VIRGO March 2019 ~ Uranus into 9th ~

By | December 8, 2019

Hello, everybody. I wanted to speak with you
about the Uranus transiting Taurus, which is occurring this month,
this month March 7th and will last through April 26, 2026. So it’s a seven year a transit takes 84 years
for Uranus to go all around the zodiac. So we can see that very real things happen when Uranus is transiting and certainly
when it’s hitting a personal point in your sign. Well, the last time Uranus
transited Taurus was 1942. And we saw a lot of changes
and restructuring and digging out of the depression. And you know, Taurus is a sign
that kind of resists change. It’s very dependable Taurus. It’s a fixed earth sign, a feminine sign
and Uranus is the opposite of that. Uranus is the prompter of change. Uranus changes life patterns. And now, especially
in this fixed sign of Taurus. And Uranus rules this Aquarian age
that we’re slowly moving into egalitarian, humanitarian themes,
the people, quality themes. And we’re slowly traversing
into this age of Aquarius. And it’s really bringing up just how trapped a lot of people on the planet
and in societies feel. Especially, within a lot of these systems
that are in place. So Uranus rules electricity,
the chakra system, which is your own battery system. The nervous system, computers,
innovation, social activism, revolts, friendships, humanitarian motives, eccentric behavior, insomnia, genius, gentle
kindness and dictatorial tyranny. These qualities are poised to a fact with Taurus, the banking sector and real estate
and currency and fashion and beauty, buying patterns and sexual attitudes
and economies. So, you seek more freedom in the house
that Uranus is transiting. And there’ll be exciting developments
into this next 7 year period in architecture and technology,
engineering, food, the beauty business. Farming and agriculture, sustainable farming. But also financial collapses
and destruction of places and buildings of historical value. Uranus rules the desire for stability and personal resources
and gold and the throat and you know, using your talent
and the stewardship of resources and it rules the economy Taurus and the national wealth and financial institutions and stocks and bonds and liquid assets, consumer spending, museums and galleries. But there’s going to be a lot of really interesting innovation that will rise, a rise over this next seven year period. Farming and food supply, well it should, are in need
of a major overhaul. And we may see scientific developments
that really improve the soil quality. The soil in the United States has been heavily degradated over the past several decades through pesticides, through over farming. So this should help growers and it should revolutionize
the farming industry into the years ahead. Animal farming will grow in activism. Seeking to free and dissolve
this very cruel practice. Uranus-Taurus will bring
increased focus on earth remedies also to heal disease rather than
those chemical concoctions that have been floated to us
for decades as well. And as AI replaces human labor, the necessity of bringing,
the rise of the barter system and the gift economy will acrease,
increase into the years ahead. You know, full-time employment models
will see a decline and that will give rise
to more of the gig economy and the cottage industries, which I’m really encouraging
a lot of my people, who are really seeking
to exit that 9 to 5 paradigm and do something that they love and that they’re passionate about
and purposeful about. That’s a beautiful way to go for those of you who are seeking new avenues. And practical, you know,
venture capitalists money, also will shift from all of these social apps
to more practical inventions that really improve our daily lifestyle. So we’re going to see a lot of this technology applied in more practical grounded ways
into the seven years ahead. You know, the worst manifestation
of Uranus-Taurus is the bigotry, the war mongering, Adolf Hitler, a Taurus seized power and retained it while Uranus was transiting Taurus
back in the 40s. Mussolini also came into power
spreading fascism. So we entered this same cycle
84 years later as these extreme right-ring,
right-wing candidates are once again on the rise,
all across the globe. Everywhere you look, it’s happening. Spinning propaganda through social media. You know, compromising
all of the news outlets and you know, cyber hacking. So this will be a powerful time for you to stay as grounded and focused as possible. Things are going to get noisier out there
and more distracting out there. So being really proactive
on managing your boundaries and your attention and your focus, will be imperative for your well-being, for your health, for your productivity
and for your purpose in life. So for you Virgo and Virgo rising, Uranus will be heading into
your ninth house this month, March 7th through April 2026. And Uranus has to do that
sixth house of yours. Work, day to day schedule, products,
services, how you live your life, and Uranus heading into that ninth house is about exploration and travel
and mind acts expansion activities. You need new horizons now
and technology and utilizing that in order to get your message out
if applicable to what you do. To broaden your audience is very much a
focus into the seven years ahead. Higher education, unexpected and exciting
unpredictable travel patterns, meeting with unpredictable circumstances, Legally, educationally, with media. It can be very innovative, very progressive and electronic publishing
may be part of your journey. Being shown where your thinking
and belief systems are perhaps wrong. Again, Uranus is breaking up patterns especially, in Taurus
long held entrenched patterns. So the more flexible and open you can be to creating a belief system
that resonates for you is great. But in flexible thinking can be very
disruptive for you now. And but this is going to revolutionize
your perception of the world around you and your view of the world
and your belief systems. This can be connecting with others for revolution. Now, we are also in our first
Mercury retrograde this month, Virgo, which always has a strong bearing on you. Mercury rules your– your first house and your tenth house, where you’re headed in life in career, in your reputation. Mercury retrogrades on March 5th
in that 7th house at 29 degrees of Pisces. Huge focus on others in your world,
which also means tending to your energy because for the Virgo born
the Sun is the farthest away from where you were born. So we tend to need to handle our energy when all of that focus
is on the others in your world. So it retrogrades on the fifth until the 28th. It’s not a time for big discussions,
for new commercial agreements for signing on the dotted line with lawyers
and real estate agents. It’s a time to think about all of that and Pisces is sensitive. Its feed your soul time and also to ruminate perhaps
on your communications with others. You may connect with
people from the past now, too. Mercury retrograding seventh house. And then on the 6th,
Uranus heads into the ninth. And on the sixth we also have
a new Moon in that seventh house. It’s 16 degrees of Pisces, which mercury will be stationing direct
on 16 degrees of Pisces on the 28th. So we can see the wisdom
of reviewing and revisiting without making big new plans and
discussions and agreements with others. But this mercury retrograde is being
helped out immensely as it continues to sextile Saturn and Pluto in your fifth house of creativity and children and it’s going to be trining Cancer, that north node Cancer,
on and off your 11th house of future and it’s sextiling Mars
in that ninth house of energizing a big picture and adventure and travel plans. Mercury will get on board. Your left brain will catch up
to the energies that are running the end of the month and into April. And then on the 14th of March, Mercury trines that north node beautifully from your seventh to your eleventh house. This can be soul growth, spiritual growth,
support, compassion, nurturing with your friends
and with your partnerships. Then on the 20th,
the Sun heads into your 8th house Aries as it does every year at this time. So something is in a state of transformation, something with your identity, transformation. Something needs to die
in order to be born again, reborn again, spiritually and otherwise. The 20th has a sensitive full Moon because the full moon is about relationship and partnership with your resources, with money. It may be bringing in some developments as it occurs full Moon in your second house with money, earnings,
validation for talents and abilities, anything that has to do with relationship
and resources too. But its opposing Chiron in that 8th house. So it may be opening you up to a process
that needs to come into play. It can be opening up awareness of
vulnerability and sensitivities with others, resources held with others. So, it’s sensitive full Moon,
real gentle, real easy here. Then the 24th of March until April 4th,
Mercury is conjuncting Neptune. So it can be confusing, seventh house. It can be highly artistic, spiritual. Don’t sign on with new gurus. And you know because it can be
a little confusing and delusional as well. But it is a beautiful time
for connecting with others with music and concerts and you know, meditation circles
and artistry and that sort of thing. On the 26th of March, Venus heads into Pisces where she’ll be transiting until April 20th. So there’s a lot of value
coming to you from others and especially, on the 28th
when Mercury stations direct at 16 degrees of Pisces
in that seventh house. And it will be conjuncting Neptune
through April 4th. So, more clarity and awareness. This is strong for compassion. Be aware of over giving, right? It can be a very intuitive time or you really getting
a sense of information from others where they are and what they’re about. So gentle as she goes Virgo. Lovely speaking with you
and I’ll speak with you again soon.

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  1. love power Post author

    Really interesting thoughts on worldwide issues. Helpful read. Thanks from U.K.

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    Wow this was a very profound message. Thank you dear… I have been wanting a change from my daily routine and honestly, addictions.

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    Thank You. Sending Blessing Thoughts Your Way ~ Namaste ☽?☾

  4. Lily Jade Post author

    Uranus swallowed all his children… usurping Taurus and disrupt everything practical = freedom!


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