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By | August 17, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology Answers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence Guardino
the week begins on Monday June the 3rd and there’s going to be a new moon in
Gemini a new moon always marks a new 1 month cycle depending on where Gemini
falls in your chart that’s the areas of life that will be
most highlighted this new moon let’s break it down first of all it’s in
Gemini Gemini is all these ideas on there flying all over the place lots of
options lots of distractions a lot of curiosity learning traveling chatting
conversations interacting socially that’s all that Gemini energy that’s
going to be in strong focus this Gemini new moon is also going to be in tension
with dreamy nebulous Neptune but also in interaction with optimistic expanse of
Jupiter so depending on how it’s going to affect your individual horoscope the
purity of this new moon can be these these optimistic that’s Jupiter dreams
that’s Neptune or overinflated expectations
so you get excited with all these possibilities being in Gemini if you
stay more in the common sense grounded thinking about what you’re doing before
acting you can there could you might be really inspired over these next several
weeks or make if you find yourself going over the top getting really excited and
having inflated expectations the neptune kid burst your bubble and there could be
a disappointment so moderation is the key but you’re
certainly overall could be feeling really excited about all the
possibilities now on Tuesday mercury the planet that is associated with gemini
mercury the planet of conversations communications decision-making analyzing
mercury is moving into the sign of cancer for several weeks cancer is more
emotional more caring more sensitive but it can also be the cancer is more
subjective emotional energy where mercury wants to be more analytical
energies more rational energies so you’ve got to be careful that over those
coming couple of weeks with mercury and cancer that your mind your thinking your
decision is not being overly influenced by your emotions but it is good for
intuition empathy of the imagination on Wednesday maybe a bit into Thursday this
is a couple of days to take it slow and if there were any inflated dreams and
expectations this could be when you hit a wall that’s because the moon is going
to be crossing Mars once a year Mars is all this impatient impulsive
energy because oh you could jump the gun be overly excited but then later in the
day moon is now being blocked or in
opposition to restrict it’s a turning and controlling compulsive Pluto so
Wednesday going even into Thursday it’s a time to slow it down
unless of course outside circumstances other people slow it down for you
by Friday now this is a good day because now mercury is going to be very
favorable with innovative original Uranus great day for promoting original
ideas maybe learning new subjects going on job interviews conducting meetings
because you your mind is sharp and quick and thinking out of the box and coming
up with original ways of moving forwards new perspective then on Saturday Venus
pleasure-seeking creative social Venus is moving into Gemini for several weeks
and yes if you’re a Gemini have planets in Gemini have a Gemini rising that
Venus is bringing in more harmony more pleasure more win-win situations but
Gemini in general is very favorable for interacting and conversations and the
Venus can just bring in all this sociability energy so it’s actually as
we’re going into Saturday night with Venus going into Gemini a great evening
for going on a party going out with friends going on a date especially if
there’s something to talk about a concert a movie because there’s all that
Gemini interaction Sunday gotta be careful especially with that new moon in
hard angle to Neptune because now the Sun is going to be forming a hard angle
to Neptune now the positive always the positive first the Sun can light up the
vision of Neptune the dream the imagination compassion charity and it’s
that what a great day for compassion and charity on Sunday make sure you’re not
over the top with your dreams and fantasies because this could be when you
are feeling disappointed overall this is a very active week to really inspire you
inspire others but moderation is the key to success before I sign off I want to
remind you I’m available for the one-question offer for a nominal fee you
can find a direct link to order it into the description box below the video the
time of birth is always important and if you could put the birth information in
with your question it’ll just make sure I have it accurately I want to thank you
for tuning in I hope to see you next week with my sec next segment until then
have a great week

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