Weekly weather wrap from the Bureau of Meteorology: Sunday 19 August 2018

By | February 28, 2020

Hello and welcome to your weekly weather from
the Bureau for Sunday the 19th of August. So far over the weekend we have seen a cold
front making it’s way across SA and through Vic, Tas and NSW bringing gusty winds, showers,
thunderstorms and even hail through some areas. Temperatures dropped significantly behind
the front with snow falling to low levels through the southeast this morning. Luckily for those that are wishing for clearer
skies, a High-pressure system is moving through the Bight during Sunday and into Monday, dominating
the weather and driving the remnants of the front away from Australia. Strong winds are pushing through the north
and causing elevated fire dangers through Northern parts of the Territory. Though not all bad news as it will bring a
dry surge into the Top End. As the high moves over SE Australia, temperatures
through the area and extending into parts of SA and southern Qld may drop close to zero
degrees early Monday, possibly leading to frost. Showers do continue through Tasmania as the
high pushes further north, allowing a weak front to move through the state. Meanwhile, in the west a complex low is moving
towards WA. Early Tuesday, we expect to see showers and
possible thunderstorms through the southwest land division of WA ahead of the next front. The showers and possible storms will extend
further east through Wednesday and develop over much of SA as the low moves across on
Thursday. Overall 1-5mm can be expected through these
areas with higher falls possible along the coast. From Friday, we see the low moving over northern
NSW which may bring some showers through eastern Qld and northeast NSW. This far out it is hard to say how much rainfall
this system will bring or where it will fall. And that’s it for our weekly wrap. See you again next Sunday.

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