Virgo Love & Romance August, September, October 2018 w/ Sloane Rhodes

By | December 14, 2019

Hi virgo it is Sloane Rhodes here with your
love and romance reading for the months of August September and October this is a
three month time span that we’re looking at Virgo
this is Virgo summit and rising and then I’ll be doing another love reading
that’s more directive in September for what you want to do not doing what you
can look forward to regardless but this one is a general overview of the next
three months and then what else oh the life purpose and career readings the
monthly ones are available at the Sloan Academy there’s a link below there’s a
free 30-day trial so if you’re interested you can check it out for free
after that it’s 99 cents a month those are more directed directive type of life
verbs and career readings but here on the YouTube channel for free as I always
do I’ll be releasing the life purpose and career readings for August September
in October very soon so you can look forward to
those let’s go ahead and get started we’re gonna send moon and rising loving
romance 2018 maybe drawing one card from the
enchanted math deck by Kyle out there and read and then three cars from the
Marielle Tara past present future we go forego details
details well okay I mean I can’t help but
comment on this come up so many times so that’s number forty-three I always add
them together cess number seven whatever for me whenever I came across sevens I
always take notice because usually with sevens there is a seeming delay or
things are taking what seemed to be longer than our egos would like and I
just spoken a lot about this at length the last couple times in the weekly
spiritual self mastery classes ego and heart that I do every week some days and
so I won’t go into too much here but I just did the same for Leo Leo had some
sevens come up so there may be things may take a little time during the month
of August September October Berger details details working out the details
here remember things take their time because we integrate we understand
the pace that is proper and right for us in the moment so you’re not missing out
on anything Peugeot just allow things to take their time so that you can get
greater clarity as you work out the details whatever that means for you
we’ll get some more cards on this but it’s very very interesting sevens a very
mystical number well what goes down with the seventh now we have sacred pool into
the deck I may speak to that later let’s go the other cards so from the Marielle
Tarot we’re gonna get past present future three cards okay here we go
so in the past we have the star beautiful beautiful card Virgo Sun we have a star in the present
moment we have the ten of cups in Reverse and as we go into the future
looking kind of in October we have the Ace of Wands in Reverse let me show you
the card so we have the details card as the overarching theme during this
timeframe Virgo and then we have in the recent past we have the star beautiful
Major Arcana energy I love the star often again things
taking their time sorry my hair is doing something funny taking their time to
come to light come to fruition but tremendous potential and hope and
optimism here that’s in the recent past in the present moment we have the ten of
cups in Reverse so there may be in the present things might be going well for
you or partner or potential crush but maybe not as well as they are saying or
they are pretending with the ten of cups like oftentimes we’ll see an individual
in love who is putting it on a show so to speak like look how great my life is
you know and if it’s you that’s okay we all kind of do it in different ways but
be as sincere and honest as you can be and that doesn’t mean you know
projectile all of your issues it onto whoever it happens to be they’re not
that burgle would do that anyway but with ten of cups you if you are engaging
with someone they may not have as much of their life together as they’re
wanting to show you and people do this for a number of reasons it doesn’t have
to be ill intent but sometimes people don’t want to share everything that’s
going on with them so if you’re meeting someone new just be conscious of that
and take your time you know we have the seven energy the details details pay
attention to the details what people are saying to you so much of the time people
tell us exactly what’s going on in the little in the minutiae in the details of
their words their actions and that you know that is powerful information for
you especially during this particular time frame in the present moment now as
we go into the future we have the Ace of Wands so the Ace of Wands in Reverse it
may just be that there is a level of burnout here this in the up rate here we
have it in the reverse as we go into October you may be experiencing some
burnout your partner may be experiencing a little bit of burnout it’s not forever
you know energy herbs and flows so don’t don’t get too upset about it just note
it and if your partner or your crush seems to kind of drop out a little bit
or their energy is not there or your Energy’s not there as we go into October
it’s okay to communicate about it and not to panic
again it’s a synergy so things are a little fragile with that it’s just you
know just the beginning you know maybe things were more
passionate but then there’s a little bit it may seem like a little bit of a lack
of interest or disinterest or just someone doesn’t really have the energy
there know there’s a lot going on energetically on the planet
within weekend individuals personal lives and on the greater societal level
so and even greater than that the planetary level so you know so people
are very fatigued on a lot of levels right now if it is you make sure that
you’re not carrying other people’s problems for them who are worrying
unnecessarily you know because everyone is responsible
for their own lives and this 10 of cups energy you know holding creating a
facade or using a persona is exhausting so try to be as real it’s the seer as
you can be because this is tiring to put on a show and don’t carry someone else’s
if you’re into itting that someone else is not as happy as they are pretending
to be you can certainly you know how it’s like
query about that you don’t need to hold that for them we’re all responsible for
ourselves um when I do like to see here under the deck we have the page of disks
so there may be an offer of affection a gift something that’s either coming in a
recent past or during this particular time frame here’s it depicted as a baby
for somebody it could be a baby but usually with a page of disks it’s around
for a while so if you are accepting an offer from someone either offer of
affection offer of a gift just know that it’s there are consequences to accepting
that it’s it’s not something that you can just write off it because it’s gonna
be around for a while and so you want to make sure that if you agree to receive
something from somebody there’s a kind of an unspoken understanding that it’s
for a while so make sure that that that’s what you want you know um you
know pay attention to the details again we have this idea of the details details
what is it everyone’s doing and watching and what are you doing it wanting it’s
like fine you’re fine tuning you’re getting into the nitty-gritty here
sometimes we’re very big picture like with the star the star is all about yes
there’s hope and optimism it’s all I feel it you know that I’m in it and
then then there’s like okay so let’s manifest it well
it’s manifesting possibly but where is there in sincerity where is someone not
fully showing themselves well we aren’t being fully honest or clear about what
it is we’re watching or you know and where are we overlooking the smaller
details that make things beautiful you know there’s a you know saying the devil
is in the details because it’s through the details of things begin to look
shoddy and thinks we’re going to fall apart it’s great to have all that hope
and optimism in faith with the star card but when of you begin to manifest it
that’s when the details come in you know I’m working late does that work for you
do you want to meet here I noticed the other day that this happened you know
navigate the details through your expression through your openness and
through your sincerity Virgo through your honesty then you will manifest more
of the ten of cups upright in an individual when we’re being more open
more honest more available to hear the ringing of true sounds from other people
then we hear it more often it’s better that way but again by October it looks
like there may be I wouldn’t say a withdrawal but it may appear that there
is a a little bit of disinterest or a lack of interest again you know we’re
going from very big energy and the recent past the star you know it’s huge
having faith its massive made star and it’s way out there it did it’s huge and
then we’re gonna zoom in in here to the details and that can be exhausting so
just monitor your your energy level and the energy level those who are dating or
are interested in or your partner what else do I want to say I think two we
have the sacred pool because I’m gonna say it this way
because we have this this kind of a little bit of burnout here something
that maybe doesn’t quite get going it could get going even you know there
is that potential for those of you who are not coupled again I could show up
his burnout that can also show up is something it doesn’t quite it kind of
fizzles out a little bit may not be forever as I mentioned don’t panic but
you know we’re looking at that maybe towards August but because we have that
energy the sacred pool is really speaking to nurturing yourself taking
care of yourself the details of your life what helps you
to feel nurtured what helps you to feel loved not from someone else
but from your own actions and from connection to your own sense of the
divine let’s say nurture that honor that be kind and gentle with yourself I really get the feeling with the ten of
cups here that especially as it is so close to this Ace of Wands that there
may be the reason this ten of cups is in Reverse maybe because there’s business
again this energetic drain on a lot of people many people are experiencing it
and I think the desire to buck up you know and be like no everything’s great
is that play because nobody wants to say I’m exhausted no fatigue especially if
they’re meeting somebody new again I don’t think it’s ill intent that
somebody is not showing or expressing the truest nature of themselves or
what’s going on their lives right here I think it’s just people are tired and
then you know it takes sometimes it takes it feels like it takes work to be
honest because I think many people experience it as they have to be more on
guard somehow and that take that so it feels like it takes work but in truth
when you’re just sort of a lot more honest all more of the time it takes
less work but as you begin to become more open and more truthful or more
honest or express yourself more openly and let’s say takes less work but at
first it feels like I gotta be on guard if I’m gonna be honest like I’d be on
guard cuz this person might hurt me are they vain
you know I don’t know why I just couldn’t I just like it takes work
sometimes um for some people and it’s something to think about
alright we’re gonna close that your reading let me get one more card here
again the next love reading will be in September and in that love reading I’ll
go through what your men should you know that the overarching energy for
September and what to do not doing what you can afford to regardless but this is
a general overview for everyone earth magic fairies Leo just got this again that’s kind of this energy of
mischief play you know allow things to kind of be light you know be playful um
don’t get don’t get too heavy you know the details can be fun to work out it
doesn’t have to be you know this heavy negative energy it can get heavy and
negative if you start creating you know working on the details with a specific
agenda you have in mind it has to go this way that’s not how you work out the
details you work out the details by being open you know and when you’re open
the details tend to take care of themselves and nice ways doesn’t mean
you turn a blind eye or put your head in the sand but you know when you start
having a specific agenda or it has to be this way that’s very fatiguing and then
a lot of times you know the fairy magic can come in it and kind of create some
mischief with that because too is too hardened so right now you’re meant to be
but more playful and of course get out in nature with the fairy magic here and
maybe get some crystals and have some crystals around as well as always fun
okay so I hope you find that helpful I wish you much love as always for go and
I will see you either over the salon Academy there’s links below or I’ll see
you at your private reiki appointment or tarot card reading and i’ll see you
maybe at the life crimson pre-reading ish i’m hoping to release in the next
week here at the youtube channel alright much love to you

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