune last year I found it it really
interesting that one of my teachers who spent his life explicate engaging of
Hermes Trismegistus and the ancient ancient astrologers he was a his name
was robert Schmidt he passed while mercury was squared in Neptune and it
was this kind of the leaving of an otherworldly sort of teacher he was a
mystic and a Sutton a scholar and he he had a stroke and passed out of his
bodies mercury Neptune so the mystical teacher the otherworldly
dream and synchronicity the impulse to write or speak musically or poetically
the brain the mind the intellect that somehow connects with the other
worldliness but again you have to be careful because where there’s channeled
thoughts streams of consciousness writing or esoteric investigation there
can also be deception and the desire to know or understand something that takes
you into some violation of a boundary okay so sometimes though the revelation
of concealed or hidden information gossip disinformation spying the attempt
to twist the facts you watch for all of those things and this is again around
December 20th alright let’s go back and look at our next transit so from the
21st of the 22nd we have the winter solstice taking place as the Sun enters
Capricorn that’s a big moment nothing much I want to say about it other than
just to say that you know it’s a great time to kind of set your intention for
the new year and generally to honor that the return of the light is beginning and
in one way or another you know we can we can do that creatively and just try to
move along with the rhythms of the year and if you’re in the southern hemisphere
obviously this is not as applicable in terms of the seasonal quality but from
the archetypal standpoint you know the the Solstice moment is not a literal
moment it is an archetypal moment and so from the archetypal standpoint what
we’re saying is that this language the system right can be used and the the
archetypal symbolism of it can be tapped into wherever you may be at on the
planet it for ancient astrologers though there were seasonal symbolic
correlations they were not to be taken literally this is why you can have
planets in any sign of the zodiac that display the seasonal qualities of that
sign even though it has nothing to do with that time of year you can have Mars
and a summary sign behaving in a summer-like way but be boring in the
middle of winter right so this is I always tell people just think about the
language symbolically just like you would the Tarot just because you get the
the sun card in Tarot doesn’t mean it’s literally sunny outside okay anyway and
not to say that you can’t flip the zodiac either it’s a it’s a it is an
archetypal symbolic language and I’m one of my colleagues Theodore nacre he has a
whole Facebook group devoted to flipping the zodiac I don’t personally think it’s
necessary and I have some disagreement with the whole concept of doing it but
you can do it I’m not saying you can’t anyway um
that’s a whole aside sorry let’s go back to our our next transit let’s go to
December 22nd the big transit that’s happening on December 22nd is that Venus
in the sign of Aquarius will be moving through a square to Uranus in the sign
of Taurus so this is a Venus Uranus dynamic that you know comes through
right about the 22nd so here’s what to watch for there you’re gonna look for
the need to defy conventional gender sexual norms or stereotypes to
experiment or seek out new kinds of relationships new kinds of art new kinds
of style or fashion new kinds of sexual or romantic experiences you can also
note that there are is going to be sudden changes or revolutions within
relationships or the sudden amendment of an agreement of some kind or even the
sudden disruption of a relationship or some kind of agreement so whether it’s a
contract or an understanding that you have with somebody or a sexual or
relationship or even a committed you know long-term relationship of some kind
you can see that there will be sudden disruptions that unexpected changes
sometimes there for the better sometimes they’re really innovative if you
been having a dead streak in your intimacy this can kind of wake things up
on the other hand yeah this can be the moment where a relationship breaks apart
Uranus the sudden disruption can mean some kind of innovation you can also
mean a disruption that severs Mars and Uranus have a lot in common in that
regard Uranus can be a kind of violent and disruptive planet got to be a little
careful of it anyway the the also you can look at the radical redefining of a
set aesthetic or artistic values this is what people go through sudden fashion
changes let me shave my head or let me you know whatever I’m gonna I’m
certainly gonna wear like hot orange boots or something like that right
the need to flaunt oneself or one’s ideas views body sexuality sometimes
it’s just kind of a provocative rebellious defiant energy around
Venusian things the sudden liberating impulse or desire I have to be free
right now help me get free potential also for escapist futuristic egoism the
idea of some grand plan and how it’s going to free everyone and everything
and make everything totally lovely and pleasant know that that’s Venus Uranus
and sometimes it can other times it’s a pipe dream so you’ll watch for this
energy around the 22nd okay now here’s the big one this is the really the
transit of the month which is an eclipse we’re back to Eclipse season going on
that late on the 25th into the 26th we’ve got a solar eclipse coming through
Capricorn conjoined with Jupiter and Capricorn while Saturn and Pluto are
getting together in Capricorn and will be conjoined just after you know a lunar
eclipse in December in January so this is a huge one what can you say about
this well I’m gonna be doing a few videos about this eclipse so first let
me just say stay tuned because there’s a lot I want to say that I can’t say in
this video because I’m trying to keep this more succinct but here’s what to
watch for in general New Moon’s mean new beginnings so we’re planting a seed of
some kind look to the whole sign house of Capricorn and your birth chart if you
want to get more specific otherwise think about a Saturnian new beginning
usually that means the foundation of something or something structural
something pertaining to commitment time age duration seriousness so bra
maturity commitment respect tradition it is an expansive new plan or development
because it’s joopa terian but it comes from the realistic ground of Saturn
which is going to be sometimes painful or sobering or it’s going to be about a
long-term mature methodical commitment of some kind so you think about new
visions new plans utilizing but utilizing lessons lineages or traditions
from the past you have a marriage again of the new Jupiter and the old Saturn in
the in at the start of some kind of new endeavor or some new chapter that’s
opening in your life new teachers old lessons an emphasis on the long the slow
and the patient path of progress but coming with excitement and some kind of
new beginning an enthusiasm that’s welling up from the ground level of
something like the excitement that you feel when cutting the ribbon to start
you know digging the dirt to lay the foundation it’s that kind of basic
fundamental enthusiasm that comes at the outset of a long serious committed
project of some kind a plan and the potential to will that plan to
realization through corrupt authoritarian rigid or severe means so
this is also like I have a plan and I don’t care who stands in my way can be
kind of as I like to say sometimes Machiavellian so again we’ll be have
more on that later thank you everybody for tuning in I hope you appreciated
this overview for the month you’ll have this in written form on my website
nightlight astrology calm remember to check out my Kickstarter again we’re at
181 backers let’s try to get to 200 let’s see if we can get there pick up a
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love this channel if you tune into it regularly it gives something good to you
and please pitch in if you’re able thank you again so much everyone we’ll see you
again soon bye

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    Considering your traditional astrological point of view do you think that configuration is an important one?

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    Rising sign: Aquarius
    Moon: Capricorn
    I feel so happy and good!
    I wish you a great day too!

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    So on my birthday on the 7th of December, does it get amplified, considering Sun aligning with my natal Sun/Rising??

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  22. treasurelu Post author

    Thanks, Adam. I turn 59 on 08 Dec: Neptune has been AQUARING my Sun at 17 Sag all through 2019 (backwards and forwards) and will be exact again in Feb for the last exact pass but will still be close to the exact square for the rest of 2020. But because my Saturn is at 17 Cap, it has also been SEXTILING my Saturn at the exact same time (including now that I'm having my 3rd exact pass 2nd Saturn Return). As I have my natal Mars at 16 Cancer, it has also been TRINING my Mars at the same time (and whenever a planet transiits 16 or 17 Scoripio, they form a KITE with a Water GRAND TRINE with my Saturn at the tip. I've had a few of those lately, but I have not been able to figure out the meaning of their influence yet….

  23. treasurelu Post author

    We have ELECTIONS in the UK on 12 Dec. On the day of the FULL MOON in GEMINI, exactly after Venus has gone over Saturn and is preparing to go over Pluto! And just before Mars Trines Neptune. I hope these influences will help us move in the right direction. (Things have been really bad for a long time for us now…)

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    Thanks for your update.
    Enjoyed the elaborate extension with planetary movement.
    Leo Sun here.
    Deffonetly feeling the shift here.
    Just want to tell you. Still love your content.
    Been a while since I posted a comment.
    Would love to take your course on Ancient Astrology.
    In transition time right now with my life.
    But finding some great avenues for interests with your channel.


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