Week of September 15, 2019 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

By | September 17, 2019

hi everybody its Sloane Rhodes here I just
want to say I’m back I do appreciate the messages that many of you have left for
me I know Susan has emailed me a couple of times
Brooke left me a message yesterday on Instagram asking where I am how I am and
so I just wanted to check in and say hello and let everyone know that I’m
sorry I’ve been absent from youtube I have been seeing clients privately but I
just haven’t been active on YouTube you know I do a lot of work as you all know
with the ego with a heart understanding the way that we as humans tend to experience
situations that feel either threatening or distressing and as I’ve been doing
this work many things come up for myself and so the reason I took a break really
was to work through my own legal issues and to change everything of my life
basically I mean it’s one thing to understand your deeply spiritual nature
when as I was basically cocooned in a beautiful location quiet you know her
routine kind of energy and so I basically shook everything out that I’m
living and it’s a completely different place I am downtown very busy industrial
area so I’ve changed everything and with that has come challenges for my own ego
and how to work with my own ego you know it more deeply more compassionately more
lovingly and as I do this work and I begin to create a greater sense of self
mastery around it I can bring it out to you I didn’t want to just not provide
something that I felt would be useful and helpful to others I didn’t want to
just make videos just for the sake of holding on to the viewers you know I
wanted to make something of substance and so hopefully I can do that more and
more fruit for all of us so I just want to say hello and I will draw a card for
today for the week coming up for the week of September 15th 2019 I’m just
going to draw one card just to a an Oracle reading for the week
I am going to be shaking things up changing things quite a bit I am seeing
private clients you can email me if you want to order a session or schedule a
session and my do let’s do the video readings as well those are still
available on my website and in the meantime let’s let’s go ahead and get
one part for the week and this table shake spread a bit so I just shake
things up too much so I have to get my tripod out of storage general reading
for the week of September 15th of 2019 I know Laura left a message on YouTube
as well I mean many people have reached out to me I’m sorry I can’t remember all
your names but I wanted to say thank you because you know it has been challenging
for me in it it always feels good to me and to my ego to know that people are
thinking of and as much as everyone thinks of me occasionally or wonders
where I am or I’m doing I’m also thinking of all of you always I will say that you know if you do like
these videos I love it you know people if you could share it with others if you
feel like it would be helpful to others and if you find that some of the
messages resonate it may resonate with others but remember that when you share
it’s not to convince others it’s just to present information and whoever is meant
to resonate with that message well well you know we’ll get it or receive the
message in the way that they’re meant to in at the moment so the week we have the
card of orphaned I’m drawing from the wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette
Baron Reid today we have number five orphaned it’s a sad sad card but what I
do love about this card is the number than the numerology number five you know
we have here and now under the deck thirty-two another five so we have two
fives so we have great change when we’re at that that apex have changed and
sometimes we feel like we have taken a leap and we haven’t landed anywhere yet
we’re kind of midair we have or we’re straddling the old in the new you know
in many ways um that is occurring so that’s okay you know that how we can’t
work with that and everyone’s experienced in some version of this now
some of you may you know actually be feeling as though you are orphaned let’s
talk about the language actually gonna talk about the language in a minute but
let’s just talk about this idea of change so whenever we are experiencing
great change and we feel like we have one leg in one leg out
you know one foot in one foot out we’re in two places at once how we can work
with that is to stay in the moment because what tends to happen is the old
doesn’t feel as familiar but we want it to because it fits what we used to
resonate with Weil quite resonate with it anymore so we tend to want to go back
to it but we go back but isn’t quite fit anymore and then when we look towards
the future we don’t know it feels unknown it feels scary so what you can
do is just focus on on the here and now all right you can focus on what is
present for you in this moment right here and right now your breath right now
my body is working well I’m drawing a breath and exhaling as you’ve heard me say before I’m very
tactile I like to touch things that help severely present to feel the smoothness
these are little tricks to help bring you present but they’re effective
because they stop that train of the mind of the ego of heading down a very dark
road sometimes of fear and word because we don’t know what the future holds and
we can’t achieve the past except in our mind right but all we really have is
right now and in the moment usually everything is okay
it’s just our mind tends to want to draw that attention to something that feels
anxiety provoking so as best you can during times of change again we have
number 5 with the orphan we have 32 here and now we can be here and now right
here now you might say no and everything’s not right right now I don’t
like where I am okay hey I’m not saying that you have to like
it but you can certainly know that you are okay right now you know you know for
me I’ve had you know a great challenge being in a different space very close to
another person in terms of proximity living next
somebody and very different energy than myself and you know my own ego comes in
and says I don’t like this I need to get out of this what am i destined it but
then you know what I’m able to do and I’m offering it as something that maybe
you know you also can begin to play with if it resonates is okay but right now
everything is okay I’m safe it’s not always exactly what I want
I don’t want it’s always loud or someone who’s imposing upon me but in the moment
I’m okay in this moment my thoughts might go into oh but that’s bad and this
is gonna happen again or what have I done knowing that I’m saying that whatever
occurs I’m able to work with more peacefully because I trust in myself I
trust in the universe I trust them by manifesting situations and co-creating
situations that are or my soul’s birth as opposed to feeling victimized by them
like why does this happen to me what’s wrong with like everyone else has
different you know these seemingly easy lives whenever we compare we know that
we’re in the ego because the ego thrives and the black and white thinking of the
comparison so it looks like this week with the orphaned some of you may
actually be feeling that so you are abandoned or there may be issues coming
up around family around parental care or care from elders or even just loved ones
you may feel that people are leaving you and it may bring up feelings of
abandonment right so go easy with yourself this week and when you do feel
if you do feel that you are being abandoned that your source of support is
drying up or you’re reliving instances where you feel as though you were
abandoned or God abandoned you or your family or parental figures they weren’t
there for you and you find that you keep going back to that word to pick at it you bring yourself present to the
hearing now now the trick as you know looking for me looking at color look at
that beautiful green leaf there’s so many variations of creating that leaf
the striations the the veining there’s that lighter color as opposed that
darker and as I get fascinated in the the color and the texture of that in
this example that leaf I am shifting my attention away from anxiety away from
the ego and I’m dropping into the heart which is full of love and fascination
and curiosity about the week so it’s a trick doesn’t mean that your ego won’t
pop back here I go yeah who cares about the leaf look at your life your life is
a mess right this is there you go okay but right now I’m fine you know right in
this moment the leaf and I are community and the more that you can do this it
begins to shift the patterning of the older way continually stained in that
high level of anxiety of self judgment so bring yourself present as best you
can during this particular week and you notice I am shifting and growing as we
all are and my youtube videos will reflect that if you have I know many
people want me to do the love readings again and all of that but I’m not saying
that won’t but it’s not resonating with me right now
but if you do have something you’d like me to address you’re welcome to email me
if you find that you go on heart videos helpful then I may continue those but I
would like some feedback on that if anyone has any thoughts otherwise I’ll
just be kind of free-flowing for a little bit as I find my own path and
that’s a little different than how I used to do things just because I’ve
grown and changed as well so I thank you so much for all your support I love you
all very much and I will see you either at your private appointment I still have
my videos of my classes up on this academy that may be shifting to i may
decide to take those down to another website because think if it gets a
little bit expensive they you know they charge quite a bit and it depends on how
what kind of content i want to offer so i may be shifting that but in the moment
this phone academy is still up and you’re welcome to schedule appointment
with me by emailing me I don’t have my online scheduler up in the moment
because I’m going kind of day by day but I am doing the videos as well so if you
want to love reading and your your client whom I’ve worked with before I
will still be doing love readings but only for clients that I’ve worked with
in the past otherwise I’ll be doing more spiritual
guidance so I hope that’s clear if not don’t worry I’ll be back and I’ll be
making things more and more clear as we go on so much love to

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