Who You SHOULD MARRY Based on Zodiac Signs

By | August 13, 2019

We all look to the stars when it comes to
our fates and how we would want to know what’s in store for us most especially in finding
the right partner for us. To many of us, zodiac signs eerily represent
the broad-strokes of our personalities as well as the quirks that come with the signs
we are born under. It brings a degree of child-like fascination
to know just how seemingly accurate some descriptions of the signs can be and how it can fit in
the whole scheme of things involving our daily lives. Maybe it’s our basic need to be paired up
with the perfect partner that makes us keep searching for the right sign or maybe it’s
just pure fascination. Whatever our reason, at one point in our lives,
we have been enamoured by the stars and the signs and so in this video, we are finding
out which Zodiac signs are the most compatible with each other! ARIES
Adventurous, energetic, and extremely confident, people born under the fire sign of Aries are
also known for being impulsive and stubborn. It comes as no wonder that this headstrong
sign goes well with other fire signs that are equally pig-headed and charismatic such
as Leos and Sagittarians. Surprisingly, Arians are also compatible with
so-called Air signs like Aquarius and Gemini; maybe because they provide the right amount
of wind to fan the flames of this sign without turning it into a blazing wildfire. TAURUS
Their focused determination is often misread as stubbornness but, the truth is, Taurians
are people who just know what they want and when they set their eyes on something, they
will charge at the first opportunity to get it. An endearing quality of the Earth Sign Taurus
is that people born under it tend to be patient and reliable which makes them great matches
for other Earth Signs like Capricorn and Virgo and Water Signs like Cancer and Pisces. GEMINI
Gemini is an Air Sign that does play well with other Air Signs such as Libra and Aquarius. Valued for the adaptability and versatility
of their personalities, Geminis are very lively and enjoys a good conversation – sometimes
to a fault – which also makes them great partners and friends to fire signs like Aries
and Leo. A word of advice though, Geminis can sometimes
be nervous and tense individuals so it may take a little time to get them out of their
shells but it’s all worth it. CANCER
The Water Sign of Cancer is known for being highly emotional and, compared to the other
signs on this list, can be quick to love and they do love hard which makes them perfect
matches for fellow water signs, Pisces and Scorpio; and earth signs, Virgo and Taurus. While Cancerians are also known for having
a difficult time of letting things go, it may come from the fact that people born under
this sign may be one of the few people who – when they commit – are all in which
other people may perceive as a little too clingy when all they are doing is expressing
heartfelt devotion. LEO
As headstrong as an Aries and as determined as a Taurus, Leos tend to be more on the demanding
side when it comes to relationships mainly because they have a deep appreciation and
passion for life and not just relationships. Bold, creative, and broad-minded, Leos, on
the flip side, can sometimes be bossy and pushy – a trait that is, perhaps, a hallmark
of their Big Cat counterparts. Despite that, they can get along quite well
with Geminis, Libras, Sagittarians and – surprisingly – people born under the sign of Aries. VIRGO
Shy and timid but are extremely practical and reliable, the Earth Sign Virgo is the
definition of the adage “birds of the same feather flock together” as they are most
comfortable being paired up with other Earth Signs such as Taurus and Capricorn. Don’t get them wrong though as they can
also be perfect matches to water signs like Scorpio and Cancer. As analytical individuals, Virgos can tend
to go overboard and become critical of themselves and others because they strive for nothing
less than perfection. LIBRA
Popularly represented by the icon of the scales, Libra is an air sign that is compatible with
other air signs like Gamini and Aquarius. And, as with air signs, Liras are also a good
match for Fire Signs Leo and Sagittarius. Surprisingly, because of its representation
of harmony, Libras are also compatible with individuals of the same sign. Diplomatic, charming, and generally easy-going,
Libras can be a friend as well as a romantic partner. SCORPIO
Typically compatible with fellow water signs, Pisces and Cancer, Scorpios can also easily
be a good match with Virgo and Capricorn. Given that Scorpio is the most emotional and
passionate sign in the Zodiac, people born under this sign have often very magnetic personalities,
a trait that makes up for their sometimes obsessive and jealous natures. SAGITTARIUS
People who are Sagittarians are known to be honest, intelligent, and straightforward. Many of them are even notable for being good-natured
which is why they are compatible to pair up with people who are Aries or Leos and, to
some degree, Libras and Aquarians. And since Sagittarians are always on the lookout
for something to keep them away from boredom, you can expect them to always keep things
interesting. CAPRICORN
Capricorns are meticulous, practical and disciplined. If there is a sign in the Zodiac that takes
its time to study all of its options and their consequences, Capricorn takes the cake home. Despite having the downside of being pessimists
and unwilling to accept change, Capricorns become their better selves when paired with
a Taurus or Virgo; or a Scorpio or Pisces. AQUARIUS
Aquarians are pleasant people to be around with because their drive to put their freedom
and independence front and center is an infectious trait. A spree-spirited trait that can make him a
good partner to an Aries or a Sagittarius. But what makes an Aquarius stand out from
the other signs is its placing an importance on solitude. Giving an Aquarius time to reflect and meditate
or just be left quietly alone with his or her thoughts make this sign a good match for
Geminis and Libras who also understand the value of time for oneself. PISCES
For Pisceans, there is a need to be paired up with other water signs like Scorpio and
Cancer. While they may work well with other signs,
especially earth signs like Capricorn and Taurus, Pisceans can find a much more harmonious
relationship with the same element because they get to understand and read each other’s
moods better. This may be because they are known for being
intuitive and sympathetic; as well as having the hallmark trait of being compassionate.

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