Vakri Graha | वक्री ग्रह with Nitin Kashyap on retrograde planets (with ENG subtitles)

By | August 15, 2019

Auuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I welcome you all once again We all are very pleased to welcome Mr Nitin Kashyap for the second time because this time his topic is very interesting He will elaborate on Retrograde (Vakri) planets. Very few people come out in open with such an indepth knowledge on retrograde planets So Mr Nitin, we will jump to the topic as quickly as possible as you need no introduction here in Saptarishis Astrology Jai Shri Ram all of you Jai Shri Ram, welcome here I am also very much pleased to come here again And the topic Vakri (retrograde) no doubt is very interesting And I believe there is very less information among commoners Because you know, if you use any software then you can know that the planet is retro But what is the result of that retro planet and why is it so I have done something on that and today I will share that with you That I usually share with my students (just a moment) silence See, the foremost important thing is that we should know why is a planet retrograde Because even in this regard there are many opinions and point of views Just for an illustration One of my once asked me “Sir, planets revolve around the Sun in a particular orbit, right…. So in this case, retro means what? The planet starts revolving in reverse fashion?…. And if it is the case, then we have never heard such thing in Astronomy or in Science” And people take retrograde in literal sense that a planet is orbiting in reverse fashion Here we need to understand that planets never go reverse They always revolve around the Sun in a fixed orbit and never change path or direction And they just seems to appear as Retrograde or they are going backwards We can compare it to two trains moving in same direction And one is moving faster than the other, then the train which is behind will appear to be going backwards While even that train is in the same direction as your train But due to this difference of speed, this phenomenon of Retrogression comes into play In short, if I surmise then due to unequal velocities a planet appears to be retrograde Now we will see according to astronomy why does a planet goes retrograde See this You can see Sun here, and Mercury revolving around the Sun and Earth is also revolving around the same Sun Mercury completes one revolution in 88 days (it complete whole orbit and comes to same position) Earth takes one year to complete one revolution So our one year is approximately 365 days & 6 hours In Vedic Jyotish, the system to analyse the position of planets is to refer to the stars or image in the background of a planet I will tell you that in astronomy there is a concept of Angular distance We most of the time measure this angular distance We all know that the group of stars is called constellation These constellation are same as Nakshatras and these Nakshatras make up the Zodiac circle Compared to planets, stars are very far apart and comparatively planets are very near When we track the position of a planet, then we see which sign is in the background like observe here, if in this position if somebody on Earth tracks the position of Mercury then he will observe the star A in its background Then he will say that Mercury is moving over star A Or Mercury is transiting (Gochar) over star A Now, the velocity of Mercury is approximately four times to that of Earth because it is 88 days vs 365 days so if Earth travels some distance, then compared to Earth Mercury would have gone much further Now see the position Mercury has reached this far while Earth has shifted just a little from its position So now we observe Mercury infront of Star B After sometime, it will appear infront of star C and subsequently infront of stars D, E & F See, from this point retrogression starts Till now, we saw movement along A-B-C-D-E-F first it came to A, then to B…..till F Now it is going anti-clockwise… We saw the anti-clockwise movement and make a judgement that it is moving anticlockwise Now after point F Mercury is still moving in its fixed orbit and comes down From Earth, we will observe its position infront of star E and not at G after F It is observed again at E This means that to an observer on Earth it appears that after point F it moved backwards and became retrograde It appears that it went back to point E, but it is still moving in the same direction It is just revolving….after that it comes to point C The fact worth noticing is that A planet will appear retrograde only when it is nearest to Earth It became retrograde after F, when it came nearer to Earth…. Understand one more concept of Jyotish (astrology) In astrology, the size of the planetary disc also influences its appearance Like the planetary size which is visible to us Like a few days ago we were talking about Super Moon You might have heard about it….. It was said that this full Moon was supposed to be the biggest Moon in the past 68 years It was the biggest in appearance In the same way, when we (astrologers) talk about results in astrology Mercury is nearest to Earth, so its disc appear to be bigger Suppose an Eagle is flying at a height of 1 or 2 kms Then it will appear to be just a point in sky, it will appear very small in size But if the same Eagle flies over our head That 4 feet creature will appear to be 2.5-3 feet big and we realize that it is very big So, when a planet is retrograde its disc appear to be larger from Earth because of this we should believe that the results or factors influencing the result will be amplified The results will more comparatively Likewise we were discussing about the exterior planets One more fact Nitinji that you told in the previous slide Mercury is nearly three times or four times fast compared to Earth In the time when Earth completes one revolution, Mercury has already completed 4 revolutions So each year, Mercury is also retrograde for nearly three months or three times So that is with respect to the position of Earth because it is nearest to Earth This is very beautiful concept and if we focus on relative positions then from astronomical point of view, we can know many more things Yes, you are absolutely right We understand the practical reason and concept of retrogression through astronomy And if you understand the concept, then you can better interpret the results One more thing I want to clear, that if you have observed the previous slides, then I have kept the movement of Earth almost fixed Earth will move, but because the movement of Earth if very slow and to make you understand the concept, I kept the position of the Earth constant There will always be some movement as Earth is also revolving, remember this So, Earth traverses 1/4th distance in its own orbit by the time Mercury makes one full revolution So likewise we know that Earth makes one revolution in a year Jupiter takes approx 12 years to move around the Zodiac So velocity of Earth is about 12 times that of Jupiter Jupiter is 12 times slower compared to Earth So applying the same concept on Jupiter, then if we observe Jupiter is at point A, ad when Earth is far from Jupiter then it goes to B, the C and so on… likewise observe Jupiter moving And when Earth moved closer to Jupiter so like Mercury, we observed retrogression of Jupiter So for this reason, retrogression in only possible when a planet is nearest to Earth Now lets see further TITLE: Results of Retrogrades ~ References in different classics Till now we explored Astronomy and understood why a planet goes retrograde and a planet that goes retrograde is nearest to Earth and its disc is larger This is one of the reason of retrogression Now lets see what does the classic scriptures of Astrology say about retrogression & its results First we will see Phaldipika It is written that in Phaldipika Vakram Gato Ruchirrashmisamuh Purno Nichari Bhansh Sahitoapi Bhavetastsa Khetah Veeryanvituastu Heenrashmirivoccha Mitra Swashetragoapi Vibalo Hitah Didhitishwacheta Means (Arthat) Even if a planet is in debilitated state, either in in main chart or in Navamsha But if it is retrograde, then it should be considered very powerful Here please focus on the words Here in Shloka they have use the word “Api” and it means Also It means that you are comparing that inspite of being in debilitated state itis giving good result There are different Awasthas according to Rashis like exaltation, own sign, trine, friendly etc So in that respect debilitated state is considered to be the lowest state So, here the author wants to convey that if debilitated state is also considered powerful Then it means that he is already considering the higher states to be powerful He is saying that you can observe good result even in debilitated state So, if a planet in debilitated state or debilitated in Navamsa, even then it should be considered very powerful if it is retrograde On the contrary If the planet is exalted or in own sign, whom we normally give great importance or it is Vargottama, but if it is Ast (combusted) then it should be considered very weak This is according to Phaldipika Now what is in Hora (BPHS) ….. According to BPHS there is a Shloka on the power of Jupiter If Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, then it is powerful Now it is understood that Sagittarius & Pisces are its own sign, Cancer is sign of exaltation & Scorpio is also friendly sign So it is quite logical to be powerful in these signs It is said to be powerful even at mid day, every planet rules a time of day. Each day is divided into three parts Night is also divided into 3 parts and and according to the time of birth, that planet is said to be powerful Example, Sun is powerful at noon Saturn from evening till dawn Here point to consider is the second line Rashatante Balheeno Vakro Balvaan Na Neechrashoo Syaat It is said that if Jupiter is retrograde, but not in Capricorn Retrograde Jupiter in any sign except Capricorn is considered to be fully powerful So here too, retrogression is taken into a positive sense Lets see further When you calculate Anshayu or Pindayu, it is a method to find the longevity of a native Even in longevity calculation, it is said that age span of retrograde planet is to be multiplied by three Means it will three times more age as compared to other planets So this is also considering it as powerful He is powerful, so he has potential to give correct…… Now after all this, take it from any reference or science it is established that a retrograde planet becomes very powerful So all authored have agreed on this common point till now Now we will come to the point in classic whether they opine against the common misconception in public The foremost thing told about a retrograde planet is It is generally said that a retrograde planet gives result of the previous zodiac Lets for the sake of argument consider that they give result of one sign backwards Those planets who have three aspects (special aspects) and the house in which they are placed So they effectively control 4 houses Lets talk about Jupiter, it affects 4 houses (where it is posited & 5th, 7th & 8th aspects DO PLANETS GIVE RESULTS OF THE PREVIOUS SIGN? Lets we assume it to be true and assign results of previous sign to retrograde planets Then the aspects of the planet will also change So previously there were 4 houses influenced by Jupiter and now 4 additional houses So out of 12 houses, 8 houses are getting influenced by Jupiter Then it is obvious that you can manipulate the result whatever you want So this is not true Now if there was any reference confirming this result in any classic then we can believe it to be true But there is an absence of any supporting reference in the classics So, Jupiter & Saturn in retrograde state will play havoc in the chart, covering more than 66% houses Whether positive result or negative Okay, let me tell you one more thing. Double house transit (Dwigraha Gochar) I think you all and our viewers must be knowing that It is said that if Saturn & Jupiter aspect a common house, then we don’t get its result Doubled Transit Principle Yes, this means that if Jupiter & Saturn aspects a house then we get the result in that year Now if both are retrograde, then they will play havoc in your chart Now, when I was researching for this, then I found a line in “Prashna Prakasha”, a book on Horary Vakratichare Bhaumadhya Purva Rashi Falah Pradah Jivah Shanischay Yatrasthao Tasya Rashaye Falah Pradauh This meas if Mars, Mercury & Venus are retrograde and Atichari, then they will give results of previous sign But Jupiter & Saturn will give results of the sign where they are posited Now two things here. It is from “Prashna Prakash” so it is a rule for Horary chart No we cannot apply it directly to natal chart And even they have denied Saturn of Jupiter of results of previous sign Some Nadi shashtris in South India say to see previous sign results But I have not found in any of the classical that I had And if any viewer have any reference then please share with us, it will be beneficial for us too Is an Exalted Retrograde Planet Equivalent to a Debilitated Planet? There is a popular misconception that a debilitated retrograde planet behave as an exalted planet And an exalted retrograde planet behave like a debilitated planet It is mentioned in “Uttara Kalamrit” in this reference and here we have to understand the concept I will share few points with you here Lets try to connect this fact with some events & incidents This is picture of abduction of Sita If we think of the reasons of abduction of Sita by Ravana Then one of the reason was Lakshman cut the nose of Shoornpankha the sister if Ravana Other reason to be believed was that she she praised so much of Sita’s beauty that Ravana was lured just by listening So, if you were abducted because you were too beautiful Now if we talk about killing of Ravana…….then tell me Anuradhaji why was Ravana killed? His ego, it is said that SIta was so beautiful that he enchanted just by listening to praises of her beauty Ravana was a highy knowledgeable person, he was the greatest devotee of lord Shiva, he was a great man in all virtue He was son of a great Sage Pulatsya He had just two problems which ruined him & Lanka One was his ego.He had ego of 10 men and his weakness for women Yes, Ravana’s ego was the reason for his doom. Larger than life ego So, something in excess is negative. The above two are the examples of it There is one one example of King Bali According to Chanakyaniti King Bali’s surrender, you all might be knowing the story of Vamanaavtaar There Shukracharya tried to convince him but his being extra generous lead to his death Even you can take example of Karna and his generosity King Harishchandra is another example, who gave away his everything because he gave a promise in a dream Mute point is that anything is excess is harmful and leads to destruction. So if we apply this concept with retrograde planets An exalted planet is already at its peak point Now it is extra strong due to retrogression So now it has excess of any particular quality To control anything in excess needs extra blessing of almighty else he will not be able to control himself Yesterday there was a comparison between Lord Ram & Pandavas Their similarities and differences were being discussed Ram was not responsible for his forest exile But Pandavas were responsible for themselves So it is indicated that Pandavas were mere Humans and were supported by Lord Krishna To err is human, while Ram was an avatar and an ideal man, so it can’t be thought about him The main message is for human with mortal body, anything good of bad in excess is not good You have to be that great to contain that amount of greatness, like you can;t contain 2 liters of milk in 1.5 liters of vessel Yes, certainly. So I want to say that exalted planet if becomes retrograde then it becomes too great to contain itself Now we should understand that if a debilitated planet becomes retrograde then it becomes powerful If you don’t agree that as an exalted planets, but still if a debilitated planet is retrograde Then it has raised itself a level above its minimum point or debilitation And here it is important to mention that in the scriptures they have mentioned about supreme exaltation points or levels Like 10 degrees for Sun or different degrees for all the planets For retrograde planets we have to see whether it is getting retrogression before the point of exaltation or getting retrogression after the point of exaltation What is the difference between the two Suppose you are climbing Mt Everest and just before getting to the peak you are returning back Second is after getting to the greatest height you are getting retrograde and going down and then again climbing up to the highest peak, then it should be considered as a good sign Are you getting me? So you should see whether he is getting towards his maxima or minima or moving away from his minima So this is the concept and analytical thinking that we should apply during exalted retrograde and debilitated retrograde Nitin, please correct me if I am wrong, but I need a clarification from your example That it became retrograde before attaining the epic point This means that it ascended down before reaching the highest point Does this means that if someone has this thing in their chart then he just before attaining his goal, loses all the strength & will power and accepts surrender or defeat but a retrograde has to attain his speed back at some point so someone will help him & motivate him to get it back because at the end of the day, we have to put it to practical use………certainly No you are right Anuradhaji and you explained it well. At the need he has to come back at that point Here we think that when that person was born, his situation in life was indicated by his planets We will come to know the circumstances that he will face in life So if he is unable to cross that point or fails at it, then due to some motivational support he can overcome all the hurdles So once out of fear he retreats, but then again he strengthens his determination or gets someone’s support or either some planet helps him and gives him the final push to cross over. He thinks to not to return back before succeeding This is possible, we can see that in the chart Correct…correct Now I show two example charts, and if we can understand of what we were just talking about Birth date 14th Dec 1978, birth time 13:17, New Delhi Here observe two things and understand this First is that scriptures agree that a cruel planet becomes more cruel and a gentle planet becomes more gentle Malefic planets if gets retrograde, then they become more malefic and thier intensity & power increases many folds Till now we were saying a retrograde planet increases in strength or its power to give results Like Anuradhaji said their strength to give results icreased If a planet is giving negative results, then its intensity to give negative results We should differentiate between its strength and its positiveness or negativeness then only we will be able to understand its results If a benefic is retrograde then it is very benefic and if a malefic is retrograde then it can give high intensity negative results Here one more point to add is that any planet decides its results based on two parametrs First we have to decide what are the natural tendencies of the planet Like we say that Jupiter & Venus are good and benefic planets And the second is its lordship. Which signs belong to him or which houses does it owns in the horoscope Like a Trinal lord is always counted as Benefic So here we note that if any trinal lord goes retro, then it does gives full results If ascendent lord, 5L or 9L goes retro then it is a positive sign It increases their strength to give results regarding the results of that particular house And what about the position where they are placed? Instability is one of the point of retrogression which sureshot and is independent Either negative or positive, but there will be kind of instability & uncertainty in that phase of life is the striking feature of retrogression The house where the retrograde planet is situated, there will be uncertainty in life The good/bad results that the planet is giving is for that particular house. If we consider case in this chart ascendant lord Jupiter is retro Is it giving good result for ascendant house but it is posited as retro in 5H so there will it be uncertainty & indecisiveness state of mind Else will it give good results owned by it? 1H & 10H Certainly, certainly…. This is also the actual scenario that I will share with you If we observe carefully then we can see that ascendant lord is in 5H and it is almost at the same degree of the ascendant Here 14.54 and 15.50 in ascendant Jupiter is retrograde, and it is also the 10L If you observe this chart, then you will notice that 9L is Mars Here ascendant and ascendant lord, 10H & 10L is influencing all four houses (1H, 5H, 9H,10H) fortunately 9L Mars is aspecting ascendant and ascendant lord (Jupiter) This is a very positive sign You told something to support this Now I will tell you what actually happened in his life He started a BPO center around 2005–6 Unfortunately he failed in that So he was very disappointed with himself & life So at that time, his father boosted him up and did a moral boosting job Today he is running his business very successfully So you told about getting retrograde just before exaltation So here it is getting retrograde just before exaltation at 14.54 degrees Mars is 9L (house of father) so father motivated him to be back on track and show his true potential So now the native is running his business very successfully, he is healthy Unfortunately his 1st child died within few days after birth, the effect of 5H (retrograde Jupiter) His other child is also not doing very well heath wise Child is not healthy and may he live long but native is very stressed due to it The native questions whether his child will be normal It is very painful when a father ask such questions or words I am not asking if he will be successful or not, just tell me whether he will be like normal children or not Here Karakobhavnaashay also comes into effect Retro Jupiter came into here, so 5H got afflicted Certainly….ok……now lets see the next chart Please pay attention here..birthday 13th July 1990, time 9.30 In the previous case, the native was under Jupiter Mahadasha till now He made career, got married and all major events of life happened in that period Now coming to this horoscope, here Saturn is retrograde in 5H and in this chart, Saturn is 6L & 7L His ascendant lord is Sun (Leo) and for Sun, Saturn is considered inauspiscious Plus if we go on the lordship then we will repeat the same Saturn is influencing due to retrogression that you talked about stability Saturn is posited in 5H, whole lord is Jupiter & natural significator is Sun. So Saturn is related to all three Are you able to listen to me? Saturn here is not only afflicting the 5H, but also affecting 5L (Jupiter) & 5th significator (Sun) If you observe the degrees then Saturn is 28.25 & Jupiter is 28.16 Yes, they are exactly opposite Second thing though Tajika principle is not applicable here But I will still mention that Jupiter is going towards Saturn, while Saturn is going retrograde towards Jupiter It is an important factor to know its result in the future These were the natal degrees and now it will indicate if the situation will improve or deteriorate In Saturn dasha, this native had to separate from his family There were domestic tensions, though we can hold Saturn’s aspect on 2H responsible for it Second thing I said that Saturn is retrograde being 7L So if 7L is retrograde then we can say that spouse will be dominant We discussed that if some planet is retrograde, then it will give good results of the houses it owns But due to retrogression in 5H (although he is still young and got married early) But he is yet to have a child despite 4 years of marriage And he has gone through Saturn’s dasha And that period was very adverse, even from financial point of view because here not only 5H, 5L and 5 karak but also 11H & 2H are afflicted by Saturn So because of Saturn’s affliction on both the wealth houses he also faced financially very adverse times in Saturn’s dasha I will give my summary once again and wind up 1) When a planet is retrograde, it is nearest to Earth (astronomically) 2) In all the classics (Phaldipika, BPHS etc) most agreed that a retrograde planet is extra powerful 3) Then we also discussed why an exalted retrograde planet is not very good (because anything in excess is bad) So these were the few points that I was wishing to share with Saptarishis and you all Thank you Sir This was a very very beautiful, accurate, precise and concise presentation So I expect our viewers will also like it….what is you opinion Mr Vitthal? They will like it. So you explained from astronomical point of view about retrogression Now our concepts of retrogression are crystal clear And if you are referring it from astronomical point of view Astrology says that these planets will be powerful So faster moving planets which are moving faster relative to Earth Or those which are moving slower relative to Earth You explained clearly about that too You gave example of Jupiter of Mercury The common comparision point between them was that they are nearest to Earth when retrograde And when they will be nearest to Earth, then the interaction will make them more powerful because they are very near yes, their attraction will be more Nitin thank you very very much for this presentation we hope that you will make more such beautiful presentation for our viewers for both Hindi & English for international audience and will share your knowledge with us

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