What’s inside a Lokai Bracelet?

By | October 16, 2019

(intense dramatic music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today we’re gonna cut
open a Lokai Bracelet. – Many of you probably
had the same response that I had when I saw this request. We got this request many times from our different subscribers. – Why are we even considering cutting open a bracelet right now? – Because there’s two
different beads on it. One of them has water from
the top of Mount Everest and the other, black bead, it
has dirt from the Dead Sea. – Exactly, so it’s kind of unique. In fact, we had some good friends of ours from New Mexico that were in Israel for the last couple of
weeks and they sent us a picture of them in the
Dead Sea and they said “Hey, you should cut
open a Lokai Bracelet.” And so, like Lincoln said,
the sand from the Dead Sea is on one side of the bracelet, and that basically represents
when you’re at your low, stay hopeful and things can get better. Also, the water from Mount
Everest that’s in the white bead, on the other side of the bracelet, tells you that when you’re at your highest of highs to stay humble. So, the question is, does
it really have water in it, and does it really have sand in it? So, we went and bought ourselves a set of these bracelets and, to show you that it’s brand-new, we haven’t tampered with it or anything, it hasn’t been a used one. It’s still wrapped in the plastic. So, let’s take off the plastic and get the actual bracelet out of here. Oh, look at that. – Whoa. – That’s all those bracelets. One, two, three, four, five. – They’re different colors. – [Dan] The bottom that says, “Find Your Balance,” and then it has this nice top on it. Very, very cool. Let’s check it out. Fancy. Bracelet time. – [Lincoln] Whoa. (chuckling) That camo one is cool. – [Dan] We’ve got camo,
pink, clear, blue, red. I’ve put down this paper towel so that if there is liquid in it, it’s obviously going to be a small amount, and I want to be able to see the liquid. I think with the paper towel, it will absorb it and
we’ll be able to tell. All right, Bracelet Number One. Ready for this? It’s just a silicone ball. (upbeat electronic music) – [Lincoln] Is there water in it? – [Dan] There’s not one
drop of water in there. – [Lincoln] What? – [Dan] Nothing on the entire paper towel. There’s nothing. – [Lincoln] That’s weird. Not one drop of water. – [Dan] Not one drop of water, literally. Like, nothing at all. It’s just plastic. All right, one is not a
big enough sample size since there was nothing in it. We’re going to wait on the black bead. Let’s just figure out the
water side of it first. Let’s cut another one. – Anything? – I don’t see anything in there. – There’s nothing. – Nothing inside of there. – That is crazy. – Give me another one. Pink. All right, pink. Show us something. (upbeat electronic music) Is there anything on that blade? No, and I’m cutting all the way through. Not one drop of anything in there and nothing is on the paper. Can you see that? Nothing inside of that. No water. Take a look at the blue one. I’m stretching it. There’s nothing, there’s no cuts in it. We didn’t tamper with it at all. Let’s just take this razor blade. (upbeat electronic music) Nothing inside of that. Nothing on the blade, the paper towel is not wet at all. All four of these guys and
nothing was inside of them. – No. (laughing) There’s just one left so– – No. No, please? – Dude, we’ve got to cut this one open. We’ve got to figure it out. – I want to keep this one. You’ve already cut four. Isn’t that enough? – Well, if there had been water in them, I was hoping we’d only cut one or two, but there’s nothing in four. This is their whole company. I mean, here’s what it says on here. “The white bead, carrying
water from Mount Everest, “the highest point on the Earth. “The white bead represents
life’s highest moments.” I mean, that’s what this thing is? How could there not be water in here? This is a silicone bead. Silicone should be able to
keep water inside of it. It should just recirculate
and stay in there. These just arrived at
our house two weeks ago, directly from the company. I mean, we ordered it directly. So, these, this was a special color. I think December 31st was
their last day that they even sold this one, so these are fresh. Last one, last one. Please have water. (upbeat electronic music) Come on, camo. There’s the hole. And I don’t see anything at all. Lincoln, check it out? – [Lincoln] Nothing. – [Dan] Nothing. – [Lincoln] That’s sad. – I mean, I’m kind of disappointed because these were $18 a piece. I spent over $100 for these five things. The packaging is awesome,
the story is great. I just don’t see any water in it. – Nothing. – So, the sand, I guess yeah. Let’s look and see if there’s sand. But, it’s like disappointing already. If you buy one and it
doesn’t have water in it, it’s like a cool idea– – Yeah. – To remind you of it, but
it’s more like a figurative. It’s not literal, like there’s
literally water inside of it. (upbeat electronic music) (bell chiming) (bell chiming) (bell chiming) (bell chiming) (bell chiming) We’ve determined that every
single one of them has mud in it and every single one of them does not have water inside of it. So, looking on their website, they have a cool video that shows somebody picking up big gallons of
water from Mount Everest. I found out in the FAQ
section of their website it says, “The white bead, Stay Humble, “comes from the highest point of Earth. “It’s sourced by sherpas, who
are native to the landmark. “The water is injected into the center “of the silicone ball itself. “As silicone is a porous material, “we have found that over time, “when wearing your Lokai Bracelet, “the water may evaporate
through the white ball.” So, we didn’t wear it. We didn’t have it “for a time.” So, it was all five of them. I see what they’re saying. I can imagine that it
would evaporate over time. That’s why I purposely
went to their website and got brand new ones so that
we could go through them. – Yeah. – I feel bad that
there’s nothing in there, because it’s a really cool story and I’d like to have them for our family, but I don’t know that I’m
ready to buy any more of these. I spent over $100 on bracelets that didn’t have any water in it. – Same thing. I wouldn’t want to get another one. Even though they look so cool, but it’s just not really worth it if it doesn’t have the water inside. – Anyway, thank you so
much for watching, guys. If you have any other
suggestions of things that we should cut open, please feel free to send them our way. We are so grateful for all
of our subscribers and fans and all the suggestions
that you guys give us. We’re having a blast doing this, right? – Yeah.

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Lokai Bracelet?

  1. marissa_thompson9 Post author

    Maybe the water and dirt is mixed into the mixture used to create the bead
    (Edit: maybe the water has been absorbed into the bead or in the other beads that aren’t white or black

  2. 5B Emma Nha Ngoc Nguyen - Issoe-skolen Post author

    am i the only one who saw the paper towel get a little wet at the blue if u want to see it go to 3.51 and tell me if im wrong or not

  3. Aleigna Weathers Post author

    I had one of these and there was no water but there was mud

  4. Abrisham Sarrafan Post author

    you said that you got it 2 weeks a go!!! OFCOURSE THAT SMALL AMOUNT OF WATER WILL AVAPORATE OVER THAT TIME!!!!

  5. RAYA AL-IMAM Post author

    Guys read the 7th paragraph in the description it says he bought Lincoln another camp one!

  6. Renee Case Post author

    For the love of all that is holy let the kid keep one bracket.

  7. Sandra Troutman Post author

    i looked at the link for the braclets on amazon and it said the bracelet was infused with water so they can stop acting like there wasnt water and like i said amazon said THE WATER IS INFUSED IN THE BRACELET

  8. A.M. Photiou Post author

    isnt it possible that the water might have spread out throughout the bracelet

  9. Allie Roberts Post author

    Ok who is going to tell them ……… okay WATER EVAPORATES

  10. Painqtinqs Aesthetics Post author

    Calm down it’s such a small amount of water and it evaporated on their site it says that.

  11. Semina Tawar Post author

    I know cause I did it is water from mount Everest (white) mud from dead sea (black)

  12. Amber Clarke Post author

    anyone watching in 2019, your son was proper sad when you cut the one he wanted 🙁

  13. Viva la Diva Post author

    It said REPRESENTING not that they actually had water inside.

  14. Jason Stickman Post author

    You should of cut the colored not the white like the orange

  15. Manuel Moreira Post author

    “I spent over 100 dollars” “they cost 18 dollars a piece” 18 times 5 is 90?

  16. badtolz2122 Post author

    I believe they market it as "infused with" or something like that.

  17. Annabel Wang Post author

    who else is here in 2019? Lincolns's voice changed sm!!

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    You the worst person I ever seen I don’t know why I wasted my time watching this

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    I know a girl who has like 4 of these. She got so offended when I implied that they are BS. I should send her this

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    You know that there just for fashion and profits

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    Lol u can get them authentic for cheap at Clare’s

  24. Human Being Post author

    I had one of these bracelets when I was little but I actually literally ate it. I have an excuse, I was like 5 and i thought it was one of those gummy bracelets.

  25. Sequoia Post author

    Y’all do know the water could’ve evaporated. You said it’s been at your house for two weeks but yet you decided to wait. The water could’ve evaporated during that time period.

  26. Trinity Fry Post author

    if 4 of them didn’t have water in them… then why would the 5th have water in it? lincoln really wanted to keep it

  27. Trinity Fry Post author

    they say that there’s stuff inside of them so people will buy them and they will make more money

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    Cut open Gumby, Samsung Galaxy note 10 pro, Xbox one s all digital

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    What a scam lmao, too bad the ones I've owned were either found or stolen?


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