What You Fight About According To Your Zodiac Sign

By | September 18, 2019

Hello there! My name is Tao and I am reading about my zodiac
sign, Gemini. Zodiac signs can not only tell you about yourself
but also about how you handle your commitments, relationships and life. They can even tell you what you are most likely
to fight about in a relationship. Keep watching to find out how! Before we psychoanalyse each zodiac sign how
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help support Bestie! Have you ever observed a particular pattern
of arguments in your relationships? Whether it is the way you fight or the reason
you fight, there is usually a pattern and this pattern may have been influenced by your
zodiac sign. Yes, your zodiac sign explains more than just
who you are in different scenarios of life, it explains how you deal with break ups and
how you generally deal with emotional, mental or physical issues. To get a better understanding on this let’s
start with… Aries The first child of Mars, Aries is known for
its short temper and impulsive behavior. People born under this sign often tend to
take action first and think about it later. They may jump in and out of relationships,
or commit too quickly and sometimes they may get into a toxic relationship without even
realizing it. When it comes to arguments, they often find
themselves in a surprisingly defensive position. The child of the God of War playing defense? Well, it might be because they may have said
or done something without thinking about it much. Speaking of thinking, this brings us to the
next zodiac sign in the list. Taurus Unlike the Ram who does not think so much,
the bull is sorted as far as the thinking department is concerned. The problem is that the bull is a bit materialistic,
so a Taurean woman or man is more interested to know what are you bringing to the table
when it comes to a partnership. Which role are you playing? Yes, they make very loyal and sincere partners,
but that does not mean that they cannot stray. Values and purposes are important for a Taurean,
and the bull usually stands up for their beliefs. So, if you don’t want to fight the bull,
show them your value and you won’t have to deal with their horns. However, it is not the same with the next
zodiac sign. Gemini What happens when the twins fall in love? Romance, Passion and tons of fun, but there
is a problem. How long does the passion last? Not for long. A relationship needs more than just love,
passion and romance to make it last. The Gemini might not have gotten the memo
and as a result, they tend to run from relationships or cause fights when things get boring. Geminis are clever, witty and they are always
on the lookout for more fun. A Gemini in the dating game is like an eight-year-old
on a trip to Disneyland. They want the fun to go on and on. When the fun stops, they are known to get
upset. Oh and they might pick fights just to keep
things interesting. As we mentioned earlier, they are a bit childish. This brings us to our next sign. Cancer Cancers have a crab for their symbol and water
for their element. In fact, Cancer is the first water sign to
appear among the Zodiac water trio, which consists of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. So, what’s the problem with this moon child? They are very sensitive and are prone to becoming
sentimental way too easily. As a result, even a light hearted joke might
seem like a personal attack to Cancer. This is why, you have to be very careful while
dancing with the crab under the pale moonlight. Cancers also find it a bit difficult to thrive
alone, which is why they try to get along with everyone so they can have a lot of friends. People born under this sign may be naturally
introverted, but learn to behave like an extrovert to be likeable. Now, after the crab comes… Leo Oh Leo! You little attention seeker. When not given enough of the attention they
crave, Leos can behave in a very different way. SImilar to the Aires, Leos are also known
for their tempers so if you are dating a Leo and not giving them the attention they want,
then be prepared for a fight. Leos are basically like cats, so everything
that is yours is theirs too, including you. When it comes to the lion or the lioness,
issues can escalate very quickly, after all they do love to roar. How to avoid them? Just pat them on the back once in awhile. Say something nice to them, praise them when
they do something awesome. This will help you avoid World War III, which
otherwise seems inevitable. Now, that sounds dramatic! Luckily, the next sign is quite the opposite. Virgo Virgos have a drive just like Leos and they
love to be recognised too. However, Virgos are far more methodical, they
don’t like to live in a “make-believe” world. They want things to be done a certain way
and they like to meticulously check each and every detail. So, what can cause Virgos to fight their partners? Pet peeves. Yes, you heard it right. Well, when it comes to Virgos they’re not
just pet peeves though, they are more like “canals of irritation.” They’re the champions of micro-arguments
and they can be very critical of everyone, including themselves. A Virgo can literally list down the things
about you that annoys them and tell them to you on your face. Yes, they can do that. If you don’t like that then maybe the next
sign is for you. Libra Imagine a partner who has a great reputation
at her or his workplace, can cook meals for you and knows all the lyrics of your favorite
songs. That sounds dreamy, right? Well, Libras are just like that. They like to please their partners and they
will move mountains to make sure that their partner is happy. They are reliable and loyal, but there is
a catch. You see they are not saints, they’re humans
and just like every other human, they have expectations. They love to keep things in balance and since
they are giving you so much, they want you to do things for them in return. If they don’t get that love in return you
might have to deal with weeks of built-up resentment and anger. So, when you are courting the second child
of Venus, make sure to keep your end of the bargain. From the second child of Venus to the second
child of Mars. Scorpio Imagine Aries, but a bit darker…no, actually
a lot darker. Scorpio has the most notorious reputation
among all zodiac signs. They are often seen as the jealous partners
in a relationship. Now you might think, “How is that bothersome? Many of us may be jealous in a relationship.” Well, yes many people do show signs of jealousy
and possessiveness when they are dating. For Scorpios though, it can be different. You see Scorpios are loyal, as long as you
are loyal to them. So, if they know that you cheated on them
or arouse their jealousy, they will either fight you for it or do the same to you. Yes, they are quite vindictive like that. After a dark and moody sign like Scorpio,
comes the optimistic archer. Sagittarius Sagittarius are adventurous and happy-go-lucky
signs. They are always fun to be around and they
are always optimistic. Of course, they may not be your 2:00 AM buddy
like Taurus or Scorpio, but you can still count on them. Even though they’re reliable, that doesn’t
mean they don’t have their share of problems. The centaur likes to live free and expand
his horizons, a Sagittarius needs a lot of space. They don’t like being tied down and will
take it in a positive way. For a Sagittarius, if they are not given the
freedom they crave, things can get heated in your relationship. On the upside though, this is a sign that
can gel with any other sign. Yes, you may think that a Leo or Scorpio may
not be a good match, but they are as long as they can give this archer its space. Oh and they don’t like to hold grudges. Now, that we have discussed nine zodiac signs,
let’s talk about sign number 10. The Saturn-ruled… Capricorn There is a time for work and a time for play,
but no one told the goat that. The ambitious goat wants to climb the social
ladder fast. Once, they have achieved something, they look
for the next big thing right away. Capricorns tend to have multiple goals and
they work very hard to achieve all of them. All the staircases meet at one room and that
is at the top and that is where they want to be. With a mentality like that it should not be
a surprise that they prioritize their work over everything. This may not sit well with other people and
in some cases it may lead to a fight. This is why it’s important that they learn
the value of work-life balance. Aquarius Aquarius is a sign that likes to march to
the beat of their own drum. Usually, people born under this sign are friendly
and optimistic and rarely have trouble making friends. Unfortunately for the water bearer, making
friends is not equivalent to finding love. Their eccentricities make them hard to understand
for anyone. This is why they often end up on the short
end of the stick. Aquarians often feel misunderstood and this
can lead to a fight. Oh and be careful of that Aquarian temper
which can take anyone by surprise. It might also be a bit odd to see a calm person
become so violent in a matter of seconds. Pisces A person born under Pisces really tries to
make their relationship work. Pisceans are devoted to their partners and
can be very romantic. Although, there is one problem with Pisces,
in their race to make everything work they hide many important things from their partners. Pisceans are very good at lying and have the
ability to keep very important secrets from their loved ones. This is what often causes trouble for them,
no one likes to discover that their partner is keeping secrets from them. So, if you are born under this sign we suggest
that you be honest with your partner. This way you get to keep them happy and they
don’t feel as if they have been betrayed. Fighting in a relationship can occur for many
reasons, but if two people are willing to make it work then it will work out. It is not something that can happen overnight
but it eventually will. So, what is your zodiac sign? Do you fight with your partners because of
the reasons we have listed? Let us know in the comment section below,
we would love to hear from you.

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    Everyone has angry outbursts at some point in life. Mine are very brief and followed by lots of laughter and quirky humor … bordering on creepy.

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