What is a hyperlapse?

By | January 6, 2020

A hyperlapse is a form of time-lapse
where a sequence of shots are taken over an extended period of time and then
compiled into a sequence speeding up the activity in the shot, but instead of the
camera being static like in a time-lapse in a hyperlapse the cameras on the move
this movement has to be very controlled not to ruin the hyperlapse but when done
properly it can look fantastic the intervals between the shots can vary
from a fraction of a second to tens of seconds depending on what the Creator
has in mind but once you choose the interval it has to stay consistent
through that one hyperlapse and the longer the interval the faster the
perceived movement the camera can be on a moving vehicle or the photographer can
take steps between the shots and when it’s all put together properly
it can give a really dreamlike shot where the camera is drifting through
time there is a lot of processing involved to get the shot stable and care
has to be taken to get the photos as close to each other as possible now if
you want to learn how to create your own hyper lapses click on this next video
here and if you want to create a time-lapse of your own click on this
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  1. Stephen Woodburn Post author

    Nice explanation, Mike. I really enjoy a good hyper-lapse.


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