We Tricked ‘Queer Eye’s Antoni Into Loving Cheap Guac ?| Expensive Taste Test

By | September 9, 2019

– This is tricky. This is tricky. Okay, this is a little trickier. This is tricky. I wish Tan were here, he
could help me with this. (orchestral music) (laughing) Hey Cosmo fans, it’s Antoni. Just reading my cookbook, no big deal. I’m here for Expensive Taste Test. So I’ve basically been asked to try two different foods,
and I have to figure out which one is more expensive. (quick jazzy music) So we have what I assume to be olive oil. This one’s not too intense. This one’s more fruity. This one’s more expensive. This one is sharper. This one’s more, oh yeah, this one’s really sharp as the aftertaste. And really good olive oil doesn’t hit you at the back of
your palette as strongly. Oh god, I better be right. This one’s nice. Am I right?
(buzzing) I still like the cheaper one more. I don’t give a (bleeping). That’s a fail. (quick jazzy music) Quelle surprise, that’s
French for what a surprise. Guacamole. I’m gonna open up my palette
with a little tortilla chip. I really appreciate the cilantro. This one has pepper, this one doesn’t. This one’s more green. This one’s more yellowy. Now I feel pressure ’cause I
messed up on the olive oil. But I didn’t mess it up ’cause I picked the one that I liked. But that’s not the game, I’m supposed to pick
the more expensive one. (crunching) I really hope this isn’t
the more expensive one, ’cause that was very under ripe. What’s worse than an unripe avocado? This one’s really nice and bright. I like that. I appreciate that this one is chunky. This is tricky. Because this one tastes
a little more homemade. But it’s under ripe. This one’s well seasoned. This one is very green and I feel like this one came in a package package. And this one is a little more, like there’s more seasoning. You can see more in this. (groaning) I better be right. I feel like this is
the more expensive one. (dinging)
Yeah! (quick jazzy music) We have very thin smoothies,
aka chocolate milk. Guess I’m having dairy on a weekday. So the color is the same. Nice purpley-brown. We’re gonna try the left one. Smells like chocolate milk. Wow. This one’s really good. I also haven’t had dairy in a while. That’s a lie. Mm. Oh I like this. This is nice. This, it tastes like
melted Cadbury chocolate. Like it’s sweeter. Which sometimes means that
it’s like the cheaper variety. We’re going for expensive. They are very similar. I’m taking one more. Everyone calm down. I feel like… This is the cheaper one. This one’s more expensive. (dinging) Oh my gosh, this is
like my childhood here. (quick jazzy music) Why is this gonna be tricky? Because New York has the
best tap water in the world. It’s a proven scientific fact. I have a Brita filter at home but it doesn’t have a filter in it. I just put tap water and
I keep it nice and cold even though I’ve been trying
to drink room temperature water ’cause apparently it’s
better for your body. But I still like the
sensation of cold water on a hot summer’s day. There’s no better beverage
than New York tap water. This is bottled. This is tap. (buzzing)
They taste the same. (quick jazzy music) Here we have blue cheese. I know which one it is already. But I’m gonna indulge. Very sharp, younger blue. It tastes like a Danish blue or maybe a very young Stilton. But Stiltons are a little more yellowy. This on the other hand,
look at this beautiful rind. This (bleeping) is legit. Mm. You know why this one’s
the more expensive one? It’s creamy along the outside. And then in the center,
it’s a little more, it’s kind of like a goat where
it has a bit of a crumble. So you have like two different
textures that are going on. And you have the rind. This one is more uniform. Less fancy. Fancier, this one’s more expensive. (dinging) Don’t (bleeping) me and cheese. (jazzy music) Okay this is a little trickier. But these are both, these are freshies. So these are Spanish ham. They’re both cut really nice and thin. Off the top, this one looks nicer just because the fat is
lot more delicate on this. And there’s more of a pull for this. This is like a traditional ham. And this one looks like a
little more cured and aged. Little more TLC, short
for tender loving care, went into this. I wanna try the one that
I think is the nicer one ’cause I feel like I’ll
appreciate it more. Look how delicate that fat is. It’s so pleasant to eat. Oh this is good (bleeping). Oh that’s nice. Okay, I’m kinda changing
my mind on this one. This one is a little more mellow. This one is like sharper and saltier. This one’s more smoky. I think this is the more expensive one. This is a tricky one. (buzzing)
This? I still like ’em both. (jazzy music) Interesting. So here we have Medjool dates. Also known as the king date. They’re known for their
toffee-like sweet carameliness. Oh this is a delicate baby. I love a date. Mm. These are nice and moist. This one’s a little drier. This is tricky. These are older. There’s a bit of grittiness in the sugar. I like this one better. But that’s not why we’re here. I have to figure out which
one’s more expensive. I think it’s this one. (dinging) I love TJ’s, oh there’s a pit. So the perfect bite. Medjool dates, with blue cheese, Marcona almonds, and prosciutto. You can use bacon for this as well. You take the better date, like so. So pretend that there’s a crunchy almond. You can’t taste it. So you put two almonds in here. And then you put in a bit of the cheese. And then you’re gonna wrap it up in ham. Then you’re gonna pretend this
was in the oven for a while. That is delicious. Mm. (quick jazzy music) (groaning)
I’m full. The only thing that’s acceptable after a date with some really
lovely ham and blue cheese is a red velvet cupcake. That’s what I always say. Okay, so we have two red velvet cupcakes. This one has a bit of a dusting. And this has like a little candy heart. The frosting, ’cause that’s important. Oh, this is gunky. Hm. This tastes kinda like, it’s
a little Betty Crockery. It’s those containers of
the icing that you can get, that you eat with your finger and a spoon when you’re alone after a breakup. And this icing is a little more gritty, and it’s more cream cheese. Which leads me to think that this is gonna be the better one. We also have to see about the batter. ‘Cause it’s super important. This one’s very crumbly. Chocolaty. Oh, but this one has better, oh, this one has better batter. It’s sticking together better. This is tricky. I wish Tan were here, he
could help me with this. He’d be like, I know exactly
where you got this one. The icing is better on this guy, but the batter is better on this. And as an icing lover,
this one’s really hard. I’m gonna do a little reenactment here. And this is gonna help me figure it out. (slow jazzy music) This one’s more expensive. (dinging) (groaning)
I’m full. It’s catching up with me now. Thanks so much for watching. Please subscribe to Cosmo. And in the comments below, leave the name of a person you think should try this next. Oh, I just got prosciutto from the corner of my mouth with the cupcake. Oh. (upbeat music)

49 thoughts on “We Tricked ‘Queer Eye’s Antoni Into Loving Cheap Guac ?| Expensive Taste Test

  1. Bryan Do Post author

    Antoni not being able to differentiate tap vs bottled water scares me

  2. Patricia Camerota Post author

    Bamboozled! hoodwinked! led astray!!!!!!!!!

    we still love you Antoni ?❤️

  3. Maxwell Conrad Losgar Post author

    Take a shot every time Antoni says "Tricky" or "Trickier" = WASTED

  4. Noelle Haro Post author

    Bring back Adam Rippon to do this!! He also needs to do his other videos again

  5. LPO Post author

    “ I guess I’m havin dairy on a weekday” – Antoni Porowski 2019

  6. doll Post author

    More expensive doesn’t always mean better
    Love that he preferred some of the cheaper versions

  7. Crystalyn Rayne Post author

    i made myself a glass of choco milky before the video was over

  8. ziggythebard Post author

    The image showed the tap water on the left, bottled on the right. That's exactly what he said. Unless he switched the glasses and we didn't see. IT'S BOTHERING ME.

  9. Cameron Wees Post author

    i love how he is just using this as free promo for his cook book

  10. violetsnotviolence Post author

    That just shows that more expensive doesn't always mean better.

  11. Brendonmakesmesmile Post author

    I honestly could watch antoni eat food all day long

  12. Mullica Zudsiri Post author

    Antoni just needs his own Cosmo segment. I would watch it all no question.

  13. babyblossom Post author

    I'm so confused….he got the water round right…why did it get marked as wrong?

  14. Jess See Post author

    So 50/50? The last one was easy (anyone would guess right) and they gave it to him so he would not seem like he was totally guessing… which he was.Antoni has no formal culinary education, and was chosen for his looks, not his ability. His pretentious misdemeanor makes me cringe.

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    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    me, every day of my existence: ugh why is this man the actual LOVE OF MY LIFE

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    Antoni: “I like this one the best ?BUT that’s not why we’re here I have to find which one is more expensive”? lol!

  17. anders damin Post author

    There's no scientific evidence that room temperature water is better for your body than cold water.

  18. anders damin Post author

    Antoni, once it's cooked it's not batter anymore; it's cake.


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