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By | December 2, 2019

Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles
I’m Christon and today we are going to be hosting the Virgo horoscope timeframe
and joining us today is Karen Chabot the astrologist and birthday boy Nick
Liuzza. Welcome. Thank you Christon, glad to be here. Tell us a little bit about your
business. You should know right, because Linear Title was a company you
worked for back in the day and she was a great employee! This is my boss, my old boss, by the way. Great guy, Great guy. Company was sold and so now formed a. new company. Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone… It’s called Bee Line.. coming soon Okay, Don’t tell anyone… Come soon to Newport Rhode Island. Can you say anything about the company? It’s in the financial services mortgage space. That’s different for you. Yeah it’ll be different, it’ll be fun. It’ll be a lot like Linear Title and it’s
gonna be a fun ride, maybe you’ll join again! Maybe! Okay good ! How is it gonna be different than maybe than some other ventures? In the past I’ve always been more of you know b2b and this is more b2c,
so it’s more you know, it’s gonna be more on that side of the world. You’re also very techy, so everything is very… Techy, does that mean geeky? Did you call me a geeky? I am calling him a geek I like to think I am a cool geek, I am a cool geek. He is a cool geek. Alright, thank you. Most of your businesses have been very
streamlined and very tech forward, so I assume this one might be as well. Yeah, in the past we took sort of like manual processes and automated them in
the financial services space and this business will be very similar to that,
except it’s more consumer focused. We look forward to this. Again, Please everybody, don’t tell anyone. Are you ready to hear about the Virgo
astrology ? I can’t wait. What is the time frame? It is the 23rd to the 22nd Of this month, so it was yesterday, or was it or two days ago ? Well let’s just stick with the dates, because I don’t know when they’ll be watching. oh, that’s right. For 2019, August 23rd to September 22nd Okay perfect perfect perfect. I’m Karen Chabot and I have a
website if you want to check it out. and I’m an
astrologer, I’m an ayurvedic health practitioner and licensed massage
therapist and I just bought an “Angel of Water” I need a massage right now. I have an “Angel of Water” colonic system I just bought too, so I’m really excited about that. Okay, wait. what. I am doing a lot of stuff here, because I just have a lot of passions. So the angel of water is a colon hydrotherapy FDA medical device where it flushes out the colon,
non-invasive, very easy and it’s aligned with ayurvedic medicine. So yes when there’s a potato in the tailpipe the car won’t go! I have got to leave this…. Is that your slogan? That’s my tag line! Omygosh, this is hilarious, I think we both turned beet red. Potato in the pipe. P squared. Who would have thunk, right? There is nobody in Newport doing it, but me So now you know where to go! What are some characteristics of a Virgo? Back to Virgos Back to you! I don’t have a potato in the pipeline Actually Virgos are all about getting rid of the potato and the tailpipe, because there is a purification. They’re very purity oriented so they like everything to be pristine clean and tidy and maybe…. and
this isn’t just for Virgo and I’m doing tropical zodiac by the way, for any
astrologers watching, even though I do sidereal as well, this is tropical. Thanks for clarifying. He’s a Virgo Sun and so if you have a
lot of Virgo in your chart wherever it may be your moon or your ascendant this
applies to you as well, and basically I give a lot of information that applies
to the general public, but for Virgo, Virgo’s tend to really like to critique things,
so they’re pure minded, pure hearted… I think your doing a really good by the way, you doing a great job, this is really going well, yes. Okay, well they make great food critics and great movie critics because they have an analytical mind because mercury governs your chart
so mercury is the planet of the intellect. So instead of criticizing your spouse and other people. You should be
criticizing food and movies so you can help the masses, right ? So you use your
gift in a positive way. Gotcha, You kind of left out the part about Virgo’s always been right. They like to think that so you can go ahead and think that. If that helps , I say go for it. and clever . Yes clever and funny. They’re also great lawyers and judges because of their judgmental, fair, analytical mind. They can see the whole picture, very clearly and the details jump out, where some other
people might not see exactly what you see. Those are good little ….. If you’re a
lost Virgo and don’t know what you want to do for your life, these are some
things you can do. Some direction. Food critic, you said, judge, lawyer… or running a ginormous business like yourself. ooohh, that’s be cool. Shhhh,… shhhh….. On the other hand, they not only
are great judges, lawyers and mediators, but they’re also great
holistic health practitioners, believe it or not. You mean about the pipe in the pot or what was it? Potato in the tailpipe, they might like a profession like that. Yes actually, a lot of them probably are in profession like. We’re gonna keep going back around to this, I think. Anyway, so, if you want to do something
besides law and food criticizing, or movie critic stuff, you could go into the
fields of alternative healing easy, because that is a forte of Virgo. I think I’m changing my business model right now. Your gonna have massage on site. yeah, good ideas… yeah, yep I want
to do more piping. Let’s talk about the symbol of Virgo. It’s symbol is the Virgin and basically it’s not about anything sexual.
It’s about purity, which is what virgins represent. oh okay, cuz you know where our
mind went. Of course, right?! and also its element is earth, it’s quality is
fixed, and its color is green and it’s stone is emerald. Do you find yourself surrounding yourself with these colors? Yes, I like blue and emerald, for sure. If you wear green it will give you strength. mmm that’s good to know. I can just see him now with a big o velvet king hat with the fuzzy and cape. Sorry… Its okay, I’m visualizing that. So, right now what’s going on for love in Virgo for the next 30 days or so, actually a little bit longer than that… but if we focus on this month, we
have Neptune in the 7th house which governs relationships. So with Neptune
transiting your seventh house, it can cause delusion and smoke and
mirrors, and a little , sometimes, big deception involved. Now if we take the
bright side of Neptune, it’s very dreamy and romantic. So this is our month? Well I’m just looking at this month, what
I did was a prashna what they call “of the moment”. I did a Virgo chart, and I read that moment, it was the 23rd yesterday. and then from there, I pull this information, and Neptune was in the seventh house yesterday. That’s cool yes, in the prashna. prashna , just means, question of the moment. I’d like to say, that if you’re experiencing something dreamy and romantic that’s great. If you’re experiencing something where you think someone’s being deceptive and you’re not sure, your hunches could be true, It could be right. It’s something to think about. So go with your gut. Trust your instincts. Go with your gut, hopefully it’s playing out in the more dreamy and romantic side,
and not the deception side. Gotcha. Now, also, we have the Sun sitting in the same house as the passion planets, so now we’re
talking about love and the passion planets, govern love, Mars and Venus. When Mars and Venus and the Sun all sit in the same house, What happens to Mars and Venus, if they become combust? They can’t support, our life, basically, they burn up so, what happens when Venus and Mars
go combust? In relationships it can either cause a relationship to be really fiery, feisty, and passionate, and fun, and lively or Or? or….. it can end the deal. oh wow. Implode. The Sun is a purifying planet. So there is no in between? It’s like really good or really bad! That is the thing here that I am trying to get across, it is not going to be this harmonious…. So there’s a fine line between it being great and it really sucking completely, huh? Yes, It is very extreme right now and how it’s going to play out is depending on your freewill, and as well as your own personal chart.
Right now in the cosmos the passion planets are on fire. So how you work with that fire is up to you. I have some ideas… Can I ask you a question, how long was it fire going to go? a week, 2 days? It’s starts to alleviate around the 14th but then they kind of dance back and forth into the next house, so actually Venus and Mars go combust back and forth all the way until November. ok good to know, good to know… Good to know! So this is actually, not a punishment it’s actually, if you look at it, in divine order , it’s a time and an opportunity to purify a toxic
relationship that no longer serves you. The Sun comes in, burns it out, shines
the light on it, so that you have to look at it. It’s going to be so in-your-face
that you have to make a decision so you no longer stay stuck in toxic
relationships, or it’s there to give you a new relationship and ignite the
passion. So which way it goes is going to be personal. This is so much more fun reading that
little clip in the newspaper. About your sign. So much better! I am getting this! Sorry newspapers…. Here are some ways to get the passion planets to support you and play out your passions, so here we go Be extra kind to all females, open doors
for them, smile at them, forgive them and take your best girlfriend out to dinner just because. Why I’m doing this is not just random good juju things. It’s because Venus governs women, not only love, but it governs women. So you’re not just making it up, there’s a method. No I am not just making it up yeah this is truly these are ancient Shastras and the ancient texts of remedial measures they
call “Upayas” and I’m pulling it right from the texts. Say that three times fast… Donate to art museums and
artistic venues because Venus not only governs women, love, but it also governs
beauty in the arts, so indulge in the arts and donate to them. Do charitable
things, if you want to donate your time or donate your money or immerse yourself
in the arts. Cause that’s gonna make you feel better? or is it gonna make…. why? It makes Venus smile down upon you when you do Venusian and activities. It actually
opens a portal and Venus can just shine its juju down. It gives you more light. You’re a big supporter of local charities. The Newport Art Museum. My wife is on the board. Oh that’s a great thing! Yeah they are always looking for volunteers at the Newport Art Museum, to do those still poses. Oh yes we did that. If you want to do that, that would be a great thing to help your love life, believe it or not, indirectly. What else? immerse yourself in creative projects in the serenity of nature, so go somewhere beautiful. Not just any old park, but go to a bee-utiful park, a very Venusian Park, we’ll call it. Can I get my Webster dictionary out, wait, what did you say? Venu… Venusian is your new word of the day. It means that it is descriptive of Venus. Something that Venus would be smiling
down upon, like a beautiful place. We have a lot of mansion parks. Yeah go to a beautiful place. It’s beautiful here, it’s gorgeous. And beautiful flesh flowers, flesh flowers…. say that five times fast…. Fresh flowers! by your computer ! OH… I was like… what are flesh flowers…. And avoid sour tasting foods like lemon, limes, pickles and vinegar’s. Why? because the sour quality governs Venus and it can throw you off, if you’re a pickle lover. Well everyone of my vodka / soda’s has lemon and lime! so I got to switch it to something else. Or don’t drink! Fat chance! Keep it in check, in other words, you can
have a pickle every now and then. Just during this time. Question, Is this advice just for Virgos or for anyone? Anyone right now, but especially Virgo, because I did a Virgo pressna. Okay so stretch on a foam roller and open your arms over your head. so you know those big foam rollers at the gym and you stretch on them? You can open
your heart up, because you want to open the heart, because the Venus also will
shine down on the heart, and you know more love , more better, so opening the heart. Mo better…. We’re about to sing a reggae song right now. and keep cool because Sun is burning up those two planets and we want to stay cool with
certain foods not just our mind and surrounding ourselves in
air-conditioning but also eating cooling foods like cucumbers, cilantro and
avocado salad. Wouldn’t that be a yummy right now with a little olive oil and salt? Yes, with all of them together. Well no lime and lemon.. Well maybe just a little. Ok, now what’s going on with money? Let’s go into the money. Most important piece. Yes, so Jupiter and Venus are the planets that govern money. Remember I told you that Venus and Mars govern love while Jupiter is the bank and Venus gives you the opulence that money provides. Those two planets we’re looking at right
now, for what is happening with money. Since Venus is so close to the Sun
literally sitting in the same house, Venus isn’t gonna help us right now. ok so that’s ok we got Jupiter and Jupiter is going to support us, and it has
station direct on August 12, so everything is starting to go, systems go,
which is good, green light. It was a little bit held back for about 3 or 4
months prior to that. Yes so what’s gonna happen here with
Venus stationing direct and for Virgos? It’s a great time actually for transformations and financial institutions and the state of affairs
regarding the stock market and investments in all the US dollar. Hold it, hold it , hold it… that’s really interesting because my new company is going through a financial transaction right now. There ya go! This is the perfect month for that, right? This is Perfect. How’d that happen? It’s just coincidence, I guess, right ? It is meant to be. That is really interesting. You sort of wrote for it. Cheers! That sort of blew my mind a little bit. Did you know that?! No, I don’t even know you ! We just met ! I know you now! You better drink that, if you cheers, you gotta drink, good luck. So let me continue before I lose my train of thought. okay so the changes might be a pinch at
first but what may unfold is gonna be for the world’s highest and best so not
just personally but globally what’s happening here is there’s gonna be a
change in the financial picture because Are you saying that China deals gonna
get worked out? It could actually, it could… We can’t foresee the future, but we could use some astrological facts. We do have Rahu in the eleventh house of charitable gaines. Which is Rahu is the
foreigner so foreign money is good right for Virgo. That is very interesting. Yes so something good would come from that. Moving on, oh I forgot to say twelve away
from where Jupiter sitting are the malefic planets of Saturn k2 and Pluto
which means that the US dollar and a financial Institute’s like banks all
over the world can go through a radical change right now
this is interesting watch. That is interesting. because twelve away usually means
endings so what endings on what whatever is twelve away it’s the bank
Jupiter hmm okay so what can we do for Jupiter to smile down upon us and give
us more money. Here we go, Donate to the Boston Children’s Hospital,
why? because Jupiter governs children. Offer or help teach children. Help out at a soup kitchen, because Jupiter also governs selfless service. yeah this is good stuff here, this advice you’re giving right now, is good. Yes yeah it’s all good stuff, I mean you
don’t have to go do any mantras and hooga booga stuff, you just go do. Hooga Booga. Hooga Booga Hooga Booga, The official term, actually, by the way. It’s an official zodiac term. Clean out your closets and
donate to Goodwill because you’re donating, any donating and charitable
stuff doing it right now, is a good time for more money to come into your life,
because what you give comes back to you. That goes through September 14th, by the way or through the whole month of September ? Through the whole month of September and even a little further, because I think Jupiter is actually changing around November. So all the way through to November. I’m guessing now, now I’m forgetting, but I think its November. Be of service to one of your high school teachers your favorite college professor, just maybe
write them a note, even just say thank you, I really want you to know I enjoyed
that year with you, just something nice, because Jupiter also governs the Guru or
the great teacher. Jupiter’s busy man. money… he is got a lot going on… Children, gurus, banks… We thought we were busy! it is governing a lot of stuff. okay and handicapped people sometimes you’re just in a rush, and you
don’t want to help that handicapped person across the street, this is your
time to do it. Just pick them up pick up and carry them across the street. Open doors for them Piggy back. What’s going on with career in the Virgo
chart so mercury is the ruler of your chart it’s igniting your tenth house of
career and it also is igniting the 12th house of International Affairs which
also is a house of liberated endings so yes you could get that money that money
from international China the China money could come in still because it’s
international but it’s also a house of endings. It’s bizarre because I got to tell you so I’m involved in a financial transaction right now that’s Canadian. Oh interesting. Yeah that’s weird. Yeah it’s a totally separate from the Bee Line thing. That’s weird. Your not usually involved in international deals? I never get involved in international stuff. And one’s going on right now too. yeah this is your time right now. This is good stuff right here. Did you prepare for this? It took me 2 hours! I love it though ! I am a hidden geek. I am a little secret geek. I am surrounded. Virgos could focus on foreign relations,
dreaminess, creative productions, but also give their resignations since we have
something igniting the twelfth house there could be, in jobs, a resignation
that is for the highest and best for your liberation, so it’s not a doom and gloom resignation, kind of thing, but it’s a time for endings,
purifications. All good stuff and new beginnings.
so a good time to begin a new so if you’re thinking of leaving your job this
could be the time, if you’re thinking of a new job, and what do I do, and when do I
do it? Well the new moon is a great time to really just start on it. Looking in
the newspapers, listening for signs and that new moon is happening on
August 30th, so if you want something new in your career, even expansion in your
career, which could happen now, as well, because Jupiter’s expecting into that
house, then here are some things you can do for the moon, because the moon, I
saw was sitting in the tenth house when I pull the prashna. Let’s do some
things for the moon, what’s the moon, moon governs mother, call your mom and tell
her you love her, bake her some cookies, tell your grandmother you love her, any mother like authority figures, if you have a female boss, bring
them their favorite cappuccino or latte, just just as much goodness as
you can toward females in authority figures, or nourishing type of females, if
you have a friend that sort of like a mother to you, she was always there for you, that you could be nice to her as well. Practice self-care and be your own
mother, so a great thing to do is schedule a massage, go for your walk, do
your yoga , do whatever it is that makes you feel nurtured and supported and
loved. What do you do to nurture yourself? I walk. I like walking. Clears your brain. I can moon walk really well too. That I should have included , a moon walk, do your moon walking. That’s a great idea. When you moon walk 4 miles, it gets a little tiring. You have amazing calves though, I bet. That is so funny, okay, so moon also governs the ocean, so what do you want to
do for the ocean? why not donate to charities that are involved with
cleaning up the ocean and the beaches. Go for a daily swim just to
immerse yourself in the ocean and be so grateful to be surrounded by the ocean. OOO cold. They have wetsuits. I’m from Louisiana man, we don’t get in the water here. I’m from Texas, I get it. There’s one day at one day, September 30th Are you kidding me, I live here! I have to get in every day. We would need a wetsuite. A wet suit? oh you guys are too funny . Alright so there’s two more things you can do for the moon and to propitiate new ideas for your career. Nourish your family with a sumptuous meal at least one this month find it like whatever that recipe is
their favorite meal and make it sumptuous. And then be more loving and
forgiving in general. Just embody that. And that’s it! That is great stuff! That is really good. If you guys would like to see more videos with Newport Living and Lifestyles visit the
website We look forward to seeing you
on Newport Living and Lifestyles

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