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Hi gorgeous people welcome back you with Amira from This is your june monthly video for each individual Astro sign I do suggest that you look at your sun sign moon and Rising sign and some people also like to look at their Venus sign. I just had a couple of small announcements for you That you can skip if you don’t want to hear them So it’s just for those people who’d like to hear the announcements. I have opened up an inner circle group And that’s for people who want to accentuate train? Learn how to do different things in the esoteric arts From mediumship to card reading to a Miroslav oracle card reading to coffee cup readings to connecting with you angel z’ and guides to Understanding and being their own their own advisor. There are an esoteric advisor So what I’d like to do is to help you become your own Psychic your own life coach your own esoteric advisor where you’re not going to need to have consultations with people once you know and feel and can access the information that you need Through your guides through your dreams and through everything else So there will be a link here below to join my inner circle coaching group, and I do hope you’ll join me I am a number 11:11. So my messages come through thick and fast and They are channeled from spirit so I just think you once again for joining me and for being here, I really appreciate it and Without you the channel wouldn’t exist. So I do appreciate you being here subscribing to the channel and also supporting my talented other psychics here on the channel or astrologers Celeea is an amazing psychic. She’s has a voracious Personality she reads the Cuban coffee cup. She does you a special Cuban coffee cup reading where she does the cup for you records it and sends you a very detailed reading about it I’ve had nothing, but great things said about Celia same with Anastasia Anastasia is amazing. Even when I don’t get bookings Anastacia always gets bookings and she has repeat clients from all over the world and She uses her angel cards and different cards that she’s drawn to she is a naturally gifted and very talented psychic medium and She’s also an astrologer as well So book a reading with any of us join my inner inner circle and learn more about your own Individual gifts and talents and expand on those and together. We’ll move into the next year, hopefully So lots of love and blessings everybody here are the science and I wish you a beautiful June moving forward and if you’re going on vacation Happy holidays. Ciao Ivo, go virgo sun moon rising and venus. This is your reading form a move. Sorry for June moving forward this is time flexible so it can actually You know move out into different times as we’re doing this earlier than later It’s a time flexible reading and if you don’t relate to this reading you might want to check your moon or Rising Sun Sometimes the messages in other readings will pertain to you more than your Sun Sign Okay, BOGO. I’m also reading all the cards up right I’m picking up s sounding initial for you like a Simon Sam on Simone sunny Sariah Surge Oh surge Sophie Sophia, Samantha Sam Samuel its First or second name coming in around you could be something connected to you or somebody Around you coming in Okay, there we go, let’s have a look Virgo Virgo Okay Virgo Reaping what you’ve been sowing extra money coming in looking at ways of getting more money This K flipped over I think in the shuffle. I didn’t look at it properly so feeling like There there is some competition around you and you like healthy competition I’m also getting a vision for you Virgo of you winning something. So whether you’re betting on the races betting on some sort of Poker Some sort of game. I feel like you’re going to win something Okay, so that could also be a competitive spirit around your competition. You’re going to get money beautiful This is one of the best cards in the deck nine of Pentacles Sitting in her finally shares everything that she wants and needs with a peacock there as well. So that’s looking beautiful You’re going to have a revelation and Awakening and awareness you feel like you’re on a lucky streak Virgo. That’s what I’m picking up really strongly lucky streak Getting the money that you deserve that’s coming in could be up to three months time Okay, king of Pentacles could be a man as well king of Pentacles or that could just symbolize you or money coming in around you king of Pentacles Virgo Taurus or Capricorn mail Offering you his cup So if you’re a female or same-sex relationship male then he’s offering you his cup if that’s you Virgo male Then you’re offering somebody your cup. You’re actually extending your your Love towards somebody and it’s going to give you a lot of happiness and success Okay, somebody’s making you an offer or you’re making somebody else an offer Okay, there is another offer coming in around you Virgo that you’re not going to like. It’s going to have a three-way Situation there’s going to be a crowded relationship. Looks like there’s a third party around this person there’s some sort of deception you’re going to see through that quickly and Move on they’re going to seem like they’re all above board. They could also be under the sign of Leo they’re gonna seem like they’re all above board, but they’re not They’re actually Deceiving themselves and deceiving you so I did also pick up a snake around you so that could be the snake as well somebody who’s not Being completely honest could be a male or a female Yeah, somebody’s snakish Slippery snake. All right arrows of love coming to you from afar from over the seas interstate or from another town or city and a journey embarking on a journey That looks really nice embarking on a new thing. You could also have a fire sign male or female coming in around you Aries Leo, Sagittarius Who is wanting to start something with you? Okay, so you might be reaching out to them or them to you you They’re wanting to start something with you Whether it’s friendship or relationship, there’s a new start of something coming together There’s a feeling of understanding each other Okay Empress Whatever competition you’ve got is going to give you bounty. Okay. So the Empress is definitely definitely they’re Giving you bounty through this competition You’re going to take the bull by the horns and really get success out of this you really following your intuition Virgo Which I’m very happy that you are because it’s going to help you reap the rewards of this competition that you’re in competition at work competition that you’re Playing you could be playing for something Winning something betting on something. There’s a competition around you. It could even be a sports competition as well You’re going to get through it and you’re going to do really well okay, I’m really happy that my first meeting for the inner circle is starting on Tuesday the second Tuesday and the Fourth Tuesday of every month. Okay. So if you’d like to join my inner circle, you’re most welcome let’s have a look at the love Oracle and Mira’s love Oracle and We will see if there’s any more messages for you. These cards are so available on my website Okay, love Oracle for there go Okay, long distance mature man could be you if you are the mature man somebody mature for their age not Necessarily mature in age or a man that’s interested in you coming towards you he could have a foreign background or be Overseas or long distance. He might be wanting a relationship. He might be wanting a work contract He might be wanting a business contract. You might actually meet him through your work Okay, it might not be looking up to its full potential because it is long distance you might feel that this person is your twin flame, but we don’t know if Really that is that important right now Okay spiritual growth feeling like you are aligning with spirit bringing in new opportunities and getting very in touch with your dreams your wishes your hopes your desires and really following that gut feeling and intuition It could be a brunette female coming in around you or you could have the brunette you you might be the brunette female yourself somebody with dark dark brown to black hair Or it could be a man who has feminine qualities Okay, beauty queen being seen more teaching training writing promoting and speaking Being noticed for your talents you could be published as well Virgo And the ice king could be your agent or could be you the entrepreneur whether you’re male or female it doesn’t matter okay, so taking back your power and control in a situation around a contract and Releasing any sort of Situation that is controlling you or releasing control of other people Dating queen having more than one offer so if you’re looking to get a Business situation launch, you might have more than one offer or idea about how to go about doing it You might have more than one offer regarding dating and love as well Something might be in the stage of being an open relationship might not have turned into a serious relationship yet, but you are looking at it as a potential relationship because It is looking good if you’ve been in a relationship For more than three months and you don’t know the status and it still is an open relationship Open relationship can also be looking for somebody looking around for someone You know or really not being committed to somebody being in a relationship and not really feeling committed to that person Not really feeling that interested in that person and the ideas and dreams that you’re going to have about the situation with that person Is going to come to you through spirit through your dreams through when you’re meditating or in a sub in a subconscious state It will come through your subconscious. So if you’re looking for answers Regarding this it will come to you through your dream state Very interesting. I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately that have been revealing a lot of stuff. So I’m sure that was is also going to happen to you Virgo. So lots of love and angel blessings moving forward I hope you’re really having a perfect month moving forward This is a time flexible reading If you didn’t relate to it Please check your other Elements sun moon rising venus and cross check them to see if maybe one of the other ones resonate with you more Many blessings to you. Thanks for subscribing. Ciao for now


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