Zodiac Signs In Hell

By | October 12, 2019

what happened what is this place ah sweet Oh ah Scarpa this doesn’t even look like hell ouch ah never mind the floss definitely made a fire alright guys I followed you to plan to get the dog here hey Taurus I am paying attention um yeah uh hold on I’ll come over in a sec I can’t trust your phone nothing as if you want something done right you have to go to do it yourself I don’t see what’s the problem here it’s not in that bad it’s just a new adventure what’s that shut the fuck ass back no one asked you anyways what’s the plan my followers probably miss me I like it here the flames soon my personality Scorpio not everyone is as strong as you maybe we don’t want to be skinned alive if it’s such a bad thing you’re like I just thought of Satan maybe show me some love sometimes whoo yeah I feel like you haven’t been sucking Satan’s dick since you go down here and kept back to the plan alright back to the carnation hold on chillin I is there for phone what you think I’m going to leave the internet and my fans on Instagram and Tumblr I bet you thought wrong you mean you’ve been blogging from the pits of hell yeah it’s not a problem I just you understand why I’m just so likable ya libro we get it you’re nice and now can we get back out of here red orange flaming fires isn’t really the outfit of the season I’ve got it you have got what I created the multi-purpose orphanage at 6,000 what the is that it’s a device that can bring us back to earth all we need is a power signal and outlet or something not for out of the ordinary and all but a courier son why the hell are we supposed to find that you didn’t think it through did you I help you it means they miss me Pisces what are you talking about baby he needs me paper will be fine without you pay this fine paper is not fine thank you I am going to know that and get back to busting us out of here yeah maybe before everyone we know is bad whoahhh kids aren’t you supposed to be the cry baby cry baby cry baby cry baby my ass bitch I will fuck you up fucking anytime alright house I’m at come on copper core to earth well shit now we stuff down here

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