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By | December 5, 2019

I chose physics at Southampton because of the… atmosphere around the building when I came here Everyone was really engaged through all the years… so you had PhD students talking to undergraduates… and you had third years talking to first years There was a really a nice mesh within the community I think the thing I enjoyed most was… my final year masters project when… I got to work with a research group at the University… working on cancer therapy and drug delivery… for biomedical applications I was able to work with the biology and chemistry… departments as well as within physics… working on my research It’s hard to narrow down what it is that I really love… about the course I’m studying because… there are so many things that are great about it and.. there’s nothing I would change For example, I didn’t get to do much lab work at A-Level When I came to Southampton there was… an army of PhD students as well as technicians… helping go through every little part with you Every little quirk in the data… that perhaps you would have brushed over before… becomes something new and interesting… to really discover what’s happening behind the physics When it comes to the theoretical side… the lecturers are leading the world in their field… so the enthusiasm and interest behind everything… keeps you on your toes There’s nothing I would change I think one of the main strengths of… studying physics in this University… particularly in the field of photonics and optoelectronics… is that we have the Optoelectronics Research Centre With this around, we have… a close relationship with the real world and industry Whatever you do in labs mirrors… the real-world industry’s needs and wants… whatever the current issue may be My favourite experience so far has definitely been… the trip to Tenerife We got to spend one week with a university in Spain… with international students from Ireland and Spain We got to design a telescope and… meet people from the European Space Agency In the second week, we spent the time up a mountain… at an observatory looking at stars for… seven nights and collecting data It was not only great academically but… it was wonderful to make really good friends… as you’re never going to get that experience again

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