Worst Fortune Teller Ever | Lele Pons

By | August 14, 2019

shout outs to lele pons fav video im going to be looking at the vid today>>WELCOME! shut up>>What do you see when you see yourself in the mirror?>>well i see>>how ugly you are>>Ready for the future, and its so stupid>>Oh! Um. Ooh! Oh my gosh. Okay, imTRIGGGGGERD>>I hate your work, and I saw you on the uglyness . One of your videos went viral. I’m getting a ugly wife she looks like trash.>>You’re getting a ugly wife>>Hopefully we’re gonna have a ugly life and i poop on my kids.btw lollll>>Okay SHUT up>>So help me out, like how do you shut up *Snaps*>>Where’s the money?>>Okay, Im not given you non falisha>>I don’t see it. you doe doe butt>>More?>>Okay, it’s coming to me! Coming to me! What is that?>>Oh, my credit.>>Credit-credit card! Okay, then I see something! I see your future! All right, cool.>>Okay, let me tell you.>>Okay.>>So what do you see?>>Chico? This is just a lamp.>>This is just, for like, show and stuff.>>I need-I need da energy.. *Nods sagely*>>Yah.>>Y’know, maybe I’m not doing the right thing here, you know I’m gonna take my money back.>>Hold my hand! Hold my hand!>>I see something now! Yes, I do! Oh! Yes I do Babe You’re cheating on me. We’ve only been married for two weeks I think that you should just just stick with your job and never come home early. Okay. Okay focus on my work, okay? Am I really gonna get married though? You’re definitely gonna get married okay perfect. Thank you so much Okay Hi Hello, I want to know my future and I really want to be rich. Yeah me and you both boo I don’t I don’t have any money, right Again, you don’t have money. I don’t have any money, okay Look I actually stole some money just so I can come and see you so I can hear my future. Oh you stole for me? But wait wait how do I know if you’re legit? I AM LEGIT! See that lamp that I have I mean, I am legit! Okay, what’s my name? Your name? Marilyn..? Okay, I’m so excited for this Okay you had a good at parties the blue parties like The Great Gatsby is Yeah, oh, okay, no wait, please See what I saw in my future for you you see life is complicated, and uh it was like I- I saw um , I I thought you would be very good and the thing is like that. I was gonna give you more money I See a bright future for you don’t work and get yourself a rich person a rich person Okay, thank you so much Let me guess you’re single well. I’ve never really been with a woman. Oh my god. Why did you come here today? That’s hoping that I can find a woman. Oh!! Saturday nights, I don’t usually work. Not you. Okay, so what’s what’s the problem? I’m pretty well off in my family owns. Pop ice Oh! Pop ice you’re rich must be devastating all my friends and family,. They’re all married and happy looks like they’re having fun and Here. I am single. All right, all right, okay first things first. Uh you put that I mean handsome, man I need money is it a check how much do you want? 10k For the first five minutes okay meet the 20 I’m gonna get the pen just in case I want to put another zero okay. Let’s begin okay Look up booyaka So you see that they make fun of you because you don’t have a wife and everything Feisty No, not like that. Yeah, so you know what actually for the first time today? Actually, I see it kind of a bright future you will get what you wanted But um just try to prevent being with girls that have a husband okay Okay, now get out. Pop ice Stay positive man Sit down Do you remember us thought to be honest, I’m trying to forget You ruined our lives what I told you your future you see we all know each other Let me start off with this hey, babe. Hey so listen. Uh I’m not gonna be coming home early tonight I’m gonna be staying at the hotel up the street. I got a lot of work to do. I really want to be focused That’s what I’ll let you know okay, all right. Love you. Bye Sir your reg yeah, I’ll give you anything you want how about that watch? It’s yours Thank you Oh my god Babe, you’re cheating on me. We’ve only been married for two weeks, baby. I Love you. I was just doing it for the money. They were single obviously not go No wait, please give me a chance. I really need the money. Please don’t don’t that brings us back to here Do you see the full picture Oh? To be honest this session is still gonna cost you know what do you have to say for yourself?

100 thoughts on “Worst Fortune Teller Ever | Lele Pons

  1. Léa Rofail Post author

    I love everyone in this video and in other videos?❤️❤️

  2. James Chungus Post author

    How did the husband not see the wife coming through?

  3. Norio Villalobo Post author

    Ending is funny they were all in the same thing ?

  4. Joery Alotbi Post author

    Am i the only one that finds it funny when she said ‘Hello’ like so sarcastic?

  5. CHIMMY CHIM CHIM Post author

    so when i turned on the subtitle i was like hold up BISH THANK YOU FOR BEING THE ONE WHO MADE THIS

  6. Game Lover Post author

    Hopefully we are gonna get a house gives his credit card

  7. Gacha moonlight Star Post author

    Sister:what are you doing!?

    Me:learning how to shut you up

    tape flys on sisters mouth


  8. Emily Burnett Post author

    When you get in Trouble

    Lele: ._. ~spits water on them and runs~

    Me: .-. Sorry.

  9. Poppy Marwick Post author

    Saturday night I don’t usually wor

    Not you

    I’m dying

  10. Angela Ambrosio Post author

    Lele should of said the truth but it's still funny

  11. saabir Scc Post author

    Wooooh look at the captions is to much funner than WTF they are saying

  12. Rebecca Bryan Post author

    To be fair, she DID tell the future and tried to prevent bad stuff from happening

  13. KatDIY_ xox Post author


  14. Cloey Mcdowell Post author

    When you didn’t spit the water on the man I was like no you. Don’t need a man

  15. ethanchoi1022 Post author

    Wait how can the husband open the hotel room door without the key card

  16. david juarez Post author

    I laughed so hard when she said"chiko this is just a lamp"???

  17. Caydan_ Lol love Post author

    0:03 is funny she burns her finger ???????

  18. GennyBM Studious Post author

    So funny trying to steal money from other people hehe

  19. I wach xxxAlphaxx I LOVE HER VIDS Post author

    SO funny he voice and her face

  20. H e l l o B u t t e r f l y I m S u n s e t Jeez Post author

    0:01 how I sing

  21. bon roblox time Post author

    If u do the Lyric for the video almost all of it is…….XD

  22. Mary Kathlien Velez Post author

    girl:whats my name?

    lele: …

    phone: marilyn where are you!?

    me: oh gawdddddd besttt fortunee teller evvaaaaarrrr!!!!!!!!

  23. behsi group Post author

    atleast she really see whats gonna happen she mess up tho

  24. cheyenne reacts Post author

    Guy: what do you see?
    Lele: chico this is just a lamp.
    Guy: ?️??️

  25. Lana Cowboy :D Post author

    Turn in captions. Please I promise you will like it

  26. Guadalupe Vaquero Post author

    She really is not a bad fortune teller? and this doesn’t make sense because the first guy said he was married and he was married to the girl and the girl said he needs a boyfriend

  27. Skyla Attaya Post author

    Pause at 1:28 and the play it. Look at her face and the noise she makes?


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