Zodiac Sign GEMINI Astrology Tips and Advice for Happy & Prosperous Life

By | October 9, 2019

Hello My Dear Gemini friends, This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria with
some useful tips and astrological advice for the year. First of all the Tips Be ready to move a mountain. In other words,
you have a huge amount of work and responsibilities waiting to be completed by you. Therefore, from the beginning itself do some
smart planning, budgeting and scheduling of your time, money and other resources. For example, you may chalk out a daily routine
and follow it strictly. Remember, drop by drop your daily contribution
will fill a huge bucket. Another benefit would be that you won’t have
to over exert yourself on weekends or at the last hour. Same applies to your finances also. Please send every unit of money carefully
and spread your spending over the year after making a tight budget. All work and not taking care of your family
is also not a good style of working. So take occasional breaks to be with your
family and spend some time to make them happy and rejuvenate yourself. Keep yourself fit, as there would also be
long distance travelling. Now the Astrological Advice: Keep your mental vision clear and don’t get
confused. For that Beginning with electronic waste,
clear your home, office and car etc of all the clutter — albeit slowly. Be nice to your employees, juniors especially
if you have workers in your factory. Go to Shani temple every Saturday evening
and offer prayers In the evening light Mustard oil lamp under
peepal tree Offer one plain chappati or bread to a stray
dog daily However, this is a General Advice for your
Zodiac sign To get a more specific and personal reading,
I suggest that you to contact us through e mail or telephone on the numbers given below. With these words, I wish you a very happy
and prosperous life.

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