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By | August 14, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology Answers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday July the 1st and what a month this is going
to be and it’s all being triggered this week the overall theme is stay grounded
pace yourself and don’t make any important life decisions let me explain
on even on Monday July the first high energy Mars is moving into fiery dynamic
Leo till August the 18th so there’s a lot of motivation impulsiveness ego high
energy keep that in mind on Tuesday it is the new moon solar eclipse in cancer
you don’t the rule of thumb is you don’t want to make any important significant
life-changing decisions the week before to the week after the solar eclipse but
two weeks later around the 16th of July is a full moon lunar eclipse so which is
a supercharged full moon time of culmination a lot of things come to a
head that are all starting to be revealed with very slowly with the new
moon solar eclipse on Tuesday mixed with all of that this Saturday July the 7th
communication mercury is going retrograde until July the 31st you’ve
all heard the mantra don’t sign contracts don’t make prime
says pretty much expect the other unexpected so that you need to keep a
lot of adaptability don’t get locked in there could be more prone to
misunderstandings miscommunications you see you’ll often hear other astrologers
talk about don’t sign contracts what that means is mercury is about
agreements and expectations and when it’s retrograde it’s the energy is going
backwards or internalize so you in in other words what you might be expecting
or committing to and promising by signing a contract you don’t have all
the information or you’re more prone to change your mind but how can you change
your mind if you’ve already committed yourself to
a legal document so you got mercury in retrograde you got the new moon solar
eclipse the full moon lunar eclipse and this is a a month where everybody is
going to be really shaken out of their comfort zone now let’s not just put a
negative spin on it because I know some of you went right there because many
times the eclipse cann eclipse something all new and exciting into your life it’s
just that you have to take time to settle into it is this real will it last
okay let’s start with if your birthday is July the first perhaps but definitely
the second to third maybe the fourth especially if you’re older and when your
birthday falls on a new moon which might happen every decade or so there’s
certainly some kind of significant new paths new opportunity but when it’s a
solar eclipse this will happen only about every 19 years and it
can really be life-changing but it could bring something all new and exciting
into your life a new job a new relationship but if you’ve outworn you
know old patterns it can be a time that your previous life your attachments your
job your relationships they could be eclipsed out of your life but only but
it’s not to just like oh you’re unlucky this is trying to clear the air clear
the decks so you can shake things up and get the slate clean and start fresh
again but it can also just mean that things could be eclipsing into your life
and very exciting ways within 30 days but somewhere between 30 days to up to
90 days from the solar eclipse energy now on Wednesday here’s Venus
pleasure-seeking relational Venus is moving into cancer for about 3 to 4
weeks and this is always there’s going to be more and the Sun or yeah the Sun
is transiting in cancer and the solar eclipse is in cancer so this is putting
a lot of focus on Family Matters overall you just have to know where that where
cancer or that eclipse is falling in your individual horoscope now by Wen’s
by so that’s Wednesday the Venus is moving into cancer and you might be and
we’re going into the 4th of July for people you know living in the United
States when family and friends all come together so that that focus on
sir that’s domestic that’s home that’s family then having the love planet Venus
moving into cancer so there’s a lot of real positive energy and the Mars in leo
is creating a lot of enthusiasm excitement so there is a lot of really
good energy however something is in the air something is shifting so you don’t
want to lock yourself in do any kind of agreements because something is in the
process of transformation now the week before mercury goes retrograde which is
that Saturday to July the seventh the mercury is slowing down think of mercury
as the planet of your thoughts decision-making what’s on your mind but
when it’s slowing down your mind is slowing down or your mental faculties
are slowing down basically and this affects the whole world you’re not as
quick you’re not as sharp you’re more prone to make mistakes and then usually
the worst of mercury in retrograde when anything that can go wrong does go wrong
you make mistakes etc you lose things in the mail there’s disagreements it’s
usually several days around when mercury is changing directions so it’s Jay it’s
going it’s gonna start going backwards on Saturday so the last couple of days
maybe Wednesday Thursday certainly Saturday Sunday Monday this is when
there’s more apt to be frustrations when things go awry and then around the 31st
when mercury turns now turns direct usually during the middle of the cycle
it’s not so crazy except in the middle of this cycle is the full moon
lunar eclipse when we are being being hit with such emotional feelings and
were and things are coming to a head so what I want to say again is there could
be some really exciting new opportunities trying to come into your
life or if you’re stuck and hindered by old patterns maybe it’s for the in the
long run and good for you for these energies to be shaken out so you can
start fresh again but with mercury and retrograde and all these eclipses you
need to just pace yourself and don’t try to don’t start anything major that’s new
stay the course do a lot of reflecting ask for advice probably one of the best
months for have an astrology reading so you can get a bigger perspective of what
in the world is happening and is it good for you
now before I sign off I want to remind you I’m available for the one-question
offer for a nominal fee so this is probably one of the most important times
for you to request that question to me the time of birth is really important
it’ll help give me more detail so I want to thank you for tuning in and I hope to
see you next week with my next segment until then have a great week

3 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast July 1st, 2019 Astrology Answers

  1. Lila Knox Post author

    I am Capricorn w Cancer rising @ 11 degrees. Needless to say things are in major flux for me, a good thing!
    Moreover though, I was born with Mercury retrograde and invariably find that my life speeds up and demands new commitments from me during these periods. I’ve only read one astrologer who said that this is typical for those with natal Mercury retrograde. I don’t know if you read these comments, but would be very interested to know your take on this topic for all of us with natal Mercury retrograde. Many Thanks 🙏

  2. Naveen Post author

    Hii sir… Kindly do videos on atma karaka in different signs… My atma karaka mercury in Aries n in 5th from karakamsha lagna(with moon n rahu,moon being amatya karaka).. please do videos on atma karaka in different sings n houses. I want to know the purpose of my life..🙏

  3. Pure NiftyNess Post author

    Did anyone else notice that he said "Saturjay"!? (7:17) Haaaha, gotta love the retrograde season! It's all good, no worries… LOVE ya man, been a fan for years, keep up the awesome work!!! 💞


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