Weird Things Your Body Does When You’re Around Your Crush

By | September 13, 2019

They say you can tell a lot about someone
by looking in their eyes. And when it comes to having a crush, they’re
right. That’s awkward. Hey love bugs, It’s Trace. When you’re looking at someone you like,
I mean, like like, your body actually changes in a variety of ways. And one of the things that happens is you
go all googly eyed. No really, your pupils dilate. Your pupil size is controlled by your autonomic
nervous system, which regulates all of your involuntary actions like breathing, heart
rate, and sweating. A branch of this system called the sympathetic
nervous system, or SNS, is responsible for your body’s fight or flight mechanism. This mechanism acts up when you’re under
stress, like when you’re talking to your crush, and releases the hormone noradrenaline,
causing your pupils to dilate. This same hormone also causes you to sweat
more and your heart to beat faster around someone you like. And having dilated pupils might actually serve
a purpose. In a series of studies done in the 1960s and
70s, researchers learned that men find women with larger pupils more attractive. Another study published in 2004 in Evolution
and Human Behavior supported these findings and also showed that women were more attracted
to men with medium or large sized pupils. Even as far back as 500 years ago in Italy,
women trying to attract men would put the extract of the Belladona plant into their
eyes to dilate their pupils. Another sign of attraction is that flushed
look on your face anytime you get up the courage to talk to someone you like. Blushing is also a result of your SNS, which
causes the blood vessels in your face to dilate, increasing blood flow and giving you rosey
red cheeks. It’s more common in women than men, and
although there are a few theories as to why this happens, scientists still aren’t clear
on the purpose of blushing. But even if you aren’t the blushing type,
your crush might still be able to tell that you like them when you speak to them. There have been numerous studies done on what
happens to your voice when you are attracted to someone, and they all seem to agree that
it changes… but they don’t necessarily agree on how. According to a 2014 study published in Evolution
and Human Behavior, males speak in a more melodic fashion when they are talking with
someone they like… almost the way you might speak to a baby… and also deepen their voice. Another study published in Nonverbal Behavior
supports this, noting that both sexes had lower pitched voices when they were talking
to someone they found attractive. (Tries it out) “Excuse me, young lady, you’re
looking awfully nice tonight!”. Mmm…Maybe I should work on that. In both those studies, participants looked
at potential partners that they found attractive. But a study done on people in relationships
had different results. Research published in the Journal of Nonverbal
Behavior took people in new relationships and had strangers listen in on their conversations. The strangers had to guess if the subjects
were talking to platonic friends or romantic partners. Listeners noted that the tones people used
with their partners were, quote, “more pleasant, sexier, and reflecting greater romantic interest”. They also found that males and females changed
their voice to closely match or mimic the other’s tone. Males spoke in a higher pitch, while ladies
deepened their voices. It’s almost as if they were trying to come
together in harmony and make sweet, sweet beautiful music. So obviously, more research is needed to tell
exactly how (and why) your voice changes when you’re talking to a crush. Just remember that even if you’re trying
play it cool, you’re still giving off physical cues that you’re one smitten kitten. And if things get serious, remember for 100
years every kiss begins with Kay…. Once you and your crush have finally gotten
past the awkward beginnings, you may be ready for some cuddle bug time. Check out this video to find out how spooning
is good for your health. How do you guys react when you see your crush? Let us know in the comments, make sure you
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