Vedic Astrology KYC (Know Your Chart) Ep02: Debilitation of planets

By | September 19, 2019

do you have any planet debilitated in
your chart and you get scared of the debilitation in this video we are going
to dive deep into the concept of debilitation in our program know your
chart kyc so if you want to know more about the debilitation of the planet
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prasad yes I have a debilitated planet now my life is going to be miserable I’m
not going to get anything in life no it doesn’t work like that I am NOT here to
give you any false hope I will tell you what exactly is the debilitation of the
planet when a planet is in the certain Rashi and in certain degrees its it gets
debilitated or its in its fall sign I like the word fall more than
debilitation I like to use the word fall and rise more than debilitation and
exaltation because debilitation and exaltation makes you feel great or it
makes you feel miserable and it is not always the case it is just one part of
that lid T it is it is one part of that bigger picture and I always emphasize on
not concluding anything with just a single point no matter how profound it
seems don’t judge anything with just a single point what do I mean by that
we’re talking about the debilitation of the
planet first let us look at the crashes at which the planets get debilitated and
planets get exalted let’s start with sun sun is exalted into Aries and is
debilitated into the sign of Libra moon is exalted into the sign of Taurus and
is debilitated into the sign of Scorpio mercury is exalted into the sign of
mercury excuse me in the sign of Virgo and is debilitated into the sign of
Pisces Venus Venus gets debilitated into the sign of Virgo and is exalted into
the sign of Pisces mass mass is exalted into the sign of Caprica yes and is
debilitated into the sign of cancer ruled by Mars
excuse me ruled by moon then Rahu and Ketu does not have any exaltation or
debilitation point because they are more like ascendance they are not planets
they are more like mathematical points like ascendance okay their lords have
the significance just like ascendant Lord seventh Lord 10th Lord 12th Lord
the Lord of these Rahu and Ketu have immense significant and they dictate how
these Rahu and Ketu are going to behave we’ll talk about that in some other
video exaltation and debilitation I think we have covered all the points I
think we have covered all the planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Venus we forget
the Saturn Saturn is debilitated into the sign of Aries and is exalted into
the sign of Libra for moon and Mercury there is also the rules for degrees but
we are not going into that detail right now just remember the rushes of
debilitation and exaltation the rushes of fall and rushes of rise for
each planet okay now suppose you have a planet debilitated what exactly is
happening in your chunk let’s take an example suppose you have Saturn in the
first house you have Aries ascendant and you have Saturn in Aries debilitated so
how you are going to look at this there’s one more concept called as
hostas hostas are legit idea vistas balladeer west’s jagrata do vistas deck
patio stars there are certain our stars and the word adi is like and legit
awastha and other stars jagrata pasta and other our stock dipped our star and
other stars so these other stars have their own significance okay but when a
planet is in the sign of its fall or the sign of its debilitation the planet is
in the other star of sleep and what we do in sleep we cannot do anything when
we are sleep we were talking about an example where Saturn is debilitated into
the first house now if a person is asking I have certain debilitated will
this work will my life be miserable what’s gonna happen with me prasad
please tell me now let us look at the debilitation of the planet with an
example so right now Saturn is into the first house and debilitated the most
important thing it is going to have impact on are the houses debilitated
planets have a very prominent impact on the houses so you’re talking about the
Saturn debilitated into the first house now look at the rushes of Saturn look
for the rashes of Saturn in Aries ascendant why Aries ascendant because we
are talking about the Saturn’s debilitation as an example so look for
the Saturn’s rushy into the chart
of Aries ascendant so it will be the tenth house and the eleventh house okay
so your tenth house and eleventh house the Lord of the ten thousand eleventh
house is sleeping so it is not able to produce he is not able to take care of
himself and the things he signifies so he signifies career he signifies work he
signifies gains so this is one part of the story okay if you just judge the
planet till here that I have debilitated planet and the Lord of the tenth and
eleventh and it’s debilitated so I’m going to get the bad results for this
houses but when other planets coming to the picture the things get altered
suppose we have Venus in the seventh house of the same child
we have Saturn in the first house and now it is aspected by Venus from the
seventh house now things won’t be the same
now this Venus will help this Saturn in aunt and 11th house now things won’t be
same now Venus is aspecting the Saturn what what is going to happen with this
this pause the video and comment down below okay this Venus is a friend of
Saturn and now this friend is aspecting the Saturn Venus is in its own house and
now it is expecting this Saturn his friend now this aspect from Venus is
going to help the Saturn to perform a little bit better now mercury is also
into the seventh house and is aspecting the now this will again boost the Saturn a
bit okay and let’s assume that the Lord of the Saturn is into the tenth house
the Lord of the Rashi in which Saturn is placed in is exalted into the tenth of
the career now things won’t be same that’s why I always tell you guys
don’t jump to the conclusion with just one point what if I tell you that you
have Saturn debilitated into the first house your life is going to be miserable
no I can’t tell that because I have to look for the other planets okay and here
is the other thing what if this Saturn in Aries is into the seventh house where
it gets the directional strength the sternum Allah the TIG Bala now this
second won’t be that weak though it is asleep though it is in a so Shakti or in
the state of sleep it won’t be the same and there can be hundreds of such
combinations which we have to examine and that’s how you have to approach the
debilitation of the planets okay suppose you have Sun debilitated into the fourth
house is not same as you have debilitated Sun into the first house or
10th house because it is getting the strength okay so the debilitated planets
affect the houses and other planets can help this planet work better or can make
the situation even worse that depends upon your chart and the placement of
other planets now let us look at some of the scenarios
with the debilitated planets okay let’s talk about the retrogression of the
planet what if you have a planet debilitated and is retrograde the first
thing to look for is a planet which is into the Lord dignity or in its fall
sign and is retrograde is an astronomical phenomena so it has to be
judged only into your Rashi chart and not any other chart so planet which is
debilitated in d1 is going to impact the houses it rules in d1 then then what is
the combination with the retrograde planet we have discussed the reservation
of planet in a different playlist and different videos but we will discuss
this quickly okay when you have a double a little planet retrograde retrogression
is an apparent backward movement of the planet in shambhala there is one
strength called as chase table and retrogression is the chase table and
debilitation is the with chavala debilitation is an Kucha Bala which is
negative so it is on a lower side so when we combine all the strength you get
the relative ranks of the planet in the shed Bala okay but mucha Bala is about
the dignity of the planet and Chester Bala is about the movement of the planet
so retrogression does not decide good or bad it just decides how much it decides
the intensity the Ishta fella Krishna fella a sugar or sugar fella of
the planet decides the capacity of the planet to produce good things or bad
things okay so planet can be bad but it won’t
have any power he won’t be able to do bad things a good planet not having
strength won’t be able to do good things the retrogression is a kind of chase
dibala so considered with regards to the Chad Bala strength more than anything
good or bad don’t attach any good or bad with retrogression okay let us move on
to another scenario what if the planet which is debilitated into the d1 chart
is exalted in to some other verga in this scenario what is going to happen is
in d1 chart it is going to impact as for the debilitation if it is getting
cancelled there is a different story all together but we are considering that
that can the debilitation has not been cancelled and it has all the malefic
impacts and now we are confirmed that this planet is not going to work good
for this chart at that moment even if that planet is exalted in to some other
of argyll let’s say it is exalted into d9 or d-10 or some other burger that is
not going to help you in d1 what is d1 d1 is your life path so when you have a
planet debilitated in the d1 you are going to face that difficulties
signified that by signified by that planet into your chart with the hardship
of the houses and aspects and all that things their inherent nature you will
have difficulties in your life path with respect to that but when you have that
plan and exalted into some other worker let’s say it’s exalted into d-10 suppose
you have a planet debilitated in d1 and is exalted into d9 or d-10 so you will
face this difficulty with respect to that planet but
you will find it worth suffering because you are looking for something higher and
you believe that yes it’s worth to go through these difficulties difficulties
will be there okay but if it is getting cancelled it is going to get good
results next thing what if a debilitated planet is conjunct with an exalted
planet what happens with an exalted planet is with the debilitated planet it
can give good results why I see can you good results because again you have to
look for the friendship of the planets in our example we had Saturn in the
first house in Aries ascendant and let’s put an exalted planet with Aries Saturn
let’s put Sun there but Sun is the enemy of cetera so even though you have that
exalted planet with the debilitated planet this exalted planet is an enemy
of the debilitated planet like you are with your enemy and you’re sleeping and
he is powerful guess what what’s going to happen so yes these are
the few scenarios which I always get into the comment section I have
debilitated planet retrograde I have this planet debilitated and it’s
conjunct with the exalted planet let’s take an example where this will work
let’s say you have mass debilitated into the sign of cancer but if you have
Jupiter along with Mars Jupiter and Mars our friend
moreover cancer the Lord moon is also friend with Jupiter so it is going to
boost that mass and going to help that Mars more than anything else because the
planet in debilitation is sleeping now there comes a benefit planet who is also
the friend of that sleeping planet who also the friend of the Lord of that
planet Lord of the Rashi where that planet is debilitated the Jupiter is the
friend of Mars and Jupiter is also the friend of the Lord of the cancer moon so
in this combination it will help Mars but in the Aries Sun
moon excuse me in any Saturn Sun there will be friction okay that won’t be as
smooth as this combination so yes this was debilitation of planet as much as I
could hold grasp and share with you guys if you are just starting into Vedic
Astrology go check out my playlist of how to get started into Vedic Astrology
and I have also a separate playlist on the retro version of the planet that
will help you getting started into Vedic Astrology
sending you tons of positive energies sending your high vibes see you in the
next videos love and peace

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