Weekly Forecast April 1st, 2019 Astrology Answers

By | August 14, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of astrologyanswers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence Guardino
the week begins on Monday April the 1st and this is an important week. The New
Moon always sets the stage for a new focus, redirecting our attention on a
new area of life this Friday it’s going to be in Aries. Aries is all this
pioneering, enterprising energy Aries is a Fire sign we’re getting fired up has a
lot to do with spring fever being into full bloom if you’re in the northern
latitudes now always the week before the New Moon – so here we are starting this
Sunday this Monday April the 1st – it is the dark phase of the lunar cycle. It is
a winding down, it is more favorable for bringing closure completing projects you
began in the last several weeks or it’s good for reflection, preparation, study
but not yet ready to to refocus in new directions, best not to be making
really important decisions until after the New Moon now on Monday as we start
the week the Moon is going to be in Pisces it will be in Pisces Monday
Tuesday even into the first part of Wednesday as the Moon that sets the
emotional tone goes from sign to sign every two and a half days. Pisces is this
more creative, sensitive empathetic energy…it’s good for the dark phase
this before we’re going into the next New Moon cycle very favorable for
turning inward for reflection, introspection, meditation but you know
with that Moon in Pisces you may not have all that focus but you shouldn’t be
having though the focus yet then on Tuesday Mercury which is now
direct and moving and catching up speed and we’re starting to really make
decisions and think about where we want to go (but remember wait until after
Thursday) the Mercury on Tuesday is aligning with Neptune and Neptune is the
natural ruler of Pisces everything Pisces represents Neptune represents
that Mercury-Neptune is very favorable for of the imagination, for creativity
for inspiring others, for empathy for tuning into your inner voice your
intuition but trying to make more pragmatic decisions; business
decisions the Mercury which is this discerning analytical energy is being
more in this dreamy state with Neptune so it’s good for the imagination, it’s
good for really thinking about the possibilities into the future but you
don’t have all that clarity and focus to be making the best decisions plus you’re
in the dark phase of the Moon cycle and then on Wednesday the Moon is moving
into Aries, Thursday it’s in Aries and you’re starting to feel a lot more fired
up more restless wanting to take action then on Friday is the New Moon now this
New Moon is in hard angle to cautious restricted Saturn but excellent with
Jupiter. So what this means is the Jupiter is going to bring you the
opportunities in the coming weeks depending on where Aries falls in your
chart will point to the focus of where your attention is more drawn to. The
Jupiter will bring lock protection good for traveling good for studying. The
Saturn because it’s being supported by lucky Jupiter then the Saturn isn’t
going to be shutting you down, it’s going to indicate you being much more cautious,
more conservative or starting these significant new plans more slowly, more
cautiously but you’re feeling optimistic and you’re moving forward…
so with patience and the determination you’re going to be making some real
progress but remember the focus is how Aries affects your individual horoscope.
Then by Friday…I mean by Sunday so the that eclipses on Friday on I mean the
New Moon is on Friday…by Sunday now discerning Mercury is excellent with
pragmatic, logical Saturn. So when it’s in the dark phase on Tuesday you’re all
kind of focused you’re having all these dreams but you don’t know if you can
really trust it if you can make it come real. By Sunday now we’re on the other
side of the New Moon when things can start focusing and moving in new
directions and the mind is being more sharp, more analytical – so this is when
this could be Saturday but certainly Sunday lingering into Monday where your
mind is ready to be making really important
practical decisions to start moving forward. Now before I sign off I’m going
to remind you I’m available for the one question offer for a nominal fee you can
find a direct link to request it in the description box underneath the video and
if you don’t see a link you’ll see the word ‘More’ click on ‘More,’ it’ll open up
more and then you’ll find the link your time of birth is always important and if
you could put your birth information and your time of birth back in with your
question it’ll just make sure I have all the correct information so I want to
thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next week with my next segment until
then have a great week

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