The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season2-Episode 30【The official version】

By | December 13, 2019

Is anyone here It should be here in a few days Wait for him The rest Leave it to him Vision Time is up Little sister How is the study Not bad Remember everything It ’s a pity that Hades and Ghost King are at odds Divided the magic into two otherwise Their brothers may really dominate the world. This is fate When we destroy the copper seal Under the sky No third person knows The whole chapter of “Jiuyou Xuanming Shen Gong” Big brother what happened to you Do you think Seems to have a pair of eyes Staring at us Big brother What did you say Here is our brother and sister You worry too much Maybe let us start Jiuyou Youxuan Shang Xuan Xia Jiu You Never agree The Reveal of Life and Death Semi-demented No phase or nothing Black and white Qi Hai Hang Ling Tang Turned out to be them? What kind of medicine does Wang Yanzhang sell in the gourd? Why did he push his gun down? Hey Why don’t we break first what So much money who She just fainted temporarily No problem you are minister See His Royal Highness Yuan Tianzhang Long time no see His Royal Highness looks a little more elegant. You really came to Quzhou Zhu Liang’s fall only now Minister must come Don’t you want to persuade me to be emperor again? Give you four words No open mouth Fit Seeing a vision He went to the spot There are two evil stars today Working in Luzhou He fears that it will cause a great change in Longquan God does n’t know what you are talking about But coincidentally His Royal Highness just broke the hexagram I Master of Life in Ziwei Ethan calculations Only His Highness can stop You said just now Two evil stars Impermanence They are also in Luzhou Not bad If Your Highness Lets Go Longquan treasure may add variables Yuan Tianzhang I always have a question Know everything You know I’m looking for Longquan Treasure Why not hurry Tell me where it is It’s not that the minister does not say But the minister does not know by There are things you do n’t know about Yuan Tianzhang Leaked that year The bad guys in charge of the treasure have all committed suicide All secrets were hidden by the Emperor in Longquan Sword Like this minister Just responsible for protecting Longquan Sword What if I do n’t go to Shengzhou? What will happen His Highness Looking for Treasure presumably Not for myself Where is black and white impermanence Little sister Hold on Almost become you Shh Why do you hold me again Hurry me down You fell asleep with your money Falling asleep and still thinking about picking up money You embarrassed to say What is this place Imperial City of Luzhou Explain to you later Hurry up I don’t want to arrest you up to you I don’t care if I fall Here it is Zhu Youzheng what what are you saying emperor Wang Yanzhang Wang Yanzhang has demobilized all the embargoes emperor By now You have to get an idea Finished It’s all over Shi Yao Shi Yao Are you here What are you doing Howl did you do it? emperor she was She is an assassin keep it Since when did you doubt me I’m crazy Not stupid But you still haven’t pierced me I have a question in my heart Shi Yao knows everything you Who is it for? She is bad From Tibetan Valley how Haven’t you returned to Xuanming religion? Zhong Kui Zhong Kui Zhong Kui Zhong Xiaokui You are Zhong Yan who has been missing for many years Xiaokui You from the beginning The second brother emperor Now that the beams are exhausted Hope you do it yourself Girders It’s over Yang Yan Yang Miao If you two don’t want to be buried for Zhu Youzhen Just follow me Although I have long suspected your motivation But I have been reluctant to believe You are here to kill you not me It ’s my death why Because you go backwards Because you are in trouble Because you are the emperor of girders emperor I hated the emperor since I was young He has sat since the emperor I never bothered with me and my mother But what does it matter As long as my mother stays with me enough But that day Zhu Wen took everything from me After he took my mother but I I can’t do anything After mother died I’m from Zhu Youmin I heard about Longquan Treasure Since then I decided to use this life as a gamble I want to find the Longquan treasure Find immortality I want to raise my mother I know i damn Since Li Xingyun destroyed her mother ’s body I should die But because of you I did not die Because i look like her Shi Yao I have another question for you In your eyes Am i a bad person In this troubled world lost More than you alone Shi Yao Begging you one thing You are the emperor Ascend to heaven Have its own way You go outside and wait Won’t delay you too long General Your order has been ordered The emperor is unaware But now you are following your Only these people how about you His Royal Highness Spy Zhu Youzhen committed suicide kill

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    Wat is this it remains epi 41 y are reuploading wat we already watched


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