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By | January 6, 2020

What is up guys my name is Amber Mancha and welcome back to my channel today We are going to be doing this Aquarius inspired look which is inspired by the amethyst which is February’s birthstone this took on a very alien Whimsical moment and I’m loving all of it. I hope you guys enjoy it, too if you do Please give this a big thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and share it with the world so we can achieve world domination And if you’re into all things beauty and baby Consider subscribing and hitting that notification bell so that you don’t miss anything and let’s get started I’m gonna start by putting foundation on my face And this is really just to even out anything that you see that isn’t covered by face paint this step is not necessarily Important, but I am using the dream Maybelline foundation in honey beige, and then I’m gonna take the Elmer’s glue stick And I am going to cover my eyebrows I’m still new at this so I gotta try to figure this out But you want them to be as flat as possible and I covered them with glue to make it more Skin like and then I’m going over them with the la girl Pro conceal in the shade Orange And this will cancel out any of the dark tones that I have which obviously I have a lot because my eyebrows are black Dada and then I’m going in with the shape tape concealer because it is my thickest concealer And I’m just gonna cover those up, and then I’m going to blend it out So I don’t have to light blobs on my face now I’m taking my mehron paradise paints, and I’m going in with light purple And I am making this mask in like the shape of a bee so i’m terribiy a V Duh god still can’t talk I’m taking it from my brow bone up into my hairline And then I’m gonna take it down to the tip of my nose and follow it up in more of a v-shape Then I’m taking this amethyst color, and I am putting that on top of the light purple And then I’m going to cover the top of my forehead with a dark purple body paint now this is gonna Take multiple layers as you can see it’s kind of streaky So I have my ceiling fan on and what I do is I take a layer of paint. I put it down I move on to the next thing and then I go over them all again Just to make sure that they’re nice and opaque now. I’m taking my Juvia splays Masquerade palette, and I’m going into this purple shade I’m taking a fluffy brush and I’m going to make a new crease flick it up to my hairline and take it down into the bridge of my nose and Then just kind of contour my nose out with this color when you’re doing shadows over body paints take Your time and you’re gonna use a lot of product instead of swiping Maybe like Pat it into some areas it is kind of hard it takes a while to get them opaque so just be patient Then I’m going in with this dark pink shade and I’m gonna follow that purple line that we just did now I’m gonna take that onto the lid leaving the inner corner kind of open, and I’m just patting that Onto the lid And then I’m going to take it under my eye as well and putting that into the lashline and I’m bringing that all the way To the color on my nose Now I’m taking my body paint And I’m just gonna cover up any of the areas that I don’t want to see from my eyeshadows And this is just a pretty cool trick that I figured out myself You can just clean up and add any shapes that you want now. I’m taking five zone I’m putting that on a real techniques sponge And I’m pouncing that into the body paint to give me a shimmer and just kind of blend any of these shadows together I’m taking this purple shade and I’m putting that at the top of my forehead Then I got these sequins um they do have a sticky like adhesive back But I’m using the NYX and glitter primer just to make sure that they stick, and I’m alternating some gemstones, and I put one in the outer corner of my eye and then I’m going in with this pink shade and I’m gonna blend in this pink to purple area below my eye, and Then blending this out into the skin so that I don’t have any harsh lines now. I’m taking this Lock cosmetics, LOC. It’s a tachi crayon. It’s in the night owl, and I’m putting that into the water line And then I’m putting that into the lash line so that I have a nice base for my eyelashes And I’m taking the outer edges of my Koko lashes, and those are in the style 502 And I’m putting those in the middle of my bottom lash line and then I’m using Stella which are also coca lashes and putting those into the top And then I’m cleaning up any areas that are patchy with just the body paint Then and you can skip this step, I went in but I didn’t I wanted to show you guys I should have left these little like three dots by themselves But I decided to go extra because I just don’t know when to quit it’s a big problem of mine But I did put this on the lashes Just to give the lashes some extra, and then I’m going in with the give me Glo cosmetics, and this is slave for you I’m using this as my lip liner, and then I’m going in with subversive socialite and this is from NYX Cosmetics And I’m putting this in the middle I blend this all out with a brush. I would not wish this on my worst enemy This step took for ever literally forever it came out pretty cool, but just Good god, and I’m going over it with the cargo cosmetics. Lip gloss which is a light pink lip gloss and Then I’m taking these shades from the magic palette, and I’m just gonna highlight up my face I put foz o in the inner corner, and then I put osan on the top of my lips And now I’m contouring my face with this purple shade I wanted like alien like features, so I wanted to make sure that my contour was just Poppin and then I brought that down to my chin because I wanted my smile line to be Super strong, and then I’m just going to darken up this Contour line with some blue and blend that out, and that’ll finish up this look. I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know obviously this is not wearable, but it is fun, and I hope you guys learned something if you did Please give this video a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and share it with the world so we can achieve world domination I upload every Monday Wednesday and Friday if you’re into all things beating and baby Make sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell happy birthday to all of my various friends And I will see you guys next time

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  1. Mrs.Dickinson 1910 Post author

    Gurl this was insanely beautiful!!! Where do you get your body paints??

  2. the creation of beauty is art. Post author

    This is so creative! It looks incredible.

  3. JustChab Post author

    Like if an alien meets a mermaid and has babies, you would be their baby. πŸ˜‚ yo I love this though! The blend and different shades of purple and amethyst! Gorgeous!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  4. Luanne Santos Post author

    I didn't even recognize you in the thumbnail! This is freaking awesome Amber! I hear our baby in the background 😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😍 Yes OUR BABY! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I want another baby, since that's not going to happen I'm claiming your son πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  5. Bianca AlcΓ‘zar Post author

    Omg girlllll this is beyond cool and beautiful !Queenn


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