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By | August 8, 2019

– So our goal, game starts, and I forgot I didn’t have shorts on, so. – But you had underwear? – No, nothing. – What!? (laughing) Oh, oh no.
– It was a strong breeze. It was a strong breeze. (soothing music) My deal breakers are somebody
who doesn’t know themselves. You know, how can I get to know you if you don’t know yourself. We don’t gotta have abs popping but you know, just have your
proportions in proportion, you know what I’m saying. – So I’ve been divorced
for a about under a year. Dating is fairly new
to me, kind of bizarre. (chuckles) (cymbals chime) (upbeat music) (upbeat orchestra music) (soothing music) – Your name is Michael
and this is your story. You are 26 years old. For work, your an artist. You grew up in Atlanta. And your cultural or ethnic
background is African American. My name is Remy. I am 26 years old. (bell dings) For work, I’m a doctor. I grew up in Boston. And my cultural background
is African American. – Sweet. – Your name is Melissa
and this is your story. You are 28 years old. For work, your a banker. You grew up in L.A. And your cultural background
is your black from the south. (giggles) – My name is Sarah. I am 29 years old. For work, I have multiple jobs. I’m a Lyft driver, Server
for a catering company and I charge people for drawings. I grew up in The Philippines. And my cultural or ethnic background is African American and Filipino. – Filipino, how is that,
it’s a big change here, huh? – Culturally, definitely. – How old were you when you came over? – 18, 19. But I was born here
and then grew up over there. – Oh okay. – So doctor? – Doctor. I heal with these hands. (laughs) – Okay, what does that mean. – I’m a doctor in Physical Therapy. – Oh okay, nice. – Yeah, yeah. The work I do is really refreshing cause I help people do things that they were once able to do. So, standing up or being able to walk just from the bed to the bathroom again. The joy and appreciation
they get from me helping them that’s were my empathy comes from. – Toughest part about being married was giving up that control
to make my own decisions. I want a guy that knows how to
be supportive of my choices. (soothing music) Your favorite family vacation was Walt Disney World in Florida. And you speak two languages. And your favorite accent
to impersonate is Jamaican. (giggles) My favorite family vacation
was Disney World, good job. – No way! – Yeah, yeah. (laughs) – That’s funny. – I speak one and a half
languages if you count like Spanglish like I got Spanish one, two. And I can put words together. And my favorite accent to
impersonate is Jamaican. (giggles) (bell dings) Your favorite family
vacation was The Bahamas. You speak three languages. And your favorite accent
to impersonate is British. (chuckles) – My favorite family vacation was actually somewhere in The Philippines. – Oh, okay. – We have over 7,000 islands so options for beaches is endless. – Wow. – I do speak three languages. (bell dings) Favorite accent to impersonate, I’m not really good at British but I do an excellent
Filipino accent, cause. – That’s like cheating, that’s like saying I
have an American accent. Like, I don’t, that’s cheating. Do the accent for me. (laughing) – Okay well I can talk
with a Filipino accent but most of the time I don’t cause then it will throw people off and they start asking me, where I’m from and I don’t really want to talk to people like that, so, yeah. – That was good. – Alright, what’s your
favorite accent? Jamaican? Do the Jamaican one. – What a guan sistah,
top of the morning to ya. (chuckles) – Nice that was good. (soothing music) I have a four year old daughter. She’s amazing. She’s my best friend. She’s four but she’s going on 24 I think. – The way I look at it,
my taxes still say single. So the way I phrase it is, you know, I’m single but far from lonely. So, I won’t say that I’m someone that’s in a relationship all the time. But I always have company. So single moms, you
know, I’ll be open to it but they’ll be like a cap. Unless they were like some
extraordinary exception. (upbeat music) – Your most embarrassing moment was when you got bullied in school. When you feel fear you
react by confronting it. And you are most grateful
for your family in your life. – My most embarrassing moment? So middle school basket ball game. You know how they got the warm ups? – Mm hmm. – You know, with the buttons? So my dad was rushing me,
“Come on, get ready get ready.” So I just put those on. So I go, game starts and I
forgot I didn’t have shorts on. So, (laughs). – But you had on underwear? – No, nothing. – What!? – Oh, no.
– It was a strong breeze. It was a strong breeze. When I feel fear I usually
yeah I confront it. I would say I’m probably
most grateful for my family. (bell dings) I’m really close to my youngest sister. I think a lot of my playfulness and my soft qualities come from her because I’m always like playing and joking around with her. I’m a get hype and go on a tangent. So I’m a just try and keep it short. For you, your most embarrassing moment was when you had like a tissue stuck on your heal at the club. When you feel fear I think you run. I think you’re running first. I think you’re running first. – Dang.
– And I said (chuckles) you’re most grateful for your family. – So my most embarrassing moment, I was in the audience of a game show and during commercials they asked me to get down on the stage and start dancing. I didn’t do too good of a job (laughs). – Yeah. – As I normally though I would. And it was in front of Jamie Foxx. – So you tried to twerk like a champion and you broke your ankle.
– No I did not try and twerk. (laughing) It was a family show. – Okay, okay. – When I feel fear I, it depends on what it is because some things I can confront. – So if a spider pops out, are you killing it or am I killing it? – Spiders I can kill. – Okay. – Roaches. Because in The Philippines
the would climb the wall and start flying. – They fly? – Yes. – Yeah, I might be with you with that one. – And I’m most grateful
for my family, yeah. (bell dings) I have four year old daughter. Her name’s Tyler. She’s amazing. – Baby father drama, I
gotta be looking around? – I’m dealing with it. – Yeah. – I don’t expect anybody
to deal with it with me. – What do you do when you do find time? Since you do have a daughter. – I like reading. – Read, no, you gotta come
a little more than that. More than that. – What?
– I know you do more than read in your free time. When you get a day to yourself. – I would watch a lot of movies. – Really? – Really big movie buff. – So Club Crib with DJ Netflix, that’s your vibe? – Yeah. I’ve done clubs and stuff and every once in a while you know, maybe get your twerk on. (laughing) (soothing music) (upbeat music) Okay, when I first saw you, I decided, I would date you. (giggles) – I wanna thank all my supporters. – And as I’m talking to you, I also decided yeah you’re
very interesting person. – Yeah? – So I would date you. – Okay. – When I first saw you, I decided, I would date you. And after talking to you, I decided, I would date you. I gotta help you get out of Club Crib. (laughs) I gotta help you get out of Club Crib. I think we’ll find a good balance. – Okay.
– Yeah? We should kick it sometime. – Absolutely. (giggles) Nice meeting you. – Mm hmm. (giggles softly) – What’s gonna happen the first date? So, I like to do active things. So, we not just, movie
out, never just the movies. So, I like to eat, you know
I gotta feed these muscles. So I’m thinking (laughs) I’m thinking, – He’s funny too
– Korean, Korean bar-b-que or like a place that got a bunch of smalls
plates so that I can see like, what she likes and type of things. You know, an open setting. – We gonna find a cook? – If you, well let’s do the damn thing. If you cook, I eat. – Okay. ♫ Soul pancake (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music)

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