Virgo and Virgo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

By | December 3, 2019

Two Virgos together in a love relationship
— oh my gosh! This is kind of a funny one. You know, this pairing always makes me think
of The Odd Couple — Oscar and Felix. Okay, just go with me on this: So you’ve probably
heard of Virgo as a very practical, neat, orderly sign, very into details and organization
and cleanliness. And that definitely fits plenty of Virgos
to a T. They can be neat freaks, they can live very precise, orderly lives, and they
hate having anything out of place or outside their set routine. But like every sign, Virgo has a shadow side,
and that’s the Virgo who is very sloppy, dirty, even sexually promiscuous — because, you
know, Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, and is supposedly somewhat prudish. But I’ve definitely known some very wild,
out-there Virgos who do what they like and aren’t held back by societal conventions or
other people’s opinions! So, back to the TV show — The Odd Couple,
Oscar and Felix. Felix is the typical Virgo, the neat freak,
and in the original Neil Simon play, he was a newswriter, which is right up Virgo’s alley,
since it’s ruled by Mercury and is a very detail-oriented and intellectual sign. In the TV show, though, Felix was a photographer. But anyway, Oscar is the shadow-side Virgo
— he’s slobby, he’s a gambler, he can’t keep the house together. And he’s a writer too — a sports writer. So Felix is always criticizing Oscar, trying
to get him to shape up and lead a better life — just like a Virgo. This sign can be really critical and nitpicky,
but all in the name of trying to help other people — and of course Oscar is happy just
the way he is. He’s enjoying life just fine, even if all
the food in the fridge is spoiled! Yeah, two Virgos in love would probably be
a long-term relationship, and they could work really well together, as long as they have
the same sensibilities. But a true Virgo and a shadow-side Virgo,
like the Odd Couple — they would definitely clash a lot! This is a very grounded and practical sign
though, generally speaking, so they could really get along well and make a home together
and make it work. Of course they’d be constantly criticizing
themselves and each other and everyone else, but that’s okay — that’s just how Virgos

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